The Domino European Economic Collapse

Why is the European Economic Union in such economic turmoil as we end 2011? In my previous blog, The European (& American) Economic Crisis & the Libra Nano-Age I examined the relationship between Europe, the USA and the Libra nano-age (that should have commenced by 2010 at the latest).  Since that blog, the situation with Greece has intensified and Italy is beginning to succumb to the pressures of high interest rates on its debt.  Why Greece, why the return to the dark days of the GFC?  It seems that Europe is experiencing a deteriorating scenario compared to 2010.

The answer may lie with the nano-ages.  In 2010, the key nano-age was Libra – which is opposite the Aries component of Europe’s signature.  However Europe’s primary sign
is attributed to Pisces.[1]  Unfortunately for Pisces Europe, the world appears to have moved on to the Virgo nano-age in 2011 (with Virgo opposite Pisces). Is there any other supporting evidence suggesting Virgo is currently strong in the world in 2011?

The following definition of Virgo has been extracted from my recently published book THE DAWNING Shedding New Light on the Astrological Ages:

“Virgo the Virgin, an Earth sign ruled by Mercury, is oriented toward purity and detail. Major themes associated with Virgo include agriculture and farming (among other practical activities including medicine). Pottery is possibly another Virgo manifestation (traditionally pottery is linked to Capricorn). Virgo is associated with western and northern Europe. The fact that, Pisces Europe has within it a sizeable area associated to its opposite sign Virgo, can provide both weakness and strength, which may be the source of much conflict—something rife throughout Europe for the last 3,000 years or more. However, major empires or regions often have opposite signs in their astrological signature, indicating that if compromise occurs, the result is a very strong political structure. The European Economic Union may be the beginning of such a compromise, and the arrival of real strength for Europe.

Any archetype associated with Virgo’s opposite sign Pisces is, in general, lacking in Virgo. Virgo is, therefore, conservative and more concerned with the practicalities of farming, working, and making a living than esoteric religious ideals, the fine arts, and
charitable activities.”

Virgo is associated with north-western Europe, and in general these European nations are not only doing well, they are providing most of the bail-out funds for the failing
peninsular European countries such as Portugal, Greece and possibly Italy and
Spain plus the  island nations Iceland and Ireland (with Ireland basically a cut-off peninsula).  The Virgo sub-rulership of north-western Europe may have saved their bacon.

Virgo is synonymous with agriculture, farming and the production of food and can indicate hardship from crop failures.  This has been the case in the Horn of Africa. An official declaration of famine was made in Somalia in 2011 following the severest drought for 60 years.

“Drought in the Horn of Africa, coupled with conflict in Somalia, has affected over 13 million people. WFP (World Food Programme) is implementing food operations in five countries in the region (Somalia, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Kenya and Uganda).”[2] 

Though Africa is supposedly ruled by Cancer[3], North Africa is sub-ruled by Pisces.  Also North Africa in 2011 experienced the greatest results of the Arab Spring  revolutions of 2011 (Tunisia, Egypt and Libya). With Virgo opposite Pisces indicating conflict is involved, the Arab spring Revolutions support the notion that North Africa is sub-ruled by Pisces.

Other incidental issues suggesting a Virgo flavor includes the November 2011 guilty verdict against Michael Jackson’s doctor at the time of Michael’s untimely death  suggests Virgo – the sign of the medical profession and health.  The Occupy Wall Street movement is opposed the corporate (Pisces) greed of banks and major corporations and Virgo is traditionally applied to the Working Class (Virgo is the opposite sign to Pisces).  Obama’s health care reform was passed in early 2010 but it has now become a central plank of the Republican presidential campaign in 2011 – with repeal of the health care reform a primary factor amongst competing presidential candidates who almost froth at the mouth at this possibility.

In the current Virgo-flavored time, regardless of the role the sign Pisces has with Europe,
its relationship with Greece is accentuated. At the arrival of the Aries-Pisces age in the 8th century BC, Ancient Greece hit the road running. They already had the heritage of the Mycenaean Greeks before their Dark Age, and with the arrival of the Pisces age they quickly pulled themselves up by their bootstraps and entered the Pisces age with their guns blazing.  It took Ancient Rome many centuries to catch up with and overtake Ancient Greece to finally establish itself as the age-empire of the Aries-Pisces age.

