At the Cutting Edge of the Aquarian Age (Copyright Terry MacKinnell 2010)

The arrival of the Age of Aquarius is like the incoming tide.  Typically this can be measured by watching how far each wave travels up the beach.  On average each wave should venture further up the beach compared to the previous wave.  In practice this does not happen.  Many waves will venture further up the beach compared to the previous wave, while many new waves will actually venture less than the previous wave. This is analogous to the arrival of the Aquarian age. Though we know the world will increasingly come under the influence of the arrival of the Aquarian age, and on average more historical developments will cumulatively align themselves to Aquarian archetypes compared to the past, there will be some temporary backtracking.

Aside from this backtracking, the Aquarian age is not homogenous.  The Aquarian age has three age-decans (chronologically in order Libra (1433-2148 AD), Gemini and Aquarius – age-decans proceed in reverse direction as do their parent age).  Therefore in the last third of the Aquarian age when the world also experiences the Aquarian age-decan – the net influence from Aquarius should be stronger.  This is why astrological ages are stronger at their ends compared to their beginnings.

Drilling down to the next level, each astrological age has twelve sub-ages with each sub-age lasting some 178 years each. Currently the world is in the Libra sub-age, but due to the overflow effect of the cultural momentum of one period affecting the following period, the greatest influence upon the world at present on the sub-age level is the Scorpio sub-age overflow.  This is why volcanoes (Iceland), pollution (currently Gulf of Mexico and earlier in 2010 the north-east coast of Australia – plus the failed Copenhagen Conference on climate change of late 2009), sexual activity and scandals (see politicians in your country for details), abortion, paedophiles (Roman Catholic Church), terrorists (especially suicide terrorists), GM foods, genetic engineering, taxation, nuclear weapons and power (the massive increase in proposed construction of nuclear reactors in Europe and the USA), sovereign (Greece, Portugal, Spain, Italy and Ireland) and private debt (including the ubiquitous credit card) and earthquakes (Haiti, China and Chile) are so much the focus of the news.

Naturally when the world encounters the Leo sub-age of the Aquarian age (around 2327-2506 AD including the Leo sub-age overflow 2506 – 2684 AD), Aquarian influences will be curtailed because Leo is the opposite sign to Aquarius.

Below sub-ages exist sub-age decans of almost 60 years each. Currently the world is in the Gemini sub-age decan (1970 – 2029 AD – with its overflow strongly influencing the world for the following period of 2029-2089).  The arrival of Gemini can readily be seen through the dramatic appearance of email and the world wide web as part of the wider communications revolution including texting.  The Gemini sub-age decan strongly suggests that further revolutionary developments associated with transport is sure to come over the coming 70 years as clean energy replaces fossil fuels.  The resurgence of cities – and especially inner cities – since the 1970s is another example of Gemini at play.  Gemini suggests that wind power is the next major focus of interest in clean energy.

At the next level down are micro-ages (with 12 micro-ages of around 15 years each in each sub-age).  Currently the world is in the Cancer micro-age (2000-2015).  This is the formative stage for Cancer but already we see a strong worldwide focus upon immigration – especially illegal immigration into Europe, the ongoing Latino invasion of the USA (Nevada’s restriction law of illegal immigrants and Australia’s problem with illegal immigrants or refugees from Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and Iraq).  Under Cancer people look for a new home so the issue will grow, not diminish over the next 20 years.  Another example of Cancer is the assortment of new restrictive laws in some European countries banning Islamic women the right to hide their faces in public.  Cancer is the sign of shyness and ‘hiding oneself away’ – so this behaviour of some Islamic women to hide their faces is most likely in a growth phase for around the next 20 years.  Cancer is also a major sign associated with Islam, so developments in Islamic nations and religion are bound to be highly significant for the next 20 years.  Cancer is also a Water sign, so issues related to water supply, quality, floods etc are also in a ‘growth’ phase. The micro-ages in our part of the Aquarian age are displayed in the following table:

1895    Pisces

1910    Aquarius

1925    Capricorn

1940    Sagittarius

1955    Scorpio

1970    Virgo – and the beginning of the Libra sub-age (1970-2148)

1985    Leo

2000    Cancer

2015    Gemini

2029    Taurus

2044    Aries

2059    Pisces

2074    Aquarius

The story does not stop at micro-ages.  Each micro-age has three micro-age decans of approximately 5 years each.  Currently the world has just entered the Cancer micro-age decan (2010-15) of the Cancer micro-age (2000-15) but due to the overflow effect, the greatest influence between 2010-15 is from the Scorpio micro-age decan overflow. This sharpens the overall influence of the Scorpio sub-age overflow (1970-2148) making the five years from 2010 to 2015 a particularly potent Scorpio period. This is why all the issues associated with the Scorpio sub-age overflow (1970-2148) are so strong at present.  We should also expect increased revolutionary activity, political assassinations and an increased feeling of fragility and vulnerability until 2015 at least.

