E. coli Outbreak and the Search for Nano-age Decans

The recent e-coli outbreak in Germany (June 2011), may be one of the first signs marking the arrival of the Virgo nano-age.  Based on the Aquarian age arriving in 1433 AD, the world is currently in the fourth sub-age of the Aquarian age – the Libra sub-age (1970-2148), and within the Libra sub-age sits the Cancer micro-age (2000-15), including the Virgo nano-age (2011-12).  (Each age and sub-period can always be divided into three decans or twelve duads – sub-periods). Virgo is associated with all health issues and farms – where it is believed the source or the newly mutated and virulent e-coli originated.

From the research point of view, this is possibly a minor breakthrough because if this e-coli outbreak is associated with the Virgo nano-age, this must mean that the previous nano-age, the Libra nano-age must have commenced no later than February 2010 because nano-ages are 15 months long (and represent 1/1728th of an age).  This also opens another breakthrough in research – can nano-age decans (of approximately five months) be located?

The three decans of Virgo are Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus, but because the astrological ages (and all their sub-periods) are approached geometrically (they are all retrograde), the first nano-age decan encountered in the Virgo nano-age is Taurus, followed by Capricorn – thence Virgo.  Can we detect a five months Taurus nano-age decan?  No nano-age decan has ever been discerned to date!

There is the possibility a Taurus nano-age decan has appeared since early 2011. Taurus is a money sign, and the last few months have witnessed the deterioration in the economic recovery of the USA and some fringe European states.  Some pundits are even suggesting
that the USA is entering a double-dip recession following the great economic plunge due to the GFC.  Whatever the situation, the economic recovery is stalling in the USA, and problematic in some European countries.  This can be Taurus – but it can also be symptoms of Scorpio – the opposite sign to Taurus.  Furthermore, in recent months it has come to light that the USA is on the brink of bankruptcy as the ceiling of debt the
government can borrow to, has been reached. This also has strong Taurus (and Scorpio) connotations.

Another money-Taurus connection is the arrest and charging of the former chief of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Dominique Strauss-Kahn in May 2011 for an alleged sexual assault.  Of course the nature of this charge insinuates Scorpio – entirely consistent with the fact the world is currently experiencing a Scorpio hotspot with the Scorpio micro-age decan overflow (2010-15).  The IMF belongs to the Taurus camp and its reputation has been tarnished by this scandal.  It has also cast bad light upon France, of which Dominique Strauss-Kahn is a citizen and was tipped to be a presidential candidate in 2012.  A key sign for France is Scorpio, and with Taurus in opposition to Scorpio, France felt some heat (and indignation) from this ‘slur’ upon their possible socialist candidate for President.

Taurus is also the traditional sign for Egypt.   Though the revolutionary unrest throughout the Middle East since early 2011 is directly linked to the current Scorpio hotspot in the world (see SCORPIO – the Sign of the Times …. Revisited – Part 1–Revolution and Tyrants), Egypt passed through this unrest relatively quickly and smoothly in comparison to other countries such as Yemen, Syria and Bahrain.  It is interesting that one of the first fallouts of the Egyptian uprising is the besmirched reputation of the Egyptian police force that did the bidding of its rulers and attacked the protesting population. Police are ruled by Virgo.  In the current and hypothetical Virgo nano-age decan, the police may be in the

If we are searching for Taurus in the world, apart from money, banks and Egypt – what else can be included?  Jews, Israel and famine are key points that have previously been strongly associated with Taurus.  Certainly Israel has again been the subject of international attention with the recent statement by President Obama that in the creation of a new Palestinian state, the pre-1967 war borders should be the starting point.  This incensed Israel no end and they came out of their corner fighting, and they seem to have garnered strong support in the US Congress for their expansionary claims for the
projected Israel state rather than being limited to the size of their country before the 1967 war.  Any Scorpio period is antithetical to Taurus Israel, but this hypothetical and little Taurus nano-age decan may have saved the day (temporarily) for Israel.

Any famine or widespread starvation that is probably occurring somewhere in the world has not made the headlines, but the price of food has been sharply rising of late.  As early as February 2011, it has been widely reported that following droughts in Russia, Canada, Ukraine, China, plus floods in Australia that a number of agricultural products have become scarce.  Scarcity always increases prices and places a lot of pressure on people with subsistence income.[1]  This definitely suggests Virgo – the sign of agricultural produce, and it may also include Taurus.

Another conjecture that is possibly shining some light on Taurus is the royal wedding of William and Kate in early 2011.  It must be remembered that the Virgo nano-age (2011-12) coincides with the Libra nano-age overflow.  A Royal wedding, and apparently a love-match, firmly belongs in the Libra camp …. but the wedding did place a strong focus
upon Great Britain. The astrological signature for Great Britain has not been resolved, but aside from the strong possibility that Great Britain’s astrological signature may include Aries, Cancer, Leo and Pisces – Taurus is also in the mix.  William the Conqueror
became king of England in 1066 at the end and high point of the Taurus sub-age overflow (894-1073).  The wedding of William and Kate does support the arrival of the Taurus nano-age.

Ireland is unashamedly linked to Taurus, and the very first visit to Ireland by a British monarch since the Irish Rebellion of 1919 – 21 occurred in May 2011 (which coincidentally occurred towards the end of the lunar month of Taurus). Ireland was one of the fringe European countries to be hammered by the GFC, associated with the Scorpio hotspot.
Any Taurus country will experience problems in a period ruled by its opposite sign but will often experience positivity in a period of its own sign.  The fact that the possible Taurus nano-age decan does sit within the Scorpio hotspot is consistent to developments in
Ireland. (For more details on the Scorpio hotspot see SCORPIO – the Sign of the Times)

If the Taurus nano-age decan has been detected, this is another major breakthrough for research into the astrological ages.  However, one nano-age decan is not sufficient proof.  Following the Taurus nano-age decan should be the Capricorn nano-age decan.  To date there is no current development that is seemingly placing an archetypal focus upon Capricorn.

The reason why detecting the Taurus nano-age decan (or any other nano-age decan) is so important, and a breakthrough, is because nano-ages provide the accuracy for determining the arrival of any age – including the Aquarian age.  Currently I have the Age of Aquarius arriving in 1433 – or up to two years earlier. This is based on my previous research that has detected the 15 months long nano-ages.  There is always a level of error with any sub-period of an age due to the overflow effect (see Is the Aquarian Age Like a Block of Granite?).  This error is in the order of magnitude equivalent to the smallest size of the period utilised for the purposes of rectification.  However, if the nano-age decans can be delineated, then the accuracy of the rectification of the Aquarian age would drop to five months (the length of a nano-age decan).

About Terry MacKinnell

Terry MacKinnell has been studying astrology since 1971 and has been focussed upon the precessional ages such as the Age of Aquarius since 1987. He is also a Vedic-Western fusion astrologer. www.macro-astrology.com
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  1. As a postscript, the cancelling of the live export of cattle to Indonesia by the Australian government (June 2011) due to the perceived inhumane treatment and slaughter of cattle at some Indonesian abattoirs, also invokes Taurus (cattle), Virgo (farm animals) and Scorpio (death).

  2. tisear1984 says:

    Have you heard of the recent debate in the maths world regarding the use of the Pi symbol versus the Tau symbol? I wonder if this has any slight bearing on the transition from the Piscean Age, although I am aware that Tau likely is unrelated to Aquarius specifically. I also have located this, since I saw that you mentioned “wobbling”: http://www.aloha.net/~johnboy/chrono.htg/chrono.htm

    Apparently, Jesus was a Piscean.

    • No i have not heard of this debate. However all acronyms and many symbols used to represent something are Scorpio, or strongly Scorpio associated (the symbol or acronym respresnts the ice-berg avove sea level), with the bulk of the ixce-berg hidden. With the woreld currently in a scorpio hotspot, any issues re acronyms or symbolic representations are raised to the dias. It was for the same reason that Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio, was demoted by astronomers from the status of a planet at the beginning of the current Scorpio hotspot (2005-15), especially when you realise that Scorpio also means ‘cutting down’ or minimalising.

      I have only heard of the Virgo connection to jesus, with the Virgin birth the standard ancient way of statiung he was born under the sign of the Virgin, but was it his rising sign or sun sign?

  3. tisear1984 says:

    I have also taken the liberty to purchase a copy of your book “The Dawning” and should like to question you a great deal on it, methinks, in the near future. Your premises are most intriguing, even if the minutiae behind them are not yet mine to understand completely.

  4. I don’t know your level of understanding of astrology, but i tried to make the book 90% understandable by a non-astrologer – you can always skim those few sections with heavy-duty astrology theory. I tried to place most of the heavy astrology into the appendices. BTW, I have not come across the pi connection to precession before. In case you do not realise, precession is speeding up, so that each age is shorther than the previous age – but there is no way of knowing how precession may have behaved in the distant past.

  5. tisear1984 says:

    Thanks for the response.

    Well, firstly, I’d like to highlight that I’m a novice to astrological concepts, so understandably some of what you say may take a moment or two to assimilate and dissect fully.

    The second point is that when (or if) my copy of your book arrives today, I will try to avoid skimming, since the matter at hand is of no mean significance.

    A third point concerns the common belief in “wobbling” versus orbital variance theory. I’m not sure if you are familiar with Milankovic but here is a sort of primer with commentary and some musing about the theory: http://www.aloha.net/~johnboy/orbitalV.htg/variance.htm

    Fourthly, I wonder if much of the Gospels were themselves a kind of riddle. I’m not keen on Blavatsky-style theosophical leanings, but I can’t help thinking that “born of a Virgin” (i.e. “beginning from Virgo”?) has something to do with marking the astrological ages, if it can be successfully established that a Jesus-Age of Pisces linkage can be established. In any case, I am more in your camp concerning the starting date of the Piscean Age (and for that matter, the Aquarian Age) but understanding that my sentiment has only emerged after having seen little in the way of comprehensive explanation from other astrological sources and that blind dogmatism to any idea is not wise in general.

    A fifth matter that I wanted to raise was the designation of zodiac assignment to different countries. I’d like to know your methodology for arriving at certain conclusions, such as the USA being assigned Pisces, Aquarius & Capricorn. I’d also enjoy an enumerated list, if you have the chance or the motivation, of every country (or at least the most prominent countries) with their sign designations.

    The sixth point concerns the form of human expansionism and shamanistic orientation as designated by the age. Whereas by the end of the Piscean Age, a common trend was seaborne expansion for prospective imperialists, could it is not likely that we will be colonising other planets until the end of the Aquarian Age? Also, I noticed from reading a text on Maya cosmogenesis that a split occurred when the proto-Americans (allegedly) left Siberia (and perhaps other points), one which involved a gradual change from north Eurasian polar cosmology to, for example, Mesoamerican galactic cosmology. Could it be that the Mayas stumbled across a secret of the coming Aquarian Age, before there civilisation was rather violently suppressed?

    A final issue concerns interpreting this: http://sistertongue.wordpress.com/2011/01/28/ophiuchus-and-the-galactic-center/ . I’m a good deal curious as to what your thoughts are on the anticipated alignment with the Galactic Center (and perhaps you might be able to explain, too, any significance of an erupting Betelgeuse).

    • Yes, I am very aware about Milankovic and even Walter Cruttenden’s “Lost Star of Myth and Time”, which i am not sure is the same as your orbital variance theory. If I get a chance i will look at your web reference you have mentioned.

      If you wonder if much of the Gospels were themselves a kind of riddle, there are many books on this subject, but one book i can recommend (its rather old and arcane) is William Drummond’s “OEDIPUS JUDAICUS Allegory in the Old Testament” – its a great book showing how extensive astrological allegory is found in the Bible – which is not to say that the Bible is principally about astrology.

      Avatars such as Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed etc are linked to the age-decans – there is a chapter on this in “THE DAWNING – Shedding New Light on the Astrological Aghes”

      I am planning that my 4th book will be on the zodiacal relationships of countries determined from the astrological ages – such as the USA being assigned Pisces, Aquarius & Capricorn. In “The Dawning”, I explain how the USA’s astrological signature is determined – except for Capricorn – that will have to wait until Book 2 – plus other signififcant political entrities.

      Could it be that the Mayas stumbled across a secret of the coming Aquarian Age, before their civilisation was rather violently suppressed? Good question. Though this is not my major area of research, I do keep an eye on it when the opportunity arises. I have seen some evidence that they may have perceived the astronomical effects of precession – the root cause of the astrological ages.

      I do touch on the the Galactic Center in the last chapter of the book. I have to keep my focus upon the astrological ages, and i avoid being sidestepped into exploding stars, Galactic centre etc, not because they don’y have any possible validity – its just that “a jack of all trades is a master of none”. I purposely keep focussed upon my topic of interest though I still study lightly new techniques in western astrology, and of course Vedic astrology to keep myself mildly grounded in mainstream astrology.

  6. tisear1984 says:

    “Whereas by the end of the Piscean Age, a common trend was seaborne expansion for prospective imperialists, could it is not likely that we will be colonising other planets until the end of the Aquarian Age?”

    I meant to say: “Whereas by the end of the Piscean Age, a common trend was seaborne expansion for prospective imperialists, could it be that we will not be successfully colonising other planets until the end of the Aquarian Age?”

  7. tisear1984 says:

    Btw, since you began warning us of the effects of Gemini in subsequent years, I have been warning people to invest in gas-masks. I wonder if people in arid climates would benefit the most from the investment, since the convective activity in humid climates would appear to check the progress of particulates which might otherwise be swept about dryly in the wind.

  8. tisear1984 says:

    Could the logic of Petrus Alfonsi’s Dialogus [contra judaeos] have been a direct result of Piscean Age influence? Is biculturality a symptom of Piscean influence? How will identity be negotiated at the ethnic level by the peak of the Aquarian Age?

  9. tisear1984 says:

    If imprecision is a Piscean trait, will (increasing attempts toward) precision come to dominate the unfolding Age?