A number of developments occurred in Ancient Greece quickly upon the arrival of the
Aries-Pisces age in 732 BC, but the archetypally important one was the development of Greek tragedy.  Actors, drama, tragedy etc. are all Pisces archetypes, and Ancient Greece appears to have pioneered dramatic tragedies only a few centuries within the Aries-Pisces age.  Traditionally Greece is not associated with Pisces, but historical events at the arrival of the Pisces age in 732 BC suggest otherwise. Pisces has a strong association with Greece.

Therefore it comes as no surprise in the current Virgo nano-age and overflow (2011-12 but possibly 2010-11) that Greece is under pressure due to the conflict between Virgo at the nano-age level and Pisces’ association with Ancient Greece.  Is it possible that the other defaulting European countries are affected by the progress of the little nano-ages?  Before Greece, the main problem countries were Iceland in 2008, with Ireland and Portugal in 2011.

The nano-age ephemeris for the current period follows the standard nomenclature of naming the overflow sign first followed by the current period. For example, in the Libra-Virgo nano-age (2011-12), the actual nano-age is Virgo, but the sign Libra has overflowed from the previous nano-age and is therefore in the dominant position:

Nano-age Date
Capricorn-Sagittarius 2007-8
Sagittarius-Scorpio 2008-10
Scorpio-Libra 2010-11
Libra-Virgo 2011-12
Virgo-Leo 2012-13
Leo-Cancer 2013-15

Though Iceland is traditionally assigned the sign Aries by astrologers, based on macro-astrology methodology a different signature is unveiled.  Iceland was discovered and settled by the (Cancer) Vikings in period 874 – 1262 AD under the full brunt of the Cancer age-decan overflow (713 – 1433 AD) near the tail end of the Gemini sub-age (713 – 894 AD).  The Iceland meltdown of 2008 probably occurred in the Capricorn-Sagittarius nano-age (2007-8), with Sagittarius opposite Iceland’s Gemini and Capricorn opposite Iceland’s Cancer.

The Irish crisis of 2010 occurred either in the Sagittarius-Scorpio nano-age (2008-10) or
Scorpio-Libra nano-age (2010-11) with the Scorpio in either nano periods opposite Ireland’s Taurus (most likely the Scorpio-Libra nano-age where Scorpio is more powerful).  Portugal and Greece entered the firing line in 2011 most likely in the Libra-Virgo nano-age (2011-12) with Virgo opposing the Pisces signature associated with both
countries.  Italy was the center of the Aries-Pisces age empire of ancient Rome, and assuming that modern Italy continues to respond to its heritage, Italy is also vulnerable to Libra and Virgo in opposition to Aries and Pisces respectively and so Italy is poised to
succumb to the Libra-Virgo nano-age (2011-12).

The above correlations between the possible key signs of the astrological signatures of Iceland, Ireland, Portugal, Greece and Italy and the nano-age periods from 2007 to 2015
synchronize very tightly and contribute support for my rectification of the astrological ages and all of their sub-periods down to nano-ages.  I realize that much of this information will be too technical or uninteresting for the average reader in 2011, but this blog is devoted more to future readers than present readers.  Once the world picks up on the reality of the Aquarian age appearing in 1433 AD, or very close to this, the above research will become very interesting for many people.

As an interesting aside, I am now looking out for the appearance of the Leo nano-age due in 2012 (technically the Virgo-Leo nano-age).  Leo is an anti-revolutionary sign, and so will not tolerate Occupy Wall Street sentiments and will temporarily favor the despotic regimes in the Middle East holding out against their freedom seeking citizens.  The 15 months Leo nano-age overflow that should arrive by 2013 at the latest (if not sometime in 2012), will reignite or provide a Leo hotspot for the larger Leo micro-age overflow (2000-15).  This may indicate a short term return to the old pre-GFC days of ‘making hay while the sun shines’.  At a minimum it should help stabilize the international financial conditions that have created so much uncertainty over the last five years.