There is even a lower level than micro-age decans.  When each micro-age of some 15 years is divided by 12, the result is 12 nano-ages of approximately 15 months each.  Which nano-age are we currently passing through (see table below for nano-age ephemeris)?  The problem with this question is that the order of magnitude of a nano-age is the same level of inaccuracy associated with my rectification of the astrological ages and all their sub-periods.  This is why I currently cannot exactly determine if the Aquarian age arrived in 1433, 1432 or even possibly 1431 AD.  However based on the Aquarian age arriving in 1433, the Cancer micro-age should sit from 2000-2015, and within the Cancer micro-age the Scorpio micro-age decan 2005-10, therefore 2010 should also be a Scorpio nano-age[1].  However if the Aquarian age arrived one year earlier, the bulk of the Scorpio nano-age should have been 2009, and the bulk of 2010 should be associated with a Libra nano-age.  Is the world currently in the Scorpio nano-age, Libra nano-age (or even possibly the Virgo nano-age if the Aquarian age arrived in 1431)?

At the cutting edge of the Aquarian age I can clearly see the Scorpio hotspot associated with the Scorpio micro-age decan and overflow (2005-15) resonating with the Scorpio sub-age overflow (1970-2148).  With Scorpio so strong at present, we cannot isolate the Scorpio nano-age but must look for manifestations of Libra (and even Virgo) to determine where we exactly fit in the Aquarian age.  Has the Libra nano-age arrived?

What can we expect from Libra?  Some kind of focus upon women, indecisiveness – especially in politics, some focus upon the art world, and possibly a focus upon the Greens and gardens in general. Certainly the failed Copenhagen climate conference at the end of 2009 demonstrated lack of political will. The outlawing of women hiding behind traditional clothes that mostly hide their faces from the public is a focus upon females.  However these two alone are insufficient to allow us to unambiguously declare the world is in the Libra nano-age.

Because Aries is opposite Libra, Arian archetypes can temporarily suffer under Libra, or Aries archetypes suffer from some short acute opposition.  What Aries archetypes may this apply to in the world at present?  Aries is commonly associated with the military, war and violence with some focus upon engineering, sport, automobiles, health, magnetism and Germany.  Has opposition to these Arian archetypes developed recently?  In the USA we have recently had the controversy over endemic head injuries to football players and the massive brain damage they experience from these injuries.  The proposal to allow gays to openly serve in the US armed forces suggests some softening of attitude in the (Aries) military.  Greece is currently the arch-villain in Europe due to its sovereign debt crisis.  Greece has strong historical connections to Aries though modern rulerships applied to Greece include Capricorn and Virgo.  Is the Greek debt crisis an attribute associated with Virgo?

All this is not enough to maker a hasty conclusion that the world has arrived in the Libra nano-age or even Virgo nano-age.  Why?  Because at any time archetypes associated with all the zodiacal signs can be perceived.  To make the conclusion that the Libra nano-age has arrived needs some very hard evidence. Also each sign manifests itself in its overflow period almost twice as much in its period proper. The following table indicates my proposed ephemeris the nano-ages in the current Cancer micro-age (2000-15).  It is in the period immediately following that the appearance of historical developments associated with the archetypes of the sign in question become most obvious.  Therefore while Libra is assigned the timeframe of 2010-11, its greatest manifestation should be the following period of 2011-12.