  10. tisear1984, I see you are a futuristic speculator – which is entirely reasonable when looking into the future. You must have patience and read my book before you jump to too many conclusions on my hypothesis. One major approach I have taken in looking into the future is basing such futuristic musings upon the past. So if a sign is strong in the future, we should look at the past to see how it manifested, then translate it to the future, but allowing for the uniqueness of each manifestation.

    As the role of Aquarius steadily increasing over the next few thousand years, Aquarian archetypes will proliferate. Aquarius is however not the only sign related to space and space travel. I have not done enough research yet to feed speculation about colonising other planets towards the end of the Pisces-Aquarius age. I only have my first book out. The second book may shed more light on that topic. Personnally i do not see the linear development of our expansionary cultural habits into the distant future, or even the relatively near future (from the mid 22nd century onwards) – I do say something on this in my book in the chapter – Outline of the Future.

    BTW, China is already at the forefreont of air pollution – they are already trying to suppress reports on the deleterious and noticeable curtailment of life expectancy and health in China due to air pollution. This is a small taste of the future for much of the planet.

    Biculturality is a symptom of Piscean influence, and this is clearly evident in American internal politics and the world political situation in general. The world will refocus somewhat at the end of the Pisces-Aquarian age. The same applies to imprecision. On aspect of Pisces imprecision is that the world has been in the Aquarian age for over 500 years, but most people are in complete delusion and think the Aquarian age arrived in the 1960s – or from a technical standpoint – will not arriove for around another 500 years!

    I am not aware of the logic of Petrus Alfonsi’s Dialogus [contra judaeos] – you would have to explain it.

  11. tisear1984 says:

    Thanks again for the insights. I have begun reading today and am in full agreement with your approach to the material. I have begun also to tell a friend or two of mine about your research developments, and one of them, already interested in at least horoscopic astrology, was motivated to learn more.

    The mention of Petrus Alfonsi takes us into the following quote from María Rosa Menocal, who discusses Andalusian culture as “genuine, foundational European cultural moment that qualifies as ‘first-rate,’ in the sense of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s wonderful formula…that ‘the test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time.’ In its moments of great achievement, medieval culture positively thrived on holding at least two, and often many more, contrary ideas at the same time. (Ornament 11)” In Dialogus [contra judaeos], Petrus Alfonsi (born Moshé) is basically undertaking the opposition of two mindsets in one mind – his own – in which he criticizes traditional religion by means of rationalism. What I’m saying is that could such a dual-minded disposition occurred without heavy influence of the Piscean Age’s zenith? Moreover, addressing Fitzgerald, could it be that a Piscean-originated ideological polarity is essentially useless without one’s arrival at a functioning synthesis?

    I believe, on another note, that Woodrow Wilson’s promotion of bureaucracy and attempt to idealise it as an entity above public scrutiny occurred in a Piscean-Aquarian time in the 20th century. Perhaps his foresight, too, was correct regarding progressivism’s end-goal of a world state – one which certainly did not come to fruition in his own lifetime but at least an attempt on which might occur (based on your stated archetypes) at some point in the Aquarian future.

    I think that there may be a bit of misunderstanding regarding China. There is a text available which goes into some detail about the difference between Chinese versus American media coverage as well as the apparent shifting of the contemporary mainstream in Chinese society from Brave New World policy to Orwellian policy and back again (depending on the era). http://www.amazon.com/China-21st-Century-Everyone-Needs/dp/0195394127

    And as for the Gospels, wherever the Magi or Wisemen were mentioned, I should have known that there was a definite underlying link to astrology, but this was likely distorted by RCC pontification to prevent any mind from escaping the trap it had laid (let’s not forget all the books that would eventually be banned, including the Bible at one point). I imagine that the RCC would not have taken kindly, either, to any challenge of its opinion about calendars, such that we today are highly susceptible to walking in ignorance about precession and the like. Surely they aren’t the only culprits but likely only one of a series of hindrances to full understanding.

  12. tisear1984 says:

    BTW, apparently we are in a time of ascending Yugas, namely that of the Dwapara. There is some discussion here concerning this here: http://shalabhg23(dot)blogspot(dot)com/2010/12/correct-interpretation-of-yugas-by.html

    This was an interesting quote, in my opinion:
    “Dwapara Yuga “Cleaning up”. Entering Bhuwarloka (the sphere of fine matters or electric attributes; “air” or “the world of becoming”), man becomes “twice born”. He comprehends the second portion of material creation – that of finer, subtle forces. This state of mind is prevalent in Dwapara Yuga. The state of the steady heart in man is Dwapara; and when this becomes the general state of human beings naturally in any solar system, the whole of that system is said to be in Dwapara Yuga.

    Swami Sri Yukteswar, Sutra 28”
    (From here: http://www(dot)starbridge(dot)com.au/en/articles/2006/07/23/conscious-development.htm)

    Descending Yugas

    Satya : 11,501 BCE – 6701 BCE

    Treta : 6701 BCE – 3101 BCE

    Dwapara : 3101 BCE – 701 BCE

    Kali : 701 BCE – 499 AD

    Ascending Yugas

    Kali : 499 AD – 1699 AD

    Dwapara : 1699 AD – 4099 AD

    Treta : 4099 AD – 7699 AD

    Satya : 7699 AD – 12,499 AD


  13. tisear1984 says:

    BTW, I am looking forward to your treatment of nano-ages.

  14. A lot of what you discuss is included in my boo, especially the ability to hold two opposed ideas at the same time linked to Pisces (and Europe in particular). Nano-ages are not inluded in the book – that will have to wait until Book 3. However this blog is focussed almost entirely upon nano-ages.

  15. tisear1984 says:

    Three questions and a comment.

    1. Are interpersonal ethics (for instance, spontaneous compassion) a timeless phenomenon ?

    2. About your books: what will be the name of your next book?

    3. What did you mean when you said something like “Sodom and Gomorrah knew how to have fun”?

    4. It appears that while Pisces emphasizes polarity (which could possibly give way to inferiority complex, for example), Gemini on the other hand seems more inclined to duality/variety (but not necessarily with any hierarchy implied). The former seems to imply a somewhat pronounced form of hierarchical structure, while the latter seems to imply an interest in simple aesthetics, even as both Pisces and Gemini are keen on material (and perhaps conceptual) differentiation. So, as I understand, and I may not be correct, the Piscean mentality is one of “one or the other” while Geminian mentality goes for “one and the other (and yet more!)”. Perhaps the reference could be extended further to binary vs trivalent logic?

  16. tisear1984 says:

    BTW, the links for a previous post of mine should read this way (I placed the term “dot” in those hyperlinks because on Skype a friend of mine whom I was sharing with could not see links if they were typed in the normal way):


  17. Re your three questions:

    1. In my examination of history – Yes. Regardless of the era, age or period, individuals can demonstrate interpersonal ethics.
    2. I have not come up with a name yet. It may be “The Dawning – Shedding Light on Subages”
    3. Most rural fold traditionally dislike cities – they are considered “dens of iniquity” etc. The early Biblical people from Sumer were rural fringe tribal dwellers, and they obviously had this same distatste for cities – therefore their adverse views on cities such as Sodom and Gomorrah. This suggests that “Sodom and Gomorrah had inns, alcohol (and possibly other intoxicants, prostitutes etc the norm for a city – they had traditional city-life of “fun”.
    4. I think you are on the right track. Gemini accepts all shades while Pisces is the two fish swimming in opposite directions.

  18. tisear1984 says:

    These are encouraging responses, certainly. Not that I expected much different, since this same uplifiting tone is also evident in your prose.

    Cities, intellectuals, and bicycles seem to be making a comeback here in the USA, as hipsters with alternative lifestyles are reclaiming old urban neighborhoods (sometimes, however, as much with their own luck as with their parents’ money!). This strikes me as a common theme, especially after 2015 when Geminian influence becomes a bit stronger. I wonder if the Cancerian overflow is seen in the parental involvement in the hipsters’ new fiscal motility where it involves them buying such expensive residences in places like NYC. Aside from that, I certainly hear of a lot more people my age (late twenties) living at home with their parents than ever before – it’s become sort of a trend now.

    Gemini intellectualism certainly seems on the ascendant, if one merely glances in the latest issue of Popular Science. A recent issue is discussing the benefits of thorium-based molten-salt (nuclear) reactors, solar-powered satellites which beam down lasers full of energy to power our societies, and so on. Perhaps, too, the rise in such sites as 23andMe linking complete strangers from around the world with relatives they never knew they had via breakthroughs in genetic analysis and ethnic clusters derived from the same genetic raw data possibly aligning people in an even higher level of familial collectivity could be Cancerian transition into Geminian themes.

    Switching gears, I began to wonder about the nature of freemasonry and its predecessors. While post-1717 freemasonry is properly assigned to British hegemony (at its most basic level, one could perhaps conceive of lodges as a sort of frontier community organisation for settlers coming from the British Isles and starting a new life in strange lands), I wonder to what extent its symbolism draws upon the themes first seen in the Gemini-Taurus Age. The emphasis on geometry, social stratification, and stability make me curious as to whether there isn’t some link there. It is strange, additionally, that when such forces are merged with the USA Piscean-Aquarian-Capricorn mix, that the result is extreme, perhaps originally unintended “othering” versus “brothering” even within the freemasonic system (i.e. lodges in the USA, unlike lodges in the rest of the world, were divided by ethnicity or race) and that this is then seen as an enforceable status quo.

  19. tisear1984 says:

    I meant to say earlier when I was discussing Piscean imprecision that one piece of evidence in favor of our apparent departure from (or, at least, dissatisfaction with) it is the momentum of our collective research toward interpretive accuracy in a number of fields. This applies to your investigations into nano-ages, in my opinion. Offhand, I could remark on the somewhat heightened pace of these achievements, too: what once took a decade now requires only eighteen months!

  20. I intend to do a blog ASAP about the rising and falling signs if influence in the world at present. Definitely Gemini is on the ascendancy. Even more ascendent (but of much shorter time-frame) is the ascendancy of Cancer. That is why many people like you are staying home, and other people are trying to cross borders to get a better life. Also with Cancer on the ascendancy, public opinion dominates, so governments become realtively incapable of doing their job because they are so busy trying to placate the opinion polls rather than doping the oftentime less popular options that have long term benefits.

    Science, as ageneral rule, is more in the Aquarian camp in the current Pisces-Aquarius age. Religion is in the Pisces camp, and modern culture is more swayed by Pisces than most people give credence to. Astrologers are heavily in the Pisces camp which is why many astrologers are ‘religious’ astrologers. Imprecision will always be strong wherever Pisces reigns. We can see this with the astrological ages. Contemporary astrology cannot even predict the past – the astrology community is avidly waiting for the Aquarian age which arrived over 500 years ago tho it has become an urban legend that the aquarian age arrived in the 1960s to 70s. This has some validity as what they have perceived was the end of the scorpio sub-age in 1970, and both Scorpio and Aquarius have the commonality of ‘revolution’ – therefore revolution was in the air very strong in the 1960s and 70s, and has returned in the current Scorpio hotspot by the first stirrings of the mass of Muslims demanding democracy from their feudal overloards – replicating Europe of the 1800s.

    The heighten pace of activity is mainly Gemini – the speed freak zodiacal sign who has too many irons in too many fires and therefore generally lacks focus – but is intellectually stimulating and witty.

  21. tisear1984 says:

    Speaking of Muslims, apparently today is the first day of the Islamic calendar from 622 CE: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/July_16

    This would certainly support your view of a serious link of Islam and Cancer (I don’t recall reading about the start date of the Islamic calendar in your book, not sure if this helps or not).

  22. tisear1984 says:

    A few questions:

    1. If the USA had had a different sequence in its astrological signature, like for instance Virgo, Aquarius, and Capricorn, would American society be on the whole somewhat less susceptible to delusional, utopian thinking?

    2. What kind of society would emerge if the sequence had been Virgo, Gemini, Capricorn and Aquarius (i.e. or, is there anyway to speculate on the signature of a world end-state, as idealized in Wilsonian discourse)?

    3. If Australians are Sagittarian (and possibly more?), what are New Zealanders and Canadians, by astrological signature?

    4. Do intranational political ideological groups have astrological signatures as well? I began thinking today that a far-right American type might be Aries (martial values), Pisces (“duelistic” dualism, corporate interests and utopian ideals), Leo (conservativism), and Aquarius (absolute freedom). I also began to wonder if some results of such zodiac alchemy or mixing net more tenable results.

  23. tisear1984 says:

    NB: In #4, I should state that although Leo (conservatism) and Aquarius (absolute freedom) appear to contradict on one level, on another level I was imagining that the sentence looked like this “absolute freedom to practice our interpretation of conservatism”.

  24. tisear1984 says:

    NB 2: In #4, what would the far-left American type look like by astrological signature? I imagined that it might be something like Pisces (primarily, utopian ideals), Aquarius (absolute freedom), Gemini (intellectualism), Capricorn (science), and Scorpio (secrecy in implementation and method concerning goals). I could also say that the Aquarian stamp in this logic is somewhat overshadowed by Piscean manipulation, i.e. “absolute freedom” would only be understood within the confines set by a Piscean context of opposing political dogma. Not sure about any of this, just speculating.

    Additionally, it is not encouraging that the USA lacks the better traits of Sagittarius (boom vs bust), Virgo (pragmatism and good health) or Taurus (wealth). I wonder which countries have these in abundance.

  25. Having the Islamic calendar start on a day in the sign of Cancer is again one of many intriguing coincidences.

    Re your questions:
    1) “The American Dream” is pure Pisces. If Pisces was absent the USA would be a totally different place.
    2) I don’t have time for such speculative musings. Once you have my book you could construct such a speculative scenario yourself. Mesopotamia, especially before 2916 BCE, was the prime Gemini nation and the Gemini age empire – it was the ancient intellectual powerhouse for the world
    3) The main (but not the sole) astro signature for NZ is Cancer – i have not done enough research on Canada to know but will probably come evident in book 2 (Tho I seem to remember that Canada may also be Cancer?)
    4) You are on the right tact. The Republicans party was formed in a Leo micro-age decan (Leo is a conservative sign). The Democratic Party was formed in a Virgo micro-age – Virgo is the sign of the working class.