Will the Leo component of the Virgo-Leo nano-age (2012-13) unsettle Aquarian related countries? Which countries show a strong Aquarius component in their astrological signature? In THE DAWNING, Aquarius is related to North and South America (including the USA), Russia and Arabia. I also believe that Aquarius is strongly factored into the astrological signature of Germany.

However another factor must be taken into account when examining nano-ages from 2012 onwards.  Most of the above nano-ages appear in the Scorpio quasi micro-age (2007 – 12).  This period is derived from the second half of the Scorpio micro-age  decan (2005-10) and the first half of the Scorpio micro-age decan overflow (2010-15).  The Scorpio quasi micro-age (2007 – 12) appeared with the beginning of the GFC – specifically the bursting of the real estate bubble in the USA in 2007 – resulting in a meltdown of financial derivatives which then spread from the USA like a virus. With the completion of the Scorpio quasi nano-age in 2012, the world will shift to the Cancer quasi nano-age decan that does not have the archetypal connection to financial  disaster and bank insolvency of the sign Scorpio.  The appearance of Leo should coincide with the shift from the Scorpio to Cancer quasi nano-age – and therefore a temporary  get-out-of-jail card for a world troubled with the ongoing effects of the GFC.

By the end of 2012, if not before, the world should pull itself out of the GFC and move on – but where is it moving?  For one thing, it will not be moving to a period of decisive leadership. The Cancer quasi-micro-age decan (2012 -2017) is intrinsically opposite
the archetypes associated with Capricorn, the sign opposing Cancer.  Capricorn indicates wisdom, long-term planning and leadership.  Cancer periods will avoid these attributes and replace leadership with (Cancer) public opinion.  Governments will instead be
orientated towards opinion polls and sentiments of the general public, which by their very natures are short-term and usually follow the knee-jerk reaction by the general public to their immediate concerns.  This does not bode well for decisive new leadership by the many countries that have allowed themselves to live far too long on borrowed funds as if there never was going to be a tomorrow. In Scorpio periods such as the  Scorpio quasi micro-age decan (2007-12), “tomorrow” has come. Scorpio has always been the sign of unadorned reality.

Unfortunately the new Cancer period also indicates that some countries will be run by virtual lunatics, if not real lunatics. This is all the more disconcerting considering
that some of these lunatics may be in control of nuclear weapons. However the
most pervasive or ongoing issue with Cancer will be immigration or the movement
of people.  Under Cancer, people look for a new home, but unlike the previous 100,000 years or more, people can no longer migrate with their former freedom as this natural human tendency to secure a better lifestyle in a different location has now been criminalized. These Cancerian immigrants will run up against the (Cancer) public opinion of many countries – and unfortunately public opinion usually is the case of the lowest common denominator.  People in wealthy countries with enviable lifestyles generally prefer to demonize and restrict people trying to move into their territory.  A good example of this negative social interaction, that is definitely not limited to the USA, is the deteriorating treatment of the many millions of Latino illegal immigrants residing in the USA.

The coming Cancer quasi nano-age decan (2012 – 17) is occurring with the Cancer micro-age and overflow (2000-29), so the issues associated with Cancer are not so limited to
the Cancer quasi nano-age decan (2012 – 17).  Illegal immigration has been on the boil for a while, it shifted up a gear in 2007, will shift up another gear sometime in 2012, and will reach top gear in 2015 when it will go into its powerful overflow mode – full on until about 2022 but influential to 2029.

The world is heating up, and I am not talking about possible global warming associated with climate change.  Since 1970, the world has entered a phase where the major focus is on progressive social movements and instability (financial and political). This major liberalizing development however almost immediately encountered two conservative micro-age decan overflows (the Virgo micro-age overflow 1985-2000 and the Leo micro-age overflow 2000-15).  From 2015 for 15 years, the micro-ages not only head back to a liberalizing tendency, this will for the first time be aligned with the higher liberalizing tendencies of the ages and sub-age that has not been experienced in the world for over 7,000 years. The excitement will only grow – for better or worse (see A Celebration 7,000 Years in the Making