Timeframe      Nano-ages

2000    2001    Gemini nano-age

2001    2002    Taurus nano-age

2002    2003    Aries nano-age

2003    2005    Pisces nano-age

2005    2006    Aquarius nano-age

2006 – 2007     Capricorn nano-age

2007 – 2008     Sagittarius nano-age

2008 – 2010     Scorpio nano-age

2010 – 2011     Libra nano-age

2011 – 2012     Virgo nano-age

2012 – 2013     Leo nano-age

2013 – 2015     Cancer nano-age

Though there is tantalising evidence for the appearance of Libra in the world above and beyond the random appearance of any sign at any time, there is not enough evidence to suggest that this has definitely occurred to date.  This is where we are at the cutting edge of the Aquarian age.  I know our age, age-decan, sub-age, sub-age decan, micro-age and micro-age decan. It is only the nano-age that remains unresolved.  The following indicates supportive recent historical evidence for nano-ages since the year 2000:

2001 Bush announces large tax cuts – Taurus

2001 Enron Corp Bankruptcy – Taurus

2001 Mad Cow disease Europe and Britain – Taurus

2001 Twin Towers collapse under Gemini

2002 Euro legal tender in Europe – Taurus

2002 K-Mart files for bankruptcy – Taurus

2002 WorldCom files for bankruptcy – Taurus

2003 Iraq War – Aries

2004 Major tsunami in Indian Ocean – Pisces

2004 Mars rovers land on Mars – Aries

2004 Report to US Congress indicates global terrorist attacks rose to 650 in 2004 from 175 in 2003 – (Aquarius) Aries

2004-5 Aquarian revolutionary influences include Madrid train bombing (2004), Dufor in south Sudan terrorised (2004), Chechen separatists storm school in Chechnya (2004), London sub-way bombings (2005), Muslim riots in many French cities (2005),

2005 Largest ever passenger airplane the Airbus A380-800 first flies in April 2005 – Aquarius

2005 Mid 2005 huge interest in the Age of Aquarius reported in Google Trends – Aquarius

2006 Left Wing presidents elected in South America – Aquarius

2006 Revolutionary Hamas Government in Palestine – Aquarius

2006 US Congress & Senate return to Democrat control – Aquarius

2007 Middle Eastern doctors etc in USA in bomb explosions & plots – Capricorn

2007 Roman Catholic Church reintroduces limited Latin service – Capricorn

2007 Collapse of sub-prime real estate market in USA – Cancer opposite Capricorn

2007 Boeing unveils new Dreamliner – Sagittarius

2007 US Senate rejects pro-immigration law legalising illegal immigrants – Capricorn opposite Cancer

2007 Burmese military rulers brutally suppress pro-democracy demonstrations – Capricorn

2007 President Musharaf suspends constitution and dismisses judiciary – Capricorn

2009 General Motors bankrupt – Sagittarius opposite Gemini

2009 Swine flu virus mid year (Pisces?)

2009 Michael Jackson dies (Pisces?)

2009 President Obama goes soft on medical marijuana centres – Pisces

2009 Czech acquiescence produces new EU with greater powers and responsibilities 11/09 (Pisces Europe)

2009 WHO launches worldwide war on booze 14/10/09 – Pisces

2009 14,700 US citizens disclosed billions of off-shore money in an 8 months tax amnesty by the US IRS. Time magazine (Australia), Nov 30 2009  – Scorpio

2009 Violent clashes erupted between Uyghur’s, Chinese state police, and Han residents in the city of Urumqi resulting in at least 197 deaths and scores injured – Scorpio

2009 Major earthquakes in China – Scorpio

2010 Major earthquakes in Haiti and Chile – Scorpio

2010 Icelandic volcano disrupts flights in Europe – Scorpio

2010 Sex scandal hits Roman Catholic Church – Scorpio

2010 Broken oil well extensively pollutes Gulf of Mexico – Scorpio

2010 Massive increase in proposed construction of nuclear reactors in Europe and the USA – Scorpio

2010 Sovereign debt crisis in Greece – Scorpio

Based on my nano-age ephemeris, 2010 on the nano-age level should have as its primary sign Scorpio, with Libra the emergent sign.  Sometime in 2011 Libra should become the major nano-age sign with Virgo the emergent sign.  It is very possible that we are experiencing the emergence of Libra since late 2009 or early 2010, and if so the manifestation of Libra should be obvious by the end of 2011 at the latest.  It is at the cutting edge of the Aquarian age that we must wait and look at the unfolding evidence over the course of 2010 and especially 2011.

[1] The last sub-period within any period will always be the same as th4e parent period.  For example the last sub-age of the Age of Pisces (732BC-1433 AD) was the Pisces sub-age (1253-1433AD).  The last micro-age in the Scorpio sub-age (1791-1970) was the Scorpio micro-age (1955-70).  The same applies to any decans.  The last nano-age of the Scorpio micro-age decan (2005-10) is the Scorpio nano-age.