    Aquarius rules democracy, freedom and dictators. This is because Aquarius is the opposite sign the the Leo mainstream and conservative values. When Aquarius is strong, the mainstream get overthrown with freedom seekers on the left wing, and right wing zealots who will introduce fascist policies to enforce their superior ideals.

    A good example of Pisces overthrowing Aquarius was the world wide communist revolution in the 20th century. This began under the freedom seeking Aquarian micro-age (1910 -25) – full of lofty ideals, but got hijacked by the Pisces sub-age decan overflow (1910 – 1970) introducing the mind-numbing, propaganda ridden and deceitful form of communism that took control. It was in this same Pisces sub-age decan overflow that Pisces USA finally became the world super power.

    Remember, that while the USA and all nations have the inbuilt limitation in the confines of their astrological signature, it is the interface of the astrological signature with newly arriving sub-ages, decans, micro-ages etc to seal its fate. The USA comes through the 3rd millenium in much better shape comnpared to any other nation or region I have examined. This is why the USA is the Empire of the Pisces-Aquarian age (or at least half the empire – see my book for details).

  26. tisear1984 says:

    Ok, Mr. MacKinnell, that should be enough from me for now. I just realized that I might be unwittingly revealing too much in the book by my line of questioning, so I don’t want to steal too much more of your thunder, so to speak. I’ve just reached the 100th page right now and it’s hard to put down. I’ll save my own evaluation of the material for later.

  27. Congratulations on your book in progress. If you had continued your line of questioning I was about to request that you help me search for international examples of the Vigo nano-age! I see you are at the secrecy stage of your book. You will discover that it is best to be totally open. I used to be secret also, until i discovered that you need all the advance publicity you can muster.

  28. tisear1984 says:

    To address your Virgo nano-age concerns, not sure if these would be of any use:

    1. There is on the scene a new superbug gonorrhea which is apparently resistant to all extant antibiotics. http://www.theatlanticwire.com/technology/2011/07/study-superbug-gonorrhea-strain-has-no-known-cure/39804/ (Virgo?)

    2. Earlier this month, “the world’s first artificial organ transplant is achieved, using an artificial windpipe coated with stem cells.” http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/07/15/windpipe-patient-almost-said-no_n_899817.html (Virgo?)

    3. “Archeological Findings Reveal Central African History
    New discoveries indicate humans settled Cameroon 5000 years ago” : http://www.voanews.com/english/news/africa/west/Archeological-Findings-Reveal-Central-African-History-125075209.html (pottery = both Virgo as well as Capricorn?)

    4. The Capricornish cocktail in America? : we have until August 2nd to resolve the debt ceiling issue in Congress before benefits such as Social Security, military pay, veterans’/public service retirees’ payments etc. run out. The conservatives are at loggerheads with the liberals, and the ones held hostage, so to speak, are indeed the common people, since the political establishment cannot seem to come to any agreement. Coincidentally, it has been established that the conservatives have deep ties to corporate interests which prevent them from allowing any tax increases on the most wealthy segment of America, mounting an almost dogma-like resistance to any change in this, even if it would help solve the debt crisis in the USA. But the other side of the conservative point-of-view is that their constituencies are divided, with many wanting to resolve USA debt and spending woes on the one hand and many also not having any other source of income than welfare. (Capricorn [elite concerns] nano-age decan, Virgo [health and pragmatic concerns] nano-age, Cancer [commoner concerns] micro-age influence??)

    5. Blue Waters supercomputing system expected to be completed sometime this year: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue_Waters (not sure of the significance, but Capricorn is perhaps secondarily related to scientific matters?)

    6. “Mobile Sensors Track Health of Elderly in Pilot Test” : http://www.womenshealth.gov/news/headlines/654735.cfm (Virgo & Capricorn influences by Scorpio overflow?)

    7. “Ancient pottery shard in Aomori found to hold carving of dancing shaman” (Japan, not sure what their astrological signature is) (pottery = both Virgo as well as Capricorn?)

    (Excerpt: “A carving of a dancing shaman has been found on an ancient pottery shard unearthed years ago at an archaeological site in Aomori, making it possibly the oldest depiction of a shaman on an artifact uncovered in Japan.”)

    8. “Mumbai: Explosions shake India’s financial hub”: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-south-asia-14141454 (India associated with Capricorn)

    9. “India official: Homosexuality a “disease” “: http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2011/07/05/501364/main20076842.shtml (Capricorn conservatism + Capricorn association with India + feint at Virgo themes of health??)

  29. tisear1984 says:

    Maybe you’re right about a February start-date for nano-age decans, since activity seems to have gotten heightened in a Capricorn vein (if I was on the right track) by mid-July.

  30. tisear1984 says:

    Nevermind what I wrote in the above (but not the post waiting for moderation) since I may have misunderstood you.

  31. tisear1984 says:

    N.B.: addendum for #4 in the post not yet moderated might be the following sequence –

    – Capricorn nano-age decan (elite interests, archconservatism blocking any progress on congressional compromise)
    – Virgo nano-age (health/well-being concerns of older or poorer Americans on welfare at stake)
    – Scorpio-Cancer micro-age decan (commoner triumph?? in the near-future at the expense of higher taxes on the elite [see Warren Buffett’s statement – http://hansenreport.wordpress.com/2011/07/12/warren-buffetts-tax-rate/ ] )
    – Leo-Cancer micro-age (fiscal conservatism blended into commoner interests such as lowering national debt)
    – Gemini sub-age decan (??)
    – Scorpio-Libra sub-age (threat of increasing taxation of the elite and deaths of older or poorer commoners [Scorpio] ; increasing vacillation among lawmakers over which options are better or worse [Libra])
    – Pisces-Aquarian age (freedom but only to choose one’s selection of one side or the other in the context of political polarity – conservatives or liberals – and an implication that one side of the polarity must be firmly in power above the other – for example, conservatives > liberals)

    N.B.: addendum for #1 in the post not yet moderated might include a mention of the interaction of casual sex (Scorpio sub-age overflow) promoted in some circles, but also among commoners (Cancer micro-age), receiving a check on its powers by the superbug gonorrhea (Virgo nano-age) and perhaps other untreatable and potentially incurable STDs which could provoke HIV/AIDS in both men and women as well as infertility in women (the latter, Scorpio minimalism/reduction of human population?).

  32. tisear1984 says:

    And the USA so far has not had any reported cases of the superbug gonorrhea, which might have to do with its astrological signature being partly Capricorn on the one hand and it being a Capricorn nano-age decan of the Virgo nano-age on the other?

  33. tisear1984 says:

    Another curious development: this very year, during the Libra nano-age overflow into Virgo, two women – both of whom are rather close relatives of mine – are to be married. Not only are either of them Libras, but in one case, I believe she is even being wed to a Libra!

  34. tisear1984 says:

    – Japan’s womens’ team won vs US in football (Libra?)
    – Measles outbreak in Kenya and elsewhere (Virgo?)
    – Harry Reid & Mitch McConnell’s proposal seems to getting traction regarding US debt (Capricorn conservatism???)

  35. tisear1984 says:

    Looks like I may have some evidence for a Virgo/Virgo-influenced nano-age decan: that fellow at Scotland Yard isn’t doing so well these days (see http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/phone-hacking/8645576/Phone-hacking-John-Yates-profile.html for details). Perhaps it is also a nod toward Capricorn (and the UK’s apparent lack of it in at least it’s main signature)?

  36. Re your: The Capricornish cocktail in America?
    The debt ceiling issue and possible bankruptcy is basically the Scorpio micro-age decan overflow (2010-2015) – its absolutley a perfect and appropriate fit. The Virgo nano-age can add some nuance, because Virgo is opposite to Pisces, the USA’s main sign. So Virgo also insinuates that the USA is currently in a difficult situation. But with Virgo associated with the Democratic Party, they will probably win out, if not with the debt ceiling, then with the presidential elections next year when Virgo goes into its more powerful overflow period mid 2012.

    Some of your other associations with the various nano, micro, sub ages or their decans have possibility, but the main one is the resignation of the UK Chief of Police and a second in command at Scotland Yard due to the News of the World ‘spying’. Police are ruled by Virgo and spying is defintely Scorpio. Also under the current Virgo NA, the opposite Pisces sign of deceit and deception means that perpetrators of such deception are caught on their back foot, but due to the 7th house of Virgo to Pisces, they may try and fight their way out. Also Virgo is the 4th house to Gemini media, indicating media is at their lowest status point.

    The problem with some of your relevant items is their localness. Its hard to get people, especially Americans, to acknowledge outside news unless it directly affects them. Its best to use supporting news items that can be clearly associated with a specific zodiacal sign currentkly strong without recourse to exotic astro reasoning, then once the connection is stronly made, additional exotic reasoning can be added.

    You “N.B.: addendum for #1 in the post not yet moderated might include a mention of the interaction of casual sex (Scorpio sub-age overflow) promoted in some circles, but also among commoners (Cancer micro-age), receiving a check on its powers by the superbug gonorrhea (Virgo nano-age) and ..” is too conjectual. Compared to AIDS, the superbug has not raised its profile, and like AIDS, is extremely unlikely to slow down casual sex because we are in the Scorpio sub-age overflow (1970 – 2148) which will promote sex of all types and flavours. In fact, with the current Scoprio hotspot, i noticed that on recent trips to Malaysia, the gays there have come out of the closet – even though its a fairly conservative Muslim country. The sex revolution, for better or worse, is in its growth phase. Its currently spreading to futher reaches of the world and the Capricorn American fundamentalists can jump up and down as much as they like – but they cannot stop the unfolding of history that is detrimental to their archaic views. However even for the fundamentalist, they received a boost from the scorpio sub-age overflow commencing in 1970, as that was around the time that ‘born-again Christians appeared – straight out of the book of Scorpio archetypes.

    One clear development of the Cap NA decan is the current pessimism in the stock markets around the world – however if linked to Cap, it is relatively short lived, If the Virgo NA arrived Feb 2011, the Cap decan should appear around mid 2011 but more importantly the Taurus NA decan would be in its powerful overflow mode from July for around 5 months. I bet the economic pessimism is linked to Taurus – as money and wealth issues always surface in a Taurus period. Cap just adds the feeling of depression. Italy of old was linked to Cap, if so,expect the financial turmoil to stronly affect Italy early in 2012.

    I will look through your other items to see if I can use any of them to promote the current Virgo NA or its smaller decans.

  37. tisear1984 says:

    OK, now with things somewhat narrowed down, maybe it’s time for a new approach since the previous one may have to be written off as a dead-end?:

    – I do think now that your original assertion that the Libra NA may have arrived in Feb 2010 and is concluding about now (July 2011) to pass the baton to the Virgo NA-Taurus NA decan-Libra NA overflow was the correct one to follow. Which means :

    1. Aside from whatever other items I added in the earlier mentioned list of news events, perhaps the E. coli outbreak in Germany (May-June), the announcement of the superbug (July), and the Scotland Yard ties to the Rupert Murdoch scandal (July) might be enough after all to show evidence of the Virgo NA, for now at least until the rest of the 15-month period has revealed more of itself?

    2. I should probably be looking for Taurus traits, remembering that ” … the dark side of Taurus indicates poverty and dire economic circumstances,” (MacKinnell 281) : I can’t think of a better example than the currently unresolved American debt-ceiling issue, especially considering that the USA apparently does not have Taurus in its signature of traditional archetypes. I’m also concerned if observing whatever the current situation is of an age-empire (in this case the USA?) during a nano-age is key to discovering the correct nano-age decan. But maybe the real question should be, how much evidence is needed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a nano-age decan is in progress?

    – I said what I did about sex and a hypothetical check on it because (at the time) it seemed logical, since obviously Scorpio isn’t only about sexual revolution and giving a shot in the arm to fundamentalist Christians, but also about minimalism and death. I always suspected that there was in fact a dark side to the sexual revolution but that it would not show itself until it was too late for anyone (especially commoners) to do anything about it. While it is arguably enjoyable to have that much freedom, one is left to wonder what the effect of a superbug on a society in which such a sexual revolution has made deep inroads (like the USA) particularly if simultaneously fewer and fewer people have as much access to health care (because of job losses, since in the USA many people purchased their health insurance through their employer) as they did earlier AND there are no antibiotics for this superbug. Indeed, the odds are long for this kind of scenario to ever occur, but as possible path I felt it was worth mentioning. Sorry for the long-winded response, but I had to prove that I was more interested in logical sentences than in political sentiments, if the latter was what you were hinting at.

    – I’m wondering how the different aspects of ages, decans, and overflows both manifest and interact with each other. There seem to be a plurality of possible mixes of traits. What you saw me doing above in previous posts were attempts to reconstruct the mechanism of all these components of ages, decans, and overflows pushing and pulling at each other as the mechanism that they compose cranks out one event or other in a given timeframe. I’m doubtful that there is an easy means of precessional reckoning for a neophyte, but I’ll cling on nevertheless.

  38. tisear1984 says:

    – You mentioned briefly in your appendix that Taurus may have an association with Vulcan. I wonder if this has any bearing on the recent Indonesian volcanic eruption at Mount Lokon (occurring around 17 July 2011). Perhaps a framework of Taurean NA decan-Virgo NA can be constructed for this, since likely the local agricultural (cloves and coffee) work was disturbed?