[1] Europe is the progeny of the previous age empire of the Aries-Pisces age – Ancient Rome. My analysis of Ancient Rome shows direct correlations with Aries as its primary sign, followed by Pisces.  One may question why it is that modern Europe is not a direct reflection of the Aries-Pisces signature of ancient Rome?  Furthermore, I believe that the sign Aries is a major player in Europe’s astrological signature, but secondary to Pisces.  Therefore modern Europe (Pisces-Aries) is the inverse of Ancient Rome (Aries-Pisces).  The solution to this conundrum is readily available.  Modern Europe is sourced from
the collapse of the Roman Empire in the 5th century AD at the beginning of the Pisces quasi-age (352 – 2503 AD) while Rome is sourced from the centre of the Aries quasi-age (1824 BC – 352 AD).  Both these events occurred in the Aries-Pisces age (732 BC – 1433 AD), but Rome had its emphasis with Aries and Europe with Pisces. This is the theoretical reasoning behind modern Europe’s primary sign of Pisces.

[3] All national rulerships based on historical application by astrologers cannot be assumed to be true until verified by the application of macro-astrology techniques

About Terry MacKinnell

Terry MacKinnell has been studying astrology since 1971 and has been focussed upon the precessional ages such as the Age of Aquarius since 1987. He is also a Vedic-Western fusion astrologer.
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19 Responses to The Domino European Economic Collapse

  1. tisear1984 says:

    The recent headlines about Ophiuchus, which is anchored to 2009, appears to fit your nano-age construction (Scorpio-Sagittarius nano-age) :

    “In addition, there may be a 13th zodiac sign: Ophiuchus for those born after 2009.”

    I have been doing some independent research on your mundane signatures and have found reason enough to question/confirm some of them, but I’ll hold off on that for now, since I’d like to highlight the breakthroughs you’ve been making with regard to time/conceptual signatures, which I believe to be unprecedented. In any case, also, I wouldn’t like to distract you too much before you’ve had a chance to bring your work to press, so I’ll only elaborate on my position if you solicit me.

    • Only those ignorant of real astrologer would peddle that Ophiuchus as the 13th sign. You must remember in a field like astrology, there is no central arbitrator or senior board etc etc (thank goodness), so anyone can say anything. But just because anyone can say anything does not mean that what anyone says has any validity. You must see the proof first.

      • tisear1984 says:

        I think I might not have been clear. The headline might be useful only in confirming the nano-age, but not in its content, which you and I have already discussed. In other words, we know that Ophiuchus is likely a falsehood and a distraction, yet it’s worth noting where this supposed sign is positioned in the zodiac by subscribers of the theory : right smack dab between Scorpio and Sagittarius !

      • Ah, yes I did misunderstand you – yes a valid point. However you must rmember, that at any time, you can find significant events associated with any one or more zodiacal signs. The validity of the case rests in the increased frequency or occurrence of events associated with the zodiacal signs in play at the time of the event. There is a subtlety here that could drive a lot of people mad.

  2. tisear1984 says:

    Off topic, I would also like to know your opinion of solar arc directions for natal signatures : are they more accurate than progressions ? Or were they really always meant to be used together for purposes such as combining harsh aspects found in both the progressed chart and the solar arc direction chart to hone in on one’s individual problem areas ?

    I would also like to inquire about your interpretations of house significance for each country you mention. For example, do you assign elevated significance to some houses over others when determining the final signature (i.e. First, Tenth, Fourth, Seventh, etc.) ?

  3. I only use progressions so i cannot comment on solar arc directions other than many astrologers use solar arc directions, usually in conjunction with progressions. The reason i don’t use solar arc directions is that my study of western astrology is stunted as i put a lot of my resources into studying Vedic astrology – and most of my resources into macro-astrology. Another reason i don’t use solar arc directions is that the more techniques you use, the more you water down any existing techniques. i like to keep my astrology basic – but that is my personal preference.

    The way i use houses with country signatures is simple. The sign(s) of the time indicates which house is being activated for a country or region. For example Cancer is in the process of replacing Leo on the micro-age level. New Zealand is a Cancer country, so its 1st house will be stimulated so its either party time or “sickness”. Leo stimulates Australia’s 9th house via its Sagittarius signature coinciding with extraordinary positive economic conditions for the last 5 years, but Cancer will stimulate the dreaded 8th house of debt, vulnerability etc.