About Terry MacKinnell

Terry MacKinnell has been studying astrology since 1971 and has been focussed upon the precessional ages such as the Age of Aquarius since 1987. He is also a Vedic-Western fusion astrologer.
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19 Responses to At the Cutting Edge of the Aquarian Age (Copyright Terry MacKinnell 2010)

  1. tisear1984 says:

    Did you mean actually mean, instead of “1955 Capricorn”, that it was

    1955 – Scorpio


  2. 1955 Capricorn is wrong – it should read 1955 Scorpio – I will edit my post accordingly – thanks for the feedback.

  3. tisear1984 says:

    More (accidental) evidence yet of the Scorpio influence of 1955-70 :

    In the 1950s and 1960s “‘minimization’ was becoming a fetish of the Soviet people’s everyday life” (Lebina & Chistikov, 2003) – krushchevkas required more compact furnishings to fill them (Lebina & Chistikov, 2003).

    Source: pg. 87,

    • Thanks for the reference, i will use it in my next book. The Russian minimalism (some called it brutalism) has extended itself to the west and now we have aesthetic free cities everywhere.

      • tisear1984 says:

        Glad to help.

      • tisear1984 says:

        I hope that the logic sentence of our current subage and overflow period – Libra and Scorpio, respectively – is not “minimal aesthetic taste”. Now that I mention it, too, another logic sentence could be “green debt” or “minimal earth” (the latter could coincide with the burgeoning population needs or, in conjunction with flooding, literal reduction of earth by encroaching seas). Or something even as dramatic as “hidden beauty”. Of course, all of these logic sentences rely on the stability of the archetype descriptions.

        I noticed, too, that during the Capricorn micro-age/overflow, the color black – which Bills in The Rulership Book sign-wise assigns to Capricorn – was in vogue among Mussolini’s Black Shirts and Hitler’s SS/SD forces. In fact, Mussolini’s Black Shirts had borrowed inspiration of this uniform from a branch of the Italian military called the Arditi – who were like elite, specialist troops – which itself dated from 1917 (Mussolini’s Black Shirts, however, show an origin very near the cusp of your Capricorn micro-age.). It was also in this period that the USA revised its census in an attempt to classify all the descendants of African slaves in its borders as Blacks, whereas previous censuses had allowed various intermediate categories between White* and Black. Interestingly, Bills also assigns brown (and partially dark brown) to Scorpio, which might explain contemporary attitudes both for and against interracial relationships as well as those for and against Brown immigrants crossing the borders. My POV shows that (assuming the framework constructed in the previous statements) while Scorpionic browness seems to be spreading for the moment unabated, after having been somewhat curtailed by the Sagittarius subage overflow, it will not be able to withstand the popularity of Libran whiteness. My reasoning for this lies in the fact that Libra has not only age decan, quasi-age and ascending subage strength, but can look forward to yet more popularity in each of its overflow phases (despite the fact that Gemini, whose own age decan is on deck, may or may not be associated with orange-yellowness**). I think it’s particularly Libran, too, that many people around the world think of race in terms of color.

        * (I read from Bills sign-wise that the color white is associated chiefly with Pisces [to a lesser extent Libra and Aries] and with the moon [in league with Neptune but to a lesser extent Venus] but not specifically to Cancer, coincidentally.)

        ** (

      • tisear1984 says:

        Addenda :

        My argument perhaps unduly hangs on Libran strength to sustain the preference for White, when the reality is that Pisces Age overflow strength may be what is the strongest facilitator while Libra plays a not insignificant supporting role.

      • tisear1984 says:

        I also would like to note that Greenwich has its etymological origins in terms which mean something like “green village”. Between your own work assigning green to Libra and Bills assigning both green and villages wholly or partially to Venus (which coincides with Libra), IMO it seems very easy to conclude that the Prime Meridian belongs either on or very near to Greenwich. The fact that it was discovered during the Aries (which likes to be first at everything) micro-age of the Sagittarius-Scorpio subage may be worth noting as well.

  4. tisear1984 says:

    Is it possible to derive “logic sentences” out of archetype combinations ? For example, one intersection of Libra and Scorpio might read “minimal justice”. Another one might read “balanced sexes”. Or how about an intersection of Sagittarius and Scorpio ? “Focus (on) revanchism”, “secret travels”, etc. And can overflow signs, in the first half of their overflow period, determine that “logic sentences” determine the order in which such “sentences” read (i.e. “minimal art”) ?