    – In Mexico, the army just burned the crops of a 300-acre (120 hectare) marijuana field, the largest plantation of the crop to date found in the country. The authorities also state that approximately 120 tons of marijuana (worth about $160 million dollars US) was destroyed. This report dates to under 24hrs ago: “Mexican army burns crops of huge marijuana farm”

    – It’s not all doom-and-gloom, however. In Scotland, two women have just become Europe’s record-breaking lottery winners (reported 15 July 2011) and IBM has reported rising stocks. The articles were named:
    “Meet Europe’s record-breaking (and cute!) lottery winners”
    “IBM’s services signings surge, stock rises”

    – Additionally, I’m not sure if it’s worth noting, but the former antiquities chief in Egypt, apparently somewhat of an iconic figure, was fired (occurring around 17 July 2011), http://news.yahoo.com/egypts-iconic-antiquities-chief-fired-220855715.html

  39. tisear1984 says:

    I do hope you forgive this, but I couldn’t help but mention that the Great Fire of Rome began in 64 CE, there was a riot of ex-servicemen from WW1 who burned down Luton Hall in 1919, and the Provisional IRA resumed the ceasefire between themselves and the UK forces in 1997. My question is: were it possible to know, what were the likely nano-ages and nano-age decans at the time of each of these events (all of them occurring in late July of their respective years and with ostensibly Taurean associations)?

  40. The only way to see how the ages, subages, macro-ages, nano-ages and their respective decans work is to expereince them both unfolding in real time and in history. The most difficult entities to see and understand are the nano-ages and their decans. You would be well worth initially limiting yourself to the 15 years micro-ages and their decans. Over a period of 3 or 4 years, i identified all the micro-ages and their decans (plus overflows) since 1800. It took 3 to 4 years as it was a hobby pastime. I really learnt the process in detail with the micro-ages and decans though my initial success with the astro ages came with the sub-ages. In fact, from the time i first had the idea until i could identify all the sub-ages in the second millenium was about 6 weeks – back around 1987. If you want to learn this kind of astrological correspondence to history via the ages and sub-periods, you really need to undertake a research project in whatever aspect of it suits you to really learn it.

    Re your points:
    1) Its best to stick with the the major Virgo nano-age items onl;y that don’t require complicated reasoning as you suggest.
    2) “how much evidence is needed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a nano-age decan is in progress” – at least 3 solid pieces of evidence, which we have. But the more the better.

    “there was in fact a dark side to the sexual revolution ” – AIDS is the classic example – look and see how many millions have already dies, and how many are affected, especially in Africa and 3rd world countris. The things with AIDS is it is not speculative -0 its real … while the superbug remains conjecture.

    Re your “Taurus may have an association with Vulcan. I wonder if this has any bearing on the recent Indonesian volcanic eruption at Mount Lokon (occurring around 17 July 2011). Perhaps a framework of Taurean NA decan-Virgo NA can be constructed for this, since likely the local agricultural (cloves and coffee) work was disturbed?”
    Firstly any Vocanic eruption is Scorpio – and the world is in a scorpio micro-age decan overflow and due to the scorpio sub-age decan overflow this is a Scorpio hotspot – so volcanic eruptions are on the go around the world. I had a recent flight from Bali to australia cancelled due to volcanic ash! Vulcan is conjectural re vocanoes, and i think you are going too far out on the limb with the “likely the local agricultural (cloves and coffee) work was disturbed?” – in this field you don’t want to work with “likelys” as it undermines the integrity or your argument

    Re “Mexican army burns crops of huge marijuana farm” – some govt somewhere is always destroying a record crop or amount of some drug or other because more and more people are using them.

    You are on a winner with “In Scotland, two women have just become Europe’s record-breaking lottery winners (reported 15 July 2011)” – this is a classic Scorpio example for our current Scorpio hotspot.

    Re your “Great Fire of Rome began in 64 CE, there was a riot of ex-servicemen from WW1 who burned down Luton Hall in 1919 etc” – I would not trust nano-ages back that far – I would not go below micro-ages or possibly micro-age decans for 2,000 years ago as I am not sure how accurate my formula is for precession. All formulas are approximate, and the further back (or forward) we go the less accuracy. Also i am not sure down to what level the precession formula I use keeps track of wobbles within wobbles, and wobbles within wobbles within wobbles. You should set yourself a generic spreadsheet where you put in the start date and end date of any age, sub-age, micro-age or nano-age and it automatically calculates for you all the 12 sub-periods, overflows and their signs depending upon ther parent period. I have such a sheet but it is not user friendly and there are no instructions – but it always comes in handy.

    If you want to fast track your understanding, pick your favourite zodiacal sign, and track back in history every occurence of it on the micro-age decan, and larger sub-periods. You will have to progressively drop out of the smallest period you use until around 3000 BC where you will have to also drop out whole sub-ages and limit yourself to ages and age-decans.You will see not only how the zodiacal sign constantly remanifests true to the signs’ archetypes, but how each manifestation will present different proportions of the various archetypes associated with the sign, and how each manifestation works with the parent period(s) above it.

  41. tisear1984 says:

    I have a response for you, but I would rather not comment here since the majority of my questioning has proven unfruitful for my own understanding on one hand and any further questioning of mine might impede on the progress or perhaps even the subject material of your book on the other. I am also somewhat confused by the accusations of conjecturing but that is your opinion and you’re entitled to it. I think the problem may lie partly with the lack of absolute clarity regarding astrological age archetypes in general, as their traits occasionally seem to overlap a bit too much, and partly with the lack of sufficient nuance regarding the interactions and checks-and-balances of astrological ages when archetypes mix at different levels (i.e. subage level and below). In my opinion, there could even be a severe cline in perception based on the fact you were born in a different astrological time than I was, back when the Scorpio subage (and not its overflow period) was dominant: I do genuinely wonder to what extent this would have on the difference between your POV and mine (I was born in 1984).

    Is the only victor of this debate the Piscean fog?

  42. tisear1984 says:

    I changed my mind:

    – I can’t same to ignore the fact that you explicitly associated Taurus with Vulcan on page 58 AND in the appendix of archetypes. BTW my mention of cloves and coffee comes directly from the article about the recent Indonesian eruption, so it isn’t just likely that the agriculture (Virgo) was impacted, but certain. One more missed opportunity could even be that in this case Vulcan, ruler of Taurus, is exhibiting interaction with Scorpio’s volcanic passion (it would be interesting to learn what precession looked like to the nano-age decan level during the Krakatoa eruption in the late 1800s).


    – I think your view about the unprecedented Mexican marijuana (illegal drugs especially which facilitate mental escapism = Pisces) farm (Virgo) discovery and burn (Vulcan = fire = Taurus; loss of $160 million dollars US = anything to do with wealth = Taurus BUT with Scorpio acting as reductionist = negative wealth) is cynical and overlooks the fact that it is happening NOW along with other news events which I mentioned and not at some other time. I see a clear connection to both Virgo and Taurus, and the two of them interacting (under Pisces), even if you don’t.


    – Scotland is in NW Europe, correct? NW Europe is clearly associated with Virgo, no? Read the article about those two lottery winners (wealth = Taurus) and you’ll discover their noted practical lifestyle (also Virgo, but the consistency/stability inherent in such a lifestyle as a 30-year marriage clearly enters into Taurus archetype territory). I don’t see much Scorpio there, primarily since you aren’t enumerating any of these alleged Scorpio traits for me. I think also that some of the bias that you mentioned in the book is showing here, since you seemed to find this Scottish news a bit more palatable than my other news stories. My detection of apparent bias, BTW, should not be misinterpreted as a value judgment, since there are very few people in the world who don’t have some form of bias in one form or another. (I did make an error in stating it was two WOMEN, however, sorry about that.)


    – The new strand of gonorrhea is not conjecture (although it may have been back in April 2010 – see article #1 below). In fact, highlighted in the article I read about it was that if left untreated, it could lead the way to HIV. Working with this superbug or something alike as a facilitator, I could foresee an event where the margin for the AIDS epidemic were widened into Western countries in a perfect storm related in equal parts to a global economic collapse (which prevents many people from health care access, which itself is theoretically futile if the medical community has no cure and no treatments available) on top of the sexual revolution. Just think about that for a minute, as you have asked your readers to have an open-mind about the methodology of your book, without immediately deriding it as some “conjecture”.


    I thought this to be of some elevated relevance to the current superbug discussion that we’re having here: http://www.vancouversun.com/health/gonorrhea+strain+alarms+experts/5082514/story.html




    – I should point out as well that it was a good day for Israel:


    I’m increasingly being convinced that a February 2010 start-date for the calibration of the previous Libra nano-age is correct, which means a summer 2011 start-date for the Virgo nano-age.


    I would apologize for neglecting to complete an earlier, off-topic mention of freemasonry. I did not provide a source for my comment, but now I have as yet recalled it. My POV on freemasonry was influenced by the research of Harland-Jacobs in the book “Builders of empire: Freemasons and British imperialism, 1717-1927” (link below):


  43. tisear1984 says:

    “Same” should be “seem”.

    And I don’t anticipate that precessional reckoning is a simple activity. It in fact is incredibly complex and would, in my opinion, much greater holistic rather than mere reductionistic/analytical thinking. Again, as you ask us to have an open mind toward the material of your book, one will need to be armed with an open mind when investigating and interpreting evidence.

  44. tisear1984 says:

    “Require much greater holistic…”

  45. You are a free agent to follow your own path. Also electronic communication is a difficult media for expressing points of view such as we have been doing. If you feel comfortable with your approach, stick to it. Yes you are right, being born in 1984 places you in almost the peak energy of Virgo, while i am a Baby Boomer under Sagittarius – so you are right inasmuch as we come from generations with very different persepctives. From my perspective, if you are trying to understand my approach to the precessional ages you are not only heading in the right direction, you seem to have a greater understanding of it compared to anyone else i have been in communication about the subject. When i look back at what i wrote about the precessional ages 17 years ago when i published my first pamphlet, i cringe. It took me a long time to get a handle of it, and i am always learning and developing my understanding of the subject matter. You should set up your own blog and start publishing your perspective.

  46. tisear1984 says:

    My own blog sounds like an interesting proposition, but I must decline for now, since I’m time-pinched. Anyway, I did “unearth” some discussion about the archetypal signatures of Spain, which are even divided by region. It turns out that your assignment of Portugal to Pisces may be correct, since the root of the contemporary Portuguese people lies in the north of the country (where the map below highlights to be a zone of Pisces).


    The forum post is here:

    A certain website has also assigned archetypal signatures to various countries, some of which not aligning with your analysis, like giving a “Scorpio” designation to: Angola, Algeria, Brazil, Dominican Republic, France (4th Republic), Norway, Honduras, Panama, Paraguay, Poland, Syria, Turkey, Korea, Vietnam (southern), Zambia, Zimbabwe and Queensland. I didn’t want to immediately dismiss the validity of the site’s claims, since it did agree with you, for example, on Australia having Sagittarius (but also added Taurus), on Canada having Cancer, on Greece and India having Capricorn (but in the case of Greece, also Leo and Virgo). An amusing one for me was Cape Verde’s assignment to Cancer, based on some personal anecdotes.

    The site’s Scorpio “three C’s”:

    The site above also has a link to a North Node chart for the period of 1900-1999, and if you were born in 1951, it might make sense why you ended up interested in mysticism and the like.

    I appreciated your book. I took it and quickly opened a discourse with some peers of mine on Skype, and received much affirmation. The few people who were closed-mined on the subject of astrology, even your particular type of astrology, could not muster any rational arguments in opposition to it and revealed a great deal of superstition and ignorance. Little did they know, since they did not give me a chance to tell them, that your perspective also runs contra to that of mainstream astrologers. The majority of my peers seem to be very much under the sway of the contemporary “horoscopic” school (of course, I know that the Greeks meant something completely different when they mentioned the significance of hours, as you noted at the end of your book).

  47. I also look up traditional rulerships of countries and cities as a possible reference point, but you cannot rely upon these sources as infallible. For example your zodiacal assignment of Spain (see http://anthrocivitas.net/forum/showthread.php?t=9320 ) is merely a zodiac superimposed upon the landscape. this type of use of the zodiac cannot be accepted without confirmation, but neither can it be automatically rejected. For my purposes, i can only use a zodiacal signature associated with a country or city if i have seen first hand the correlation. For example, the two largest floods to have affected Brisbane (the nearest city to where i live and capital of Queensland) both occurred when Scorpio was strong, and Queensland is supposedly ruled by Scorpio. These floods plus other factors indicate a strong relationship between Queensland and Scorpio.

    Here is some more feedback on my new book:

    As a preface, I’ll note that I am a writer, editor, and writing coach (as I’m called these days) – along with my philosophy and history background (and my cheerful dislike of dogmatism and the academic writing style). And while I’m usually enthusiastic and like to encourage writers, I’m not given to hyperbole.

    Having said that and having skimmed several chapters of your book and read the first two chapters closely, I must say that it is a total joy to read. It’s like a breath of fresh air. Your writing is excellent – clear and with great examples and analogies. Your philosophical approach is even-handed and open-minded. And your dealing with history is both cautious when it needs to be and expansive in terms of identifying themes.

    When I read, though I try not to be critical, I really can’t help it. Because I do this for a living (and in my university classes, I let my students rewrite their papers, and I critique their writing as well as their arguments – so I’m also editing hundreds of papers every semester), critiquing is what my mind does automatically. Even when my wife and I rent a film, she always has to shush me if I notice writing problems. Even when I’m just trying to enjoy the film.

    I have just enjoyed your book. It is a superb piece of writing and scholarship. I can’t remember when I’ve just relaxed and enjoyed reading a book so much. And in terms of mastery, you’re so good at what you do that the reader can just trust that you’re doing a great job.

    Of course, the book is VERY helpful in terms of the astrological ages and my own perspective on history.

    Thanks – and all the best with getting the book out there!

    Christopher Largent
    1202 Hillside Road, Wilmington, DE 19809
    302-571-9570 ideahse@aol.com

  48. tisear1984 says:

    Mr. Largent’s evaluation is certainly encouraging. I’m glad that I’m not the only one appreciating what you’re doing.