    • tisear1984 says:

      Oh, ok, thanks for clearing that up.

      I did some rectification of my own based on your micro-ages and have arrived at some initial impressions which, quite frankly, startle me. I’ll hold off on most of the questions, but there are two that I would like to know, if you could answer them for me : approximately when was the last time aside from our own Age that we experienced (a) Sagittarius overflow / Scorpio subage and (b) Scorpio overflow / Libra subage ?

  4. You should read my old blog – This Time Last Age at

    It should answer your query. 1970, as the cusp of the Scorpio-Libra sub-ages is equivalent to 8 BC for the same cusp in the previous Aries-Pisces age.

  5. tisear1984 says:

    Australia is definitely Sagittarius and New Zealand is definitely Cancer using the Micro-Age mundane method, looking only at when colonization favoring the contemporary demographic majority in both countries began in earnest. Since they emerged both outside of the Capricorn-Sagittarius subage realm in which we found Rome and America as well as after the arrival of the age empire of our current age, they might not need any other archetypal associations based on, for example, subage confluence.

  6. tisear1984 says:

    That is, of course, said without my notes in front of me. As I’m reflecting now, Australia may not be ruled out as an age empire candidate based on the above proposed method.

  7. tisear1984 says:

    Looks like there is confirmation that the Scorpio-Libra nano-age fell in the right place. Bin Laden was killed in May 2011. The logic sentence : “secret/retributive justice”.

  8. tisear1984 says:

    “Color revolutions” is an easy confirmation of Libra intermingling with Scorpio, in this case especially supported for the latter since Bills (one precedent) has already assigned “low-class people” to Scorpio, aside from the fact that there is some agreement about Scorpio’s revolutionary capabilities. If one major outcome of the French Revolution was, with respect to its Sagittarius-Scorpio subage among other respects, a direct demotion of the Pisces institution of organized religion (keeping in mind that that particular revolution took place at the end of the Pisces quasi-age), then could a major outcome of the Tunisian and (ongoing) Egyptian Revolutions be a demotion of the bureaucratized elite? Even though Napoleon revoked most of the reforms which favored women in France after the revolution, I have seen little evidence that the Pisces ecclesiastic institution is making a return any time soon there (unless one speculates on the changing demographic of much of western Europe at the present and uses this as an indicator).

  9. The end of the Pisces quasi-age-decan in 1791 did indicate a demotion for Pisces institutions such as the Roman Catholic Church and a further demotion is expected in 2148 at the end of the Pisces age-decan overflow.

    Re your “bureaucratized elite”, I see the dictatorial quasi-aristocratic governments in the Middle east and Third World merely as the continuation of the autocratic European tradition that developed in the Capricorn sub-age and overflow (1433 – 1791). This autocratic tradition commenced coming undone with the Cancer sub-age decan, but especially its overflow period from 1851 onwards. The primary recipients of these astro changes are those nations and regions at the ‘bow of the boat’. Other regions must wait for the wake to arrive. IMO, the Arab Spring is associated with the second stage overthrow of Capricorn authorities in the current Cancer micro-age, and should get stronger in the period 2015 – 29.

    However, using the same approach, the arrival of the peak of the Gemini sub-age decan in 2029 leading into its 60 years overflow period should begin to seriously undermine Sagittarian archetypes such as ‘development’ and the old 18th century bourgeois who are now the captains of industry and running the world. The Occupy Wall St Movement is part of this new unfolding opposition very slowly gaining momentum.

    Though Pisces is not gaining strength, it is still the strongest sign in the world with a result the mystrical Pisces religions of Christianity, Islam and Buddhism remain very strong and influential, while the world is drowning in (Pisces) plastic and is gearing up for the biggest self-made problem (Pisces) humans will expereince in 26,000 years – the pollution of air, land and sea (not to mention the space debris).

  10. tisear1984 says:

    There might be yet more confirmation of Pisces. Before it’s all over, I really do think now that Pisces is going to have it’s biggest say when the sea levels rise in the next five centuries or so, which aligns well to your proposed time schedule. I’ve read some fictional speculations which seem to have in common that the expansion will