  5. tisear1984 says:

    More Scorpio (with minor Libra) evidence ?

    Coffin culture evolves in Russia :

  6. i use “logic sentences” one way or another a lot. Whenever two or more signs are in operation, a confluence will appear which is a mixture or archetypal energies as you suggest. I have not attempted to take this to the next step as you suggest with taking the overflow sign determining the structure of the logic sentence – but I am sure it is a good area to research. There are so many sub-fileds in the astrological ages that i have to be careful where i put my energy, otherwise i will constantly be sidetracked and not push the major part of my theory. Certainly each sub-period must work with the preceeding overflow sub-period, plus the nergies of any parent periods. I do belive that all these confluences have the potential to be classified or codified in some way more than i do at present.

  7. tisear1984 says:

    One question : from what month and year does your current rectification method begin ?

    A few of my own findings :

    Nihil novi in Poland appears to have begun in the Leo micro-age / Capricorn subage (1505) and typhus swept Europe for the first time in the Virgo micro-age / Capricorn subage (1489). Explorer Gil Eanes arrived at Cape Bojador in the Western Sahara, challenging the legends of the “Dark Sea” and Portuguese traders delivered the first cargo of African slaves to Lisboa, both of these events in 1434 : the significance of either event in this particular case is that it was the Sagittarius micro-age / Capricorn subage under heavy Pisces Age overflow influence. Sagittarius aligns to foreign travel and to truth, Capricorn aligns to blackness (darkness) and Pisces to oceans.

    Coincidentally, China appears to have returned to an isolation policy (1435) in that same Sagittarius micro-age / Capricorn subage. Possibly in light of this and what happened for (western) Europeans during the Sagittarius subage / overflow, it IMO definitely confirms what you wrote already.

    • Good connections. You have picked up how i basically do my research. I let events teach me astrology. BTW, I have started writing my second book. It will be structured around 12 basic chapters – one for each zodiacal sign commencing with Aries. I will be examining all sub-ages and sub-age decan since the arrival of the Taurus-Aries age in 2916 BC. However, i really learnt the most in examining micro-ages as you also seem to be enjoying. Because my rectification of the astrological ages is correct (to within 15 months anyway), i learn macro-astrology just by examing numerous events as you are also now doing. I am sure you will have fun and gain many insights – i have had a number of epiphanies since I first started researching the subject in 1987.

      • tisear1984 says:

        Ah, interesting. I look forward to seeing which micro-age / subage the construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza belongs.

        REPLY: unfortunately I don’t believe historical accuracy of the dates required for micro-ages exists for construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza. According to Wiki: “Egyptologists believe that the pyramid was built as a tomb for fourth dynasty Egyptian Pharaoh Khufu (Cheops in Greek) over an approximately 20 year period concluding around 2560 BC.” – Perhaps this is accurate enough for micro-ages? 2560 BC is in the Pisces-Aquarius sub-age (2734-2552 BC) in the Pisces-Aquarius micro-age (2568-2552 BC). Pisces is the key sign here, and it suggests that the Egyptians were captivated by the glamor associated with their new pyramid. By all accounts, the pyramids in ancient times presented themselves very differently than they do now. They had a final smooth coating of stones (that have been removed over the millenia), and they were evidently a stunning sight to behold – like gigantic jewells in the desert.

  8. tisear1984 says:

    If Capricorn and not Sagittarius was the 4th house for China, could it be that China (at least, at the cusp of the Pisces-Aquarius Age) was Libra ASC and Cancer MC ? If this is so, this would go some ways IMO in confirming its mundane signature.

    • I don’t try and relate macro-astro signatures to horscopic techniques so i don’t differentiate between MC and Asc. I am not sure why you said “If Capricorn and not Sagittarius was the 4th house for China” as China has two 4th houses, Capricorn from the Libra perspective and Libra from the Cancer perspective. Sagittarius could only be the 4th house for Virgo?

  9. Your color research is very interesting. The black associated with fascism and Capricorn works well. I don’t know if I will ever get to color analysis and macro-astrology as there are just so many sub-fields in macro-astrology to explore.

  10. Gert says:

    Hello! I would like to know if you consider the tropical or the sidereal astrology in your studies, especially when we talk about persons and not generally speeking?


    • I use both the tropical and sidereal zodiac in horoscopic astrology. The Vedic/sidereal charts are the most accurate for outcomes, while the western/tropical are the best for detail and personality analysis.

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