    For my part, I have since expanded (Sagittarius) further in my research, unearthing a lot of bunk next to a lot of useful material by somewhat more credible authors. It turns out that rulership assignment to different locales and peoples is a dicey process, to say the least, much as I suspected initially, but for very different reasons than I thought at first. One concerns the method of reckoning these rulerships. I’ve seen recently on the Libra Rising site, for example, where the globe is essentially divided in lines not so dissimilar to longitude and latitude, only the numbers have been replaced with signs and at one point the lines even converge (somewhere in North Asia, I believe?). Rulerships seem to be correlative to the original tribal composition of a given place, the geography of a place, and the current political standing of a place. I began scratching my head wondering how France (according to one author, assigned to Leo) could have mandated freedom (Aquarius) to have an egalitarian (Libran) society, but I suppose it’s possible.

    I’ve also read where Ascendant signs are held responsible for the physiognomy of a given native, as well, among other things encountered. For some reason I was led to study some of the works of Pol de Limbourg, in particular, an analysis of a Ganymede figure of his, which may be yet another clue about the heralding of the (Pisces-)Aquarian Age (I’m not sure yet about what his precise era was though).

  49. From my perspective, it is too simplistic to have one zodiacal sign assigned to a region, country, city etc. Re your:
    “I began scratching my head wondering how France (according to one author, assigned to Leo) could have mandated freedom (Aquarius) to have an egalitarian (Libran) society, but I suppose it’s possible. ”

    I would agree with the Leo, but I would also add Scorpio (the French are addicted to sex) and of course all European countries will have Pisces and Aries in the background. There is probably one other sign involved, possibly Cancer as french is the language of diplomacy. The best approach to zodiacal sign assignement is to work them out yourself as too many astrologers are theory bound rather than evidence bound.

    There is no equivalent to the ascendant in the ages, but I take the ascendant in a horoscope to be the most important sign, the sunsign has secondary importance, and arguably for a woman, tertiary importance.

    BTW, if you want the most amazing confirmation of the historical periodization i use, obtain “World History and the Eonic Effect” by John C Landon (which coincidentally is also published by my publisher, Xlibris). Landon is a historian, not an astrologer, but he comes very close to defining history in astrological terms without the zodiacal signs. His eons basically align with my astro ages and he says on reflection of macrohistory p 110 “… we detect an element of timing in a process that has mysterious ‘scheduling’ or cyclical period, …”. Landon was the historian that first showed me that my astro ages aligned with historians existing historical periodization. The only difference is that he thinks an age (eon) averages 2,400 years, but elsewhere says that an eon is slightly longer than 2,000 years.

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  51. tisear1984 says:

    I think that you might want to have a really good at this, if you haven’t already: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vin%C4%8Da_culture

    – There is a not totally unfounded speculation, as I understand, that a form of proto-writing began in SE Europe ahead of Mesopotamian developments. Perhaps not coincidentally, this culture occurs under Gemini Age and Quasi-Age influence. I would note also the copper metallurgy (rulership appears to be assigned to Libra), as I would the settlement populations and the wheel origination claim (both of which demonstrate affinity with Gemini).

  52. Yes, a good find – I have made a note for the revised edition of the book. It seems to be inked to the Gemini QAD. The start date for many of these old societies is often questionable s they often have an slightly earlier start which remains below the radar. The proto-writing element strongly suggests Gemini. Where did u get your Libra rulership for copper? I have copper ruled by Taurus (tho both Taurus and Lbra are ruled by Venus)

    • tisear1984 says:

      According to Rex H. Bills in the Rulership Book, copper is actually ruled by Venus, so the connection between Taurus and Libra through copper since both signs are different faces of Venus might work IMO.

      Looking at art “tastes” today, I can see clear evidence of mounting Cancer micro-age influence. I’ve never seen such a promotion of breasts, curves, homes (or lack of them), or close-knit family ties where I live in the USA in all my life. How this interplays with Gemini influence in the near future might involve people homes in cities, for example, and a preference for more bisexual themes. There may also be a greater appreciation for line art as opposed to curves, since allegedly Gemini is associated with professional line art (as opposed to Libra, which emphasizes colors rather than simple lines or curves).

      I have also drafted a new method of assigning mundane signatures, if you’re interested (pardon the tone, it was an attempt to sound a bit more formal, but I mean no hostility – I have just learned that I am a Sagittarius ascendant, Sagittarius decan, in my natal chart) : http://astrorenaissance.wordpress.com/2011/10/26/taking-the-combined-ascendant-to-reckon-mundane-signatures/

      I’d also like to inquire about Ophiuchus : is this “13th sign” stuff I hear just Pisces at work fooling people ? I ask because the zodiac may now be unworkable with an odd number of signs and also because it doesn’t appear possible for Ophiuchus to have any decanates, which strikes me as a red flag that Pisces Age influence is playing at deception again.

      I also don’t think that Libra will completely reverse men and women in roles until it reaches the strength of an Age, rather than an Age decan or Subage decan. I think what we’re experiencing now really might be a taste of the future, in very crude, primitive terms.

      I also tried to imagine what would happen to astrology if the moon exploded. We might have extant, for one time in history, a swath of people who have complete charts separated from a generation of newborns who have no lunar assignment in their signature.

      • Cancer, cancer everywhere. The number of scientific breakthrough in Cancer research over the last few years has been daunting. Everywhere seems to be flooding – currently in is Bangkok that is going under water. Cruises and canal cruises are proliferating – and of course Cancer-ruled China seems to be on a neverending upward curve (which will end). Gemini also represents youths, and youths had a big impact in the Arab Spring and the current anti-big business protests in many cities. This is a foretatste of things to come. The current 21st century will be the most progressively volitie century for around 7,000 years see – “A Celebration 7,000 Years in the Making”

        I took a look at your site – the question is, can you marry your theoretical approach to country signatures with some kind of proof that other people can recognise. For example you have Australia primary rulership Aquarius with progressed Libra the key sign. Australians are sporting and gambling mad – and Australia is basically a culture-free zone.

        Re Ophiuchus, basically you are right IMO – see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ophiuchus_(astrology) and http://www.arhatmedia.com/Ophiuchus.htm

        Basically academics without knowledge of, expereince or understanding of astroloigy think they can make claims about astrology based on their misconceptions.

  53. tisear1984 says:

    I found it entertaining that gold is enjoying popularity at the moment, and wondered briefly if it wasn’t restricted to Leo Micro-Age Overflow. To my understanding, Leo is associated with gold, while Cancer is associated with silver. Following this logic, can we conclude that, in a Cancer Micro-Age Overflow but with Gemini Micro-Age ascending, silver has a slight chance of not only rising in prominence but that it will figure somewhat significantly in revitalization of urban infrastructure ? I did actually read, share with others, and save a number of your articles from your other blog, including that one that you named, so yes I was anticipating some form of freefall between the years of 2015-2029, and I have been actually warning people, in general ways, that things may never be the same.

    Another curious item concerns Bills’ rulerships of China. For China, in general, he gives it a Libra-Cancer designation, then for Red China he assigns a mix of both Scorpio and Libra, while you assert that China is principally Cancerian (which I don’t disagree with entirely). I theorized about Red China showing my method of combined ascendants and arrived at an Aquarius-Taurus designation. Could a mix of Aquarian dictatorship and Taurean materialism be at work in China now ?

    Speaking of Australia, I do recall you having mentioned in your book about mandatory suffrage in your country and I have read about how the laws there can be very strict about precious metals, given the abundant mines there. This would seem to lean toward, in a moderate way, the dictatorial aspect of Aquarius, but I’m inclusive about my theory, since it’s brand-new. The progressed Libra doesn’t make sense to me either, but that may be because I’m not yet familiar with Australia ; perhaps the progressed Libra is indicated by the attitudes of Australians about an incoming tide of East Asian influence ? I’m not sure about that, so maybe you could distill that better, as it’s only suggestive.

    Thanks to you, I’m coping better with the Pisces archetype, which isn’t always bad (think of art). But yes, Pisces is definitely the snake-oil salesman, the drug-dealer, the slaver and obscurer of truth, lol.

    Btw, I thought this might be of use to you, or maybe not (Libra = women) : http://books.google.com/books?id=jFY3CxmHk4cC&pg=PA94&dq=Matrimonial+Republican+chronology+of+women's+history&hl=en&ei=AXyrTveWJ8-EtgfNpeDrDg&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=1&ved=0CDEQ6AEwAA#v=onepage&q&f=false

    Decans of Varahamira as an Indicator of Physiognomy (especially see the part about circumambulations and how American president Theodore Roosevelt’s physiognomy altered apparently with his progressed charts) : http://www.regulus-astrology.com/pdf/WP%20on%20Physiognomy%20-%20History%20and%20Sources%2020100420.pdf

    Here are a list of rulerships, according to Bills & Bills “The Rulership Book” :

    – Japan is Libra, Aries and Scorpio, with Saturn and Pluto.
    – China is Libra-Cancer.
    – Korea is Scorpio.
    – North Vietnam was Virgo.
    – South Vietnam was Gemini.
    – The Philippines are Scorpio.
    – Siam is Sagittarius.
    – Siberia is Libra, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius and Capricorn.
    – Tibet is Libra, Sagittarius and Capricorn.
    – Mongolia is Sagittarius.
    – Manchuria is Scorpio-Libra.
    – Buddha is Mercury-Saturn.
    – Turkey is Virgo-Scorpio.
    – Anatolia is Virgo-Aquarius.
    – Israel is Aries, Aquarius, Gemini, Leo, Libra and Taurus.
    – Italy is Leo, Sagittarius, Taurus and Cancer.
    – Syria is Aries, Scorpio and Aquarius.
    – England is Aries.
    – Western England is Gemini.
    – Germany is Aries.
    – Poland is Aries, Taurus and Aquarius.
    – France is Leo, Sagittarius and Aries.
    – Portugal is Pisces-Aries.
    – Greece is Virgo.
    – Sweden is Aquarius.
    – Hungary is Sagittarius.
    – Austria is Libra-Taurus.
    – Holland is Cancer with Mercury.
    – Bavaria is Scorpio.
    – Catalonia is Scorpio.
    – Russia is Aquarius-Scorpio, with Uranus.
    – Norway is Scorpio.
    – Lithuania is Aquarius-Aries, with Saturn.
    – Ireland is Taurus.
    – Prussia is Scorpio.
    – Thrace is Capricorn.
    – Switzerland is Virgo.
    – Denmark [Zealand] is Aries.
    – Spain is Sagittarius-Aries.
    – Sicily is Leo.
    – Sardinia is Gemini.
    – Tunis, Tunisia is Cancer-Pisces.
    – Tripolitania [Libya] is Gemini.
    – Jutland is Scorpio.
    – India is Capricorn.
    – Pakistan is Sagittarius.
    – Afghanistan is Capricorn.
    – White Russia is Taurus.
    – Iran is Aries-Aquarius.
    – Iraq is Virgo, Cancer and Libra.
    – Judea is Scorpio.
    – Mexico is Capricorn.
    – Venezuela is Gemini.
    – USA, especially east of the Mississippi, is Libra.
    – USA, especially west of the Mississippi, is Cancer.
    – Brazil is Virgo-Scorpio.
    – Western Brazil is Sagittarius.
    – Peru is Sagittarius.
    – Paraguay is Scorpio.
    – Southern California is Cancer.
    – Canada in general is Cancer.
    – Central Canada is Cancer.
    – Eastern and Central Alaska are Leo.
    – Western Alaska is Virgo.
    – Africa in general is Cancer.
    – Morocco is Scorpio.
    – Algeria is Scorpio-Cancer.
    – West Africa is Cancer.
    – East Africa is Leo.
    – North Africa is Pisces.
    – Northeast coast of Africa is Gemini.
    – Abyssinia is Aquarius.
    – Upper Egypt is Libra.
    – Egypt is Libra.
    – Madagascar is Sagittarius.
    – Northern Sudan is Aries.
    – Australia is Sagittarius-Taurus.
    – New Zealand is Capricorn.

    – Dogmatic conservatism is Taurus.
    – Comforts and the love of comfort are Venus and 6th house.
    – Comedy and comedians are Venus.
    – Clubs, club members and club houses are 11th house, Uranus and Aquarius, but also Neptune-Pisces.
    – Advanced thought is Uranus.
    – Adversaries are Uranus and Saturn.
    – Addicts are Neptune.
    – Aesthetics are Neptune.
    – Aesthetic sense is Venus.
    – Abandoned places are Saturn and Capricorn.
    – One’s constructive and mechanical ability is Uranus.
    – Abuse is Saturn.
    – Abundance is Jupiter and Sagittarius.
    – Air, pure and clear, is Libra.
    – Air, hot and humid, is Leo.
    – Androgyny is Mercury-Neptune.
    – Altruism is Uranus and Aquarius.
    – White is Pisces.
    – Salt water is Pisces.

    Princpal muscles of the body :

    Aries :
    – frontales
    – occipitals
    – attolens
    – deprimens articularum
    – zygomaticus
    – temporalis
    – buccinator

    Taurus :
    – sternohyoid
    – mastoid
    – trapezius
    – sterno mastoids
    – esophagus
    – stylopharinagaeus
    – splenius and complexus
    – longus
    – scalenus
    – biventres
    – cervicis
    – spinales cervicis

    Gemini :
    – deltoid
    – biceps
    – supinator radii
    – subclavians
    – triceps
    – serratus anticus minor
    – pectoralis
    – palmaris

    Cancer :
    – diaphragm
    – intercostals

    Leo :
    – interspinalis
    – transversalis
    – longissimus and latisums dorsi

    Virgo :
    – diaphragm
    – obliques
    – transversalis of abdomen
    – rectus
    – pyramidalis

    Libra :
    – quadrati lumborum
    – sacrolumbares

    Scorpio :
    – cremasters
    – sphincter and levatores ani
    – erectores penis and clitoridis
    – sphincter of bladder

    Sagittarius :
    – iliopsoas
    – iliacus
    – pectinaeus
    – sartorius
    – rectus
    – quadriceps extensor
    – glutaeus muscles (forming the buttocks)

    Capricorn :
    – patellar ligament
    – popliteus

    Aquarius :
    – tibialis anticus
    – peronaeus tertius
    – tendo Achillis
    – gastrocnemius
    – soleus

    Pisces :
    – short extensor of toes
    – short flexor ditto
    – abductors of great and little toes
    – short flexor great toe
    – accessory flexors toes

    It should be kept in mind that just because it’s in print, that I believe it. I would like to instead test some of these items for validity, since you seem to know what you’re talking about.

    • Re: “Following this logic, can we conclude that, in a Cancer Micro-Age Overflow but with Gemini Micro-Age ascending, silver has a slight chance of not only rising in prominence but that it will figure somewhat significantly in revitalization of urban infrastructure ?”

      I believe silver will significantly rise in the Cancer MA overflow and also a gear change upwards for urban renewal due to the gemini MA – but not necessarily any connection between the silever price and the urban renewal.

      Re “Another curious item concerns Bills’ rulerships of China. For China, in general, he gives it a Libra-Cancer designation” – I also have Libra and Cancer as the permanent primary signature for China. Even if sub-rulerships are established say for communist China, these would have to sit under the overall rulership. The Gemini MA overflow may be therefore difficult for China

      Speaking of Australia, Australia currently has its first female Prime Minister – perhaps your progressed Libra?

      Thanks for the “Chronology of Women’s History” link – it looks like a good source, especially as we are in the ascending Libran age-decan! Also the countries etc rulership according to Bill’s.

      There is no reason to think that Pisces is any worse than any other sign – all signs have positive and negative archetypes. With Pisces, the difference between the positive and negative archetypes is more intense perhaps. I always enjoy visiting the USA – from an outsiders perspective, it is like living on a stage with the limelight always on. I had a great two years attending junior high school in California in the early 1960s.

      I will read the Astrological Physiognomy paper ASAP.

  54. tisear1984 says:

    Well, having reflected a bit, I might revisit some things and maybe add something new. Firstly, I’m starting to come to the conclusion that many of the mundane signatures in Bills’ book, some of which appear to have been simply handed down uncontested through generations, may actually be theory-based and invalid ; I might conclude also that national signatures set in the contemporary era are to be dispensed with, as well, since there is no consensus on method of reckoning them. My recent “combined ascendant” theory was actually both an inquiry and a disguised polemic against the arbitrary nature of traditional mundane signatures whose authors don’t seem to be keen on publishing either a consistent or falsifiable method for their reckoning ; in that sense, it could well be that my theorizing was as worthless as some, if not most or all, of theirs. As a side note, I am aware of such items as the ingress, for instance, but I’m skeptical that they elevate the discourse. Secondly, your rectification for time signatures, on the other hand, seems to be gaining a lot more traction in terms of actual usefulness in my comprehension of events past and present and for estimating the possible trajectories of history from the perspective of a lay person (hardly dissimilar to small-talk about meteorology) ; I was viewing an article about the beginnings of agribusiness, for example, and it would appear that revolutionary and clandestine steps were beginning to be made rather near the cusp of your 1955 Scorpio micro-age. I don’t think that I can laud your approach enough. Thirdly, I am not fully understanding the logic of why astrology is still broken into different schools and methods, when united they might start sounding more credible against skeptics (that is, of course, if all the constituents of this professional body are earning their salaries through deception and distortion). Moreover, does the professional astrological community exist for benevolent, altruistic reasons or for its own sake and should it ?

    • The traditional astrological technique for applying signs to countries etc is based on the formation of their government. From my perspective, these charts are not country charts, but government charts. As I am sure you are aware, the government of a country is not the same as the country. My astro signatures are based on the beginnings – so when the first contiguous settlement to current times occurred in the USA from European settlers, this marks the beginning of the USA, even without its government in place for a few centuries.

      The reason that astrology is broken into different fields is for the same reason that medicine, history, mathematics, philosophy etc etc are broken into different fields. Sceptics don’t bother me – anything persecuted etc always does better. When one of Australia’s top poets was asked how to promote poety, he said it was simpole – just make it illegal.

      I think the professional astrological community exists for the same reason any professional community exists. They like what they do (some more dedicated than others) and they would prefer to be paid for it so they can do it part or fuill time.

  55. tisear1984 says:

    Lastly, I couldn’t help wondering that, if Bills himself assigns intellectual Uranus and eccentric Aquarius to rule both astrology and astrologers, but only alongside beauty-obsessed Seventh House, dreamy Neptune and deceptive if slightly healing Pisces, can we conclude that the profession is more of a “chironic”* art than a science ? I couldn’t help noticing, too, that two desired qualities, precision and practical reasoning, are not ruled by Aquarius (according to Bills) but by Saturn (while his book doesn’t specifically name Capricorn, I am aware of your Capricorn archetype). I’ll hold off on the interpretations, since I’m actually little interested in predictive astrology. Anyway, I read what you wrote about Bills in your own book, and largely view him in the same way ; his text is mostly a collection of precedent useful for testing hypotheses from an astrologer’s perspective, but could its content, along with Marc Penfield’s and Astrodienst’s for that matter, be liability to discredit ?

    * Refers to the recent discovery of Chiron in 1977 and the astrological discourse surrounding it : if you and I just got done pretty much discrediting Ophiuchus as a Pisces deception and Chiron is somehow linked to Ophiuchus, what’s next for Chiron ? See here for more details : http://books.google.com/books?id=nIpZDPy9ll0C&pg=PA142&dq=Chiron+Ophiuchus&hl=en&ei=aT6tTvbDF8e2tgfXn6zjDg&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=1&ved=0CCwQ6AEwADgK#v=onepage&q=Chiron%20Ophiuchus&f=false

    • My research shows that astrology is ruled by Aquarius, Scorpio and cancer – and Gemini may also be involved. This is from observation of facts, not theory.I am OK with precision and practical reasoning being associated with Saturn/Capricorn – though precision is also Virgo. I don’t relate these qualities to Aquarius/Uranus at all, even though I am Aquarian rising. However I pick up the positive side of Saturn in my chart as my saturn is trine my ascendant. This makes me an unusual aquarian inasmuch I take the time to check the facts and be logical.

      I think there are better archetypal references than Bills, just that i don’t have one on hand.

      Chiron is a different matter than Ophiuchus. Though I don’t use Chiron, many astrologers specialise in chiron, and all the other asteroids and planetoids – while some astrologers call them ‘asteroid trash’. Anything out there has the potential to have astrological connotations, and are innocent intil proven guilty. While Ophiuchus may not be a zodiacal constellation or sign, the individual stars of this contellation will have astrological flavors – but that is yet another field in astrology which i do bot have expertise in – but I do read about occasionally.

  56. tisear1984 says:

    And now, I’ll address a hypothetical. Suppose my flimsy “combined ascendant” technique actually nets some appreciable gains. Leo will now rule the USA and Brazil, and we can see that the common thinking in both countries, at least until recently, was that American thought he was pretty awesome during the earlier part of the War on Terror and the Brazilian is high on his own fumes for belonging the BRICS. It is the Leo Micro-Age Overflow period, too, I might add, so perhaps both countries saw a boost of ego. Portugal has now progressed from Cancer to Aquarius, and both the Australian people and the nation of Brazil have Aquarius in their original mundane signatures. What I’m saying is that, entertaining that everything hinges on an Aquarian association, :

    – the USA, since it has no Aquarius in its signature but does have Libra (in its progressed chart), it could be just a Sub-Age Empire,
    – China in its current Communist mode is the next Sub-Age Empire, and that
    – the future of the globe in the ascending Aquarius Age rests with nations with Aquarius in their original signature (i.e. Brazil but also specifically the Australian People, if not the Australian nation as it is) but who also has favorable progressed ascendants for each sub-level time period. If Portugal and Brazil both have some form of natal or progressed Aquarius association, could this mean that the future could somehow be “Lusophone” ? I am aware that in Brazil, there is terra preta, whose potential yields could feed millions, so I’ve heard. Brazilians are becoming a little more nationalistic and confident in their own abilities, as well. So it’s maybe that the progressed Leo is not unjustified in their case ? (A joke.)

    Since the USA has Pisces, and we both agree there, that might indicate a wane and leveling off of their influence, while it’s having Cancer, Libra and Gemini could mean a very minor favorable period in your coming 2015-29 Cancer Micro-Age Overflow period.

    Of course, all this could mean even less than it does now even as a hypothetical simply because nations themselves may go extinct, if events continue to go down the present trajectory globally. Thus rendering mundane speculation worthless.

  57. I have no doubt about America being primarly Pisces as you agree but supported by Aquarius and Capricorn at a minimum. I will be posting a blog on Pisces America soon. I don’t use progressions with my national signatures. Once they have their ‘birth’ signature I merely relate these to the changing astro periods assocaited with the ages from ages all the way down to nano-ages. IMO, the most notable sub-periods to do with geo-politcs and the fortunes of various countries at various times are the 60 year long sub-age decans and the 5 year long micro-age decans. These seem to offer the best insights as a general rule.

    However the USA has traditionally had extremely difficult times under Cancer micro-age overflow s(probably due to the fact that Cancer opposes Capricorn – an important component in the USA’s signature). The period 2015 – 2029 will be perilous for the USA, but the USA will survive it. The USA does not have its first really major hiatus until the age-decan cusp of 2148 – somewher 50 years either side of this something will rock the USA like never expereinced before – but it should survive this also.

    Here is some background material from a financial analysis I did around 2005/6:

    Cancer Micro-Age Overflow and the World Economy
    The Cancer period (c.1851-66) occurred three years after a trough in 1848 with the next peak in 1872 so the whole of this Cancer micro-age overflow was in an expansionary phase (100%). In stark contrast to this defined expansionary period, in 1857 financial crisis hit the US and Europe. The crisis in the US involved some bank failures, the bankruptcy of several western railways with 4,932 companies collapsing nationwide. However despite these calamities America as a whole remained ‘a boom country’.

    Obviously the economic downturn in the US was temporary as by 1862 mass waves of immigrants headed for the USA. They were especially drawn by the Homestead Act granting everyone free 160 acres. The rulership over homes by Cancer is also seen clearly here. This mainly US economic crisis provides circumstantial evidence of the US sensitivity to the sign Cancer, which is opposite the very strong Capricorn indicated in the US macro chart (along with Pisces and Aquarius). The American Civil War (1861-65) in this Cancer micro-age overflow is highly suggestive that Cancer periods and the USA are at loggerheads.

    The Cancer micro-age overflow (c.1687-1702) commenced two years before a trough in 1689 with the following peak in 1720. Therefore 87% of this period was in an expansionary phase. Exploring the problematical Cancer relationship to the USA sees some early evidence in this period. For example in 1688 the first group to denounce slavery occurred in Pennsylvania (with the American Civil War occurring in the next Cancer micro-age overflow) with another similar public statement by a Boston judge in 1698. In 1689 two insurrections occurred, one in Boston and the other in New York based on divided loyalties between Jacobites and supporters of the new English king, William of Orange. In 1692 20 `witches’ were executed in Salem. In 1699 a yellow fever epidemic killed many people. This does not confirm Cancer’s antipathy to the USA but does indicate that even in this earliest of Cancer’s periods in America that conflict, the seeds of conflict or other cultural problems were accentuated in Cancer micro-age overflow periods.

  58. tisear1984 says:

    It will take some moments to digest all of this, but thanks. My theorizing again was not meant as anything but a test of Bill’s arbitrariness (his work was my target all along), since so many assumptions I and others make could be riding on it. Decentralized astrology has its pros and cons, as does a centralized (reductionist) scientific community.

    I was recently reading David Hackett Fischer’s “Albion’s Seed” from the library and came to the conclusion that his four main cultural clusters for the Thirteen Colonies had specific enough traits that they, too, might conceivably be assigned signatures; I might also say that one of them outshone all the others and might be part of the reason the Capricorn designation may exists in the USA signature (IMO the Cavaliers fit the Capricorn archetype terribly well in more than a few bad respects, while the Quakers seem more inclined to the better side of the Aquarian archetype ; I’m guessing Puritans are Gemini-Scorpio, while the Borderers are Aries-Cancer ?). We have Quakers, Puritans, Borderers and Cavaliers, and below is some data that I’ve collected on each of their lifeways, distilled from Fischer’s text :

    Four Regional Cultures in Anglo-America : A Summary of Cultural Characteristics, circa 1700-50

    – hearth
    – region
    Language / Literacy
    – dialect
    – literacy (m/f)
    – materials
    – style
    – identity
    – cohesion
    – completed size
    – servants (mean)
    Marriage, gender & sex
    – ceremony
    – mean age (m/f)
    – adults, never wed (m/f)
    – male dominance
    – prenuptial pregnancy rate
    – bastardy rates
    – penalty bias
    Child naming, child nature & nurture
    – origin of names
    – Bible names
    – descent names
    – parent names
    – child nurture
    – sending out
    Old age / death
    – age ideals
    – age ideology
    – age heaping
    – death ways
    – burial customs
    Religion and magic
    – denomination
    – worship
    – magic obsession
    Learning / literacy
    – schools
    – common education
    – higher education
    – years enrolled
    – distinctive dishes
    – cooking bias
    – eating patterns
    – class display
    – color display
    – sexual display
    Sport, work and time
    – amusements
    – work ethic
    – economic bias
    – time ethic
    – seasonability
    Rank and wealth
    – rank system
    – difference
    – wealth
    – inheritance
    – land grants
    Settlement and association, honor / shame
    – ideals
    – realities
    – house location
    – international migration
    – persistence
    – honor
    Power, order and freedom
    – local polity
    – taxes per capita
    – voting (% of adult white male participation)
    – violence
    – crime index
    – order index
    – freedom ways

    Puritans :

    – Massachusetts
    – Greater New England
    Language / literacy
    – Northern
    – % 80, % 50
    – wood frame
    – saltbox, stretched box
    – strong nuclear
    – high
    – 7
    – 0-1
    Marriage, gender & sex
    – civil contract
    – 26 / 23
    – % 2 / % 6
    – moderate
    – low (% 10-20)
    – low (% 7-10)
    – even
    Child naming, child nature and nurture
    – Biblical
    – % 90
    – 2 generation nuclear
    – % 60-70
    – will-breaking
    – yes
    Old age / death
    – elder-saint
    – veneraiton
    – old age bias
    – activist-fatalist
    – high austerity
    Religion and magic
    – Congregational
    – lecture-centered
    – witchcraft
    Learning / literacy
    – town schools
    – strong
    – strong
    – 4-5 years
    – beans and brown bread
    – baking
    – age-dominant
    – moderate
    – sad colors
    – moderate to low
    Sport, work and time
    – town / team games
    – puritan work ethic
    – mixed commercial
    – improving the time
    – fall peak
    Rank and wealth
    – truncated
    – moderate
    – .4 to .6
    – double partible
    – 90-120 acres
    Settlement and association, honor / shame
    – towns
    – hamlets
    – roadside
    – low
    – % 75-96
    – grace-centered
    Power, order and freedom
    – town meeting
    – 12d (1765)
    – % 20-30 and surges
    – very low
    – 0.4
    – 0.51
    – ordered liberty

    Cavaliers :

    – Virginia
    – Tidewater South
    Language / literacy
    – Southern coastal
    – % 50, % 25
    – wood and brick
    – hall and parlor
    – extended
    – low
    – 3
    – 4-5
    Marriage, gender & sex
    – sacred ceremony
    – 24 / 18
    – % 25 / % 2
    – high
    – high (% 20-40)
    – high (26-118)
    – against females
    Child naming, child nature and nurture
    – Norman / Teuton
    – % 50
    – 3 generation extended
    – % 20-30
    – will-bending
    – mixed
    Old age / death
    – elder-patriarch
    – patriarchy
    – seniority bias
    – stoic-fatalist
    – high ceremony
    Religion and magic
    – Anglican
    – liturgy-centered
    – fortune
    Learning / literacy
    – parish schools
    – weak
    – strong
    – 1-3 years
    – fricasees
    – roasting and frying
    – rank-dominant
    – high
    – bright colors
    – moderate to high
    Sport, work and time
    – blood sports
    – leisure ethic
    – staple farming
    – killing the time
    – winter peak
    Rank and wealth
    – hierarchical
    – high
    – .6 to .75
    – primogeniture
    – 674 acres
    Settlement and association, honor / shame
    – manorial villages
    – plantations
    – setback
    – moderate
    – % 50-75
    – rank-centered
    Power, order and freedom
    – parish and court
    – 12d (1765)
    – % 40-50 and stable
    – moderate
    – 0.9
    – 0.31
    – hegemonic liberty

    Quakers :

    – Delaware Valley
    – New Jersey, Pennsylvania, northern Maryland
    Language / literacy
    – Midland
    – % 65, % 33
    – stone and brick
    – Quaker plan
    – moderate nuclear
    – moderate
    – 5
    – 2
    Marriage, gender & sex
    – meeting and agreement
    – 27 / 24
    – % 12 / % 16
    – moderate
    – very low (% 5-15)
    – low (1-7)
    – even
    Child naming, child nature and nurture
    – mixed Biblical
    – % 70
    – 3 generation bilateral
    – % 20-30
    – will-bracing
    – no
    Old age / death
    – elder-teacher
    – eldering
    – no census data
    – optimist-fatalist
    – extreme austerity
    Religion and magic
    – Quaker
    – spirit-centered
    – spiritualism
    Learning / literacy
    – meeting schools
    – strong
    – weak
    – 3-4 years
    – cream cheese / dry beef
    – boiling
    – communal
    – moderate
    – neutral colors
    – very low
    Sport, work and time
    – useful recreations
    – pietist work ethic
    – mixed industrial
    – redeeming the time
    – bimodal peaks
    Rank and wealth
    – egalitarian
    – low
    – .3 to .5
    – single partible
    – 250 acres
    Settlement and association, honor / shame
    – farm communities
    – farm clusters
    – corner-clusters
    – high
    – % 40-60
    – holiness-centered
    Power, order and freedom
    – commission
    – 5d (1765)
    – % 20-45 and stable
    – low
    – 1.2
    – 0.08
    – reciprocal liberty

    Borderers :

    – Backcountry
    – Southern Highlands
    Language / literacy
    – Southern highland
    – n.a.
    – earth and log
    – cabin style
    – clan and derbfine
    – moderate
    – n.a.
    – n.a.
    Marriage, gender & sex
    – abduction rituals
    – 20 / 19
    – n.a.
    – very high
    – very high (% 40)
    – unknown
    – n.a.
    Child naming, child nature and nurture
    – saint names
    – % 65
    – 3 generation
    – % 20-30
    – will-building
    – mixed
    Old age / death
    – elder-thane
    – tanistry
    – mixed
    – nescient-fatalist
    – folk ritual
    Religion and magic
    – Presybterian etc.
    – field meeting and fellowship
    – sorcery
    Learning / literacy
    – private schools
    – weak
    – weak
    – 1-2 years
    – clabber and potato
    – boiling and frying
    – gender-dominant
    – moderate
    – folk colors
    – very high
    Sport, work and time
    – field contests
    – warrior ethic
    – farming & herding
    – passing the time
    – spring peak
    Rank and wealth
    – segmented
    – mixed
    – .7 to .9
    – mixed
    – n.a.
    Settlement and association, honor / shame
    – hermitage
    – isolated
    – creek & spring
    – very high
    – % 25-40
    – primal honor
    Power, order and freedom
    – court
    – 4d (1765)
    – % 15-25
    – high
    – 5.2
    – 0.25
    – natural liberty

    Definitions of quantitative indicators :

    – Age bias, computed as a ratio of the reported age to expected age
    – Voting participation as a proportion of adult white males
    – Bastardy rate, illegitimate births per 1000 total births
    – Crime index, ratio of violent crimes against persons to crimes against property
    – Years enrolled, the mean years enrolled
    – Completed family size, mean number of children born to all families
    – Wealth as GINI ratio ranging from .00 (perfect equality) to .99 (perfect inequality, the uppermost percentile owns all)
    – Land grants, mean size in acres
    – Mean age at first marriage
    – Naming patterns, proportion of Biblical names
    – Parent names, proportion of first-born children named for parents
    – Order index, crimes against order, as a proportion of all crimes
    – Prenuptial pregnancy rate, proportion of first births within 8 months of marriage
    – Persistence, refined persistence rate, percent of living adults persisting through ten years
    – Literacy rates, signature / mark literacy rates, percent signing by mark
    – Seasonability, season of marriage, the timing of major peaks in the annual marriage cycle

  59. Re “I’m guessing Puritans are Gemini-Scorpio, while the Borderers are Aries-Cancer ?)” – I don’t know enough about these various groups to assign specifc signatures like you have done – in general, I would put them all into Capricorn but with some variations – defintely the Quakers would have the added Aquarius. Their similarities seem closer than their differences, so I would think there would only be slight variations at the end of each signature – it all goes back to when each group started. All of them seemed to have appeared in the Capricorn sub-age at the beginning of the Aquarian age. Christianity has no connection to Aquarius, but the Protestants can tack Aquarius, along with Capricorn, onto their basic Pisces/Scorpio Christian signatures.

  60. tisear1984 says:

    I couldn’t help but notice that Thomas Paine emerged from a Quaker background and was himself also a natal Aquarian. If you couple his natality to his progressed sun in Capricorn, you can see how Uranian intellectualism mingled with Saturnian logic, which might explain why he was such a critical figure in the Enlightenment era.

    I tried to locate some data on Australia, but so far the only good lead might be that Australia, according to “Insight Guides, Australia” (a library book), was having a “cultural take-off” shortly after 1970. I note that :

    – around 1966, the Immigration Act was being revised to allow the Chinese (preemptive/minor Libra connection there, with 2x Scorpio influence in the 1955-70 period as chief impetus ? since allegedly San Poo and some 40,000 Chinese had been in Australia since 1854-59) and others into the country (p. 39) ;
    – Sydney now has a larger gay demographic than San Francisco (not sure which sign archetype rules gays ?) ;
    – Australian artists (Libra/Venus ?) after 1970 were choosing increasingly not only to return into the country but stay ;
    – Australia in the book was being portrayed as a success story : “As Robert Hughes remarked in ‘The Fatal Shore’, it’s one of the greatest ironies of history that a land founded by felons should evolve into one of the world’s most law-abiding societies. Few cities of equal size around the world are as safe, tidy and downright civil as Australia’s.” (p 57) ;
    – Australia has links to insular place/beaches/sand, from Gallipoli 1915 to North Africa 1941-43 to contemporary profession, avocation and leisure in the country which favors the beach and surfer culture (“At least in the 21st century, the coast – and specifically the beach – has far more powerful claim on Australian souls than the Outback” – p 55) ;
    – Australia produced “Soldiers of the Cross”, quite possibly the world’s 1st feature movie (p. 74)
    – Australia is the most urbanized country on earth (80% of the population living in cities ; 66% living in state capitals) ; more precisely, it’s the most suburbanized country on earth (p 55) ;
    – “The traditional connection with British high culture was weakening and American input seemed to have been partly absorbed American input seemed to have been partly absorbed. In retrospect all the right ingredients seemed to be there for a cultural take-off (in the late 1960s and early 1970s).” (p 75)

    My general impression of Australia is that it is primarily Sagittarian. It was doing well throughout the Sagittarius Sub-Age Overflow (in fact, it got its start between the main period and overflow period of that particular sign) and displayed many traits of your archetype for that sign. But its 1788 beginnings, if you accept them, are also more or less in line with the Libra Quasi-Age Decan. This, in addition to Australia’s recent successes since 1970, suggest some Libra affinities for the country as well. If I include your mention of its first female prime minister, then I may not need to look at my progressed ascendant to find the evidence that I’m looking for. However, I am indecisive on the matter of mandatory suffrage and the strong control of precious metals ; Bills did note that Australia was ruled by Sagittarius WITH Taurus, while I am uncertain if a concept such as mandatory suffrage is more Aquarius or some other sign. Without other critical developments it might be too early to tell IMO.

    I think that the future looks promising for both Australia and Brazil. The two seem like the “southern successes” of the British Isles and Portugal, respectively. Note also that Brazil just got its own first female head of state.

    (Curiously about Brazil, while Bill’s main signatures for it are Virgo and Scorpio, it’s perhaps significant that he set apart the west of the country as Sagittarius.)

  61. tisear1984 says:

    Anyway, I come a long way to say that, in conclusion, I am doubtful that the USA is the Age Empire or even Sub-Age Empire so sought after, but could well have been a prototype for other countries. I’m of a strong opinion that the chief contenders for a real Sub-Age Empire might be either your country or Brazil and that one-half of an Age Empire could comprise something similar to what this fellow was proposing (with a slightly broadened China as the balancer) : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_of_the_West

    I can see Libra polarities all over. A minor linguistic divide between Anglophones and Iberophones, but acting merely as a subheading for a much more significant chasm – that of China and the combined West. So perhaps there won’t be one Age Empire this time around but two, somehow conjoined at the hip through a globalized economic web ?

  62. tisear1984 says:

    And what else have we learned ?

    We can build a successful country from slaves, immigrants and structural heterogeneity (Brazil) and from convicts, immigrants and syncretistic homogeneity (Australia), but apparently not from slaves, religious dissidents, later immigrants and structural bipolarity (the USA). Even Canada looks like it now has more potential to succeed than the USA, and it believes in ethnic pluralism.

  63. tisear1984 says:

    Correction to one of the above posts : in fact, progressed natality is NOT of retrograde nature. Rookie mistakes….

  64. tisear1984 says:


    Genoa, Italy was associated by Bills and tradition with Cancer, surprisingly enough. I haven’t concluded any correlation between this flood, your Micro-Age designation and the Genoese signature, but that would quite interesting if there were such correlates.

  65. It is understandable why many Americans are disillusioned by America at the present time. However when i do my research I must leave my subjective analysis behind and base my conclusions on objective research. No age empire is a positive example, it is just that an age empire has archetypally connected with the energy of the age, in both the positive and negative archypal energies. Though Ancient Rome was the age empire of the previous age, it was just as much a dispicable example of a society as it generated positive aspects. What always strikes me on my visits to the USA is the huge bloc of patriotism that exists withing American society – for better or worse. I don’t know if you have read my recent blog on Pisces America? Most Americans only relate to one of the Pisces fish associated with the USA – to totally understand the USA it is necessary to see both fish, and that this quality is always going to be present, though the nature of each fish will evolve.

  66. tisear1984 says:

    I begin to wonder about something else, too. Could ages with ascending dual signs generate dual age empires, while ages with ascending mono signs generate only one age empire as an exemplar ?

    • Any possible idea has potential – but astrologers tend to be too theory orientated (like their Ancient Greek counterparts).

      It is necessary to look for some support for any hypothesis before taking it further. The last dual age was the Gemini age (7351 – 5122 BC) – but the important Gemini period was tyhe Gemini-Taurus age (5122 – 2916 BC) aligned with the Gemini age-empire of Sumer (Mesopotamia). Mesopotamia was never united in its age proper – it was a fragmented collection of city states reflecting the fragmented nature of Gemini. However there was only one collection of fragmented city-states that formed the so-called age-empire of those times that far exceeded any contemporaneous developments anywhere else in the world.

      I am expecting that as we approach the Libran age-decan overflow (another dual sign) commencing in 2148 AD, that for the following 7 or so centuries, there will be a balance between America as the age-empire, and another empire of similar strength – most likely China (or much of Asia), as Libra always has had a traditional association with China and East Asia. so just because the USA may be the age-empire (or part of the age-empire), it does not mean it gets to rule the world and everyone unites behind it. After all, the USA has some very difficult archetypal elements in its make up – some of these will probably be too hard for universal acceptance.

      • tisear1984 says:

        So, to sum up, there is a greater likelihood of dual/mono age empires linked to dual/mono sign overflow periods while more specifically age empires only arise in the overflow of the first age-decan of the ascending sign (Libra belongs to Aquarius in this scenario). And Libra is only queued up for this because of the retrograde nature of time, so therefore we get a duality of East vs West.

        To be subjective for a minute, I still think that you give the USA too much credit. IMO, in terms of its founding democratic ideals, it should be thought of as a kind of “basic template” for places like Australia and Brazil but I’m going to have to agree to disagree on its significance as the age empire. While it was doing extraordinarily well in the Sagittarius-Scorpio sub age decan (coincidentally, overlapping the successes of the Victorian Empire), it seems to have crystallized at a time when other countries are making great strides (some of which only began to make such strides coincidentally after 1970 i.e. during the current Libra-Scorpio sub age decan). Australia and Brazil btw are taking serious steps, almost simultaneously, to build their respective space programs. I sense remarkably less vitality in other countries compared to those two, one of which you happen to be in presently.

        A comparison of China vs the USA strikes me as uneven in a certain way. A better comparison might be China vs Italy, from a purely cultural perspective.

      • Age empires can appear quickly (as in the case of Ancient Egypt) or slower, as in the case of ancient rome and the USA. To date, all age empires have stood out in their sphere of influence. It made no difference what china was doing during the time of Ancient rome as their contact was virtually nil. The USA has all the hallmarks of an age-empire. One key aspect of the evolution of age-empires, is that each new age-empire appears on the periphery of the old one and is basically seeded by the previous one. Europe was the inheritor of half the Roman Empire, and passed on the baton to the USA. I am sure that there is more aspects of age-empires that need to be examined – and will be examined in my next book. It is very pertinent that the Pisces age empire (USA), came of age during the Pisces sub-age decan overflow (1910 – 70) and took its place as the age-empire. The Pisces sub-age decan overflow (1910 – 70) is the most relevant sub-period in the Pisces-Aquarius age for the empire of the age – it was archetypally perfect.

        The equivalent for Ancient Rome was the Aries sub-age decan (249-189 BC). This coincided with the Punic Wars (Rome vs Carthage 264 BC – 149 BC). As a result, according to Wiki: “All these wars resulted in Rome’s first overseas conquests, of Sicily, Hispania and Africa and the rise of Rome as a significant imperial power”. Very soon after this “After defeating the Macedonian and Seleucid Empires in the 2nd century BC, the Romans became the dominant people of the Mediterranean Sea. – so much the same timeframe for the rise to prominence and power occurred both to Rome and USA.

        The major zodiacal rulerships map is nothing more than some astrologer’s dream. Any astrologer can invenmt anything – and this is one of the main hobbies of astrologers, as a good idea does not need proof! Its extremely easy to see how they set up the map, but it has no supporting evidence and i personnally would not waste any time on it. Astrologers have caught the ancent greek disease of inventing hypothesise without any verification.

  67. tisear1984 says:

    I was reading in Jensen’s Astro Cycles & Speculative Markets and stumbled across a major zodiacal rulerships map. The technique for its derivation is given in his book, I believe around page 26.


    It is strange to me that the larger portion of Brazil falls in Aquarius-Uranian territory, especially given what I’d mentioned earlier. I’m, as usual, inconclusive, since I’m in a data-collection phase, but this is nevertheless a puzzling development for me.

  68. tisear1984 says:

    I think there’s a problem with a direct comparison of Rome and the USA. The nature of these regimes is different in that Rome is tellurocratic (having defeated the thalassocratic Carthaginian Empire) while the USA is thalassocratic (like its ancestor and colleague, the British Empire), if you accept

    “The Russian geopolitician Alexander Dugin considers land and sea represent universality, the link with the cosmos (the source of water is in the sky, the land is lifeless without the water, land and sea are the Cosmos on Earth). These two primordial elements have generated two ways of thinking and hence two concepts of geopolitics: in Greek, thalassocratia and tellurocratia, the sea-thinking and the land-thinking. States and empires are thalassocratic or tellurocratic powers.

    With this categorization, one could assume Carthage was the first major sea power in history while Rome was the first tellurocratic one. The Mediterranean Sea is to be considered the cradle of sea-thinking. The nostalgia for Atlantis expresses the nostalgia for a sunken land which all sea-oriented populations share. The ancient Greek diasporas in the Mediterranean supposedly passed thalassocratic thinking to the mediaeval city-states of Venice and Genoa which later handed it on to the people of the North, particularly to the Anglo-Saxons. Such a hypothesis presumes that the sea-thinking of the Anglo-Saxons was transferred through the ancient Mediterranean civilizations and not through the Vikings of the north. It is Euro-Atlanticism a prolongation of Mediterraneanism and not of the Viking tradition? Most probably it is.

    As compared to Carthage, Rome was a tellurocratic power. Three Roman frontiers had established the limits of European territorial expansion. The Gallic frontier to the west, to include Spain, France and Britain; the African frontier to the south to include territories of North Africa; and the Dacia frontier to the east, to include today’s Romania. An alternative geopolitical explanation of why the Romans conquered Dacia (offered by the ancient Greek geographer Strabo) is that Roman strategists thought the distance between the Baltic and the Black seas was so short that it might be defended by two Roman legions. By militarily defending this isthmus the whole of Europe could be protected from Asian invaders. As a consequence, the Romans were the first to delineate the strategic fault line between Europe and Asia some two millennia ago.”

    Click to access 04_Jun.pdf

    Yet, in your favor, a thalassocratic classification for the USA would make it the most Neptunian candidate, even if it was technically Portugal that began the Pisces-Aquarian Age with high seas expansion, with Britain functioning as an updated prototype of thalassocracy for the Americans to later glean from. I think, though, that it’s worth noting the alliance between the Portuguese and the English as well.

    I can easily imagine the demographics of the future age empire appearing in almost eccentric heterogeneity yet speaking English. I can imagine this “we are the world” kind of mentality being the very kind which expands into space, under a humanist banner, as well. I’m not sure if Australia or Brazil or some other polity fulfills this criteria closest at the present but I am open to these possibilities.

    Btw there is an interesting document from the late 1990s which sketches the future trajectories of the English language : http://c-faculty.chuo-u.ac.jp/~mikenix1/co/we/Future_of_English.pdf

  69. tisear1984 says:

    Btw, Jensen’s map doesn’t prove anything IMO except that there is a precedent for certain conclusions for geo/mundane signatures. While I am in total agreement about your conclusions regarding time signatures, I’m less certain about the methods used to define mundane signatures, whether we’re talking about midheaven/ascendant maps on some website or Jensen’s map or Bills’ assignments from his book. I suppose, then, that the mundane signatures could represent a new frontier, since your time signatures are pretty solid IMO.

  70. tisear1984 says:

    Something much more subtle may be revealed in the micro-age / subage approach to determining the age empires, whether in dual or mono signs. One thing I noticed in my impromptu rectification a little while ago is that America’s war for independence began in (or at least during the closing ticks of) the Aquarius-Capricorn micro-age of the Capricorn-Sagittarius subage (1775) and that Rome’s traditional founding commenced in the Aquarius-Capricorn micro-age of its own Capricorn-Sagittarius subage (222), provided that my rectification is not incorrect. The fact that China likely united AFTER Rome was founded indicates to me that Rome was in fact going to be the age empire of the Aries-Pisces Age. Applying this same interpretative method to America and France (whose own revolution only took place after the American one was over) could well indicate that you were correct about America in the Pisces-Aquarius Age. I think also, accidentally, I may have seen the reasoning behind the Pisces, Aquarius and Capricorn signature you have assigned to the USA. Indeed, by the above approach, it is self-evident. The implications for mundane astrology could be immense : could this mean that geodetics (such as what I read from annual Johndro maps or the Uranian Institute) can only reveal the regional-ethnographic dispositions of people while your “time signatures” evidenced from historical events can show the rulerships of conceptualizations such as polities ?

    • I cannot comment on geodetics as i have never used them. Any significant event can generate a horoscope or astro signature in macro-astrology for a number of purposes. For example one of the companies i work with used a shelf company that changed its name on a certain date fore the new business. I knew the time and date for the change of name, and have been using the horoscope generated from the name change to effectively trace its progress as a business.

      The best event to use is the earliest functional event. Therefore when Jamestone was settled, this created the astro signature for the USA even though the USA did not exist for almost another 2 centuries. The astro signature does not concern itself with the exitsencew or otherwise of a US polity. Any subsequent political development is a subset of the existing momentum created by the first settlers.

      • tisear1984 says:

        Well, I can say that a micro age approach may not work for determining Age Empires, but at work today I was reflecting a bit. The occurrence of Jamestown’s settlement would not negate a correlation of subages to age-empire determination, as that would still leave America as Pisces-Aquarius-Capricorn. But the problem I have with Jamestown being held to such importance is that it was abandoned; furthermore, San Miguel de Guadalpe (not a misspelling btw) and Saint Augustine were both founded before this (by the Spanish), the latter enduring as an occupied site to the present. I’m not saying that you’re wrong, but there would need to be more evidence than Jamestown’s settlement to go on.

        What I proposed at work is that there could possibly be two split-signatures comprising the main age empire signature in each age. For example, if I were to write that Rome was Aries-Pisces/Capricorn-Sagittarius, it would indicate which age it appeared in and in which subage dwad (which are inherently trait-mixed, according to your own suggestion). The “logic words” which likely characterizes the behavior of the age empire, insofar as all archetypes reflect evidence and are not based on circular logic (no pun intended), “war, bureaucracy, discipline, expansion”. This latter portion (“discipline, expansion”) is a critical element, because no legitimate age empire can possibly “contend” for the title without having both functioning at once. In my opinion, it is the dwads, not the decans, of an age which reveal age empires, while decans show the intensity of and as well as the subtypical “phases” of the age empire.

        One possible trajectory could be that the real age empire of the Aries-Pisces age did not emerge until the Roman Catholic Church emerged, considering how much the actual Roman Empire borrowed from what came before (IMO age empires ought to be a bit unique – the Aries empire was based on military conquest, the Pisces church was based on spiritual conquest, the Aquarian club [see Bills’ Rulership Book, page 25] might be based on philanthropic conquest). My reasoning for this is pluritudinal, but one strong reason is that Roman Catholicism was as strongly empowered by Piscean traits as the concept of Republicanism was by Aquarian ones. Notice also that Republican secularism (first demonstrated in France) did not really get established until the cusp of the Libra age decan in the Pisces-Aquarius age. Christianity ties its immediate origins very near the beginning of the Scorpio age decan in the Aries-Pisces age. Based on the late and gradual beginnings of Roman Catholicism, it could be that we have yet to see the real age empire of this age in its full regalia. I think you hinted at this with the talk of a “United States of the Americas” which could happen in the next century or two. Unitedstatesism, like the Church in its day, has both its admirers and detractors. I would also state that two different patterns emerge in each age, such that where Christianity vs Islam was Piscean, the geopolitical East offers an alternative to the West. What’s unclear to me is if this bipolar condition is residual to Pisces or if it must inherently characterize every age.

      • The issue of the starting date for modern USA may fluctuate a few years here and there depending upon the perspective, but I don’t think it changes the astro signature. I belive Sante fe was settled before Jamestown, but in each of the alternatives to Jamestown, the orginal settlements were in another political jurisdiction and did not get absorbed by the amoebic America until latter.

        Re your: “two split-signatures comprising the main age empire signature in each age”. I am aware that my inital foray into the ages and their sub-periods is rather basic, and there is much room for a number of developments such as what you propose. If you provide a convincing study then i would be inclined to agree.

        I see you are doing some deep thinking on age-empires. I see Ancient Rome in its entirety (including Constantinople) as the age empire, with Christianity tacking itslef onto the age-empire from the beginning of the Pisces quasi-age decan in the 4th century – the exact midpoint. This spells its depature as an effective player at the end of the Pisces quasi-age around 2503 AD but with step like demotions as the fortunes of Pisces slowly wane.

        Yes, i believe the USA is only half the age-empire of the Pisces-aquarius age, but the world will not find out the other half until a century either side of 2503 when we leave the bipolar Pisces quasi-age and enter the mono-Aquarius quasi age. My educated guess is that it is most or all of the Americas in a post (Pisces) apocalyptic world of far less people than we have today – say 3 to 4 billion people max.

        I am sure there are a multitude of approaches that can be applied, as you are exploring. What underpins my approach is evidence based on laboriously examaning historical events with previous macro periods. The quasi-period development was a late epiphany I had while writing The Dawning. I thought I had discovered all I needed to know to finally write the book, and there another major element appeared before my eyes when i arrived at the chapter on the Aries-Taurus age and it finally clicked. I am sure there are many more discoveries to come from many people eventually.

        BTW, a number of astrologers have and do challenge Bills – his is not the only book on the topic. There are a number – one I came across today is Lee Lehman’s book of Rulerships.

  71. tisear1984 says:

    Addendum :

    Maybe you could make a little supplement to revise a few of the old rulerships. I don’t think it would be very easy to challenge Bills and astrological tradition about items such as i.e. colors or body parts, but you might be able to question the validity of mundane methods which are not rooted in the “macro-astrological” approach anymore than they are even in the contemporary geodetic approach.

    • I will progressively be doing this as I produce each book. basically in THE DAWNING in Appendix A I basically base the sign rulerships on historical developments associated with the ages and age-decans. The second book’s focus upon sub-ages should expand and clarify a number of these rulerships. I learnt a lot abpout macro-rulerships on my research into micro-ages some years ago.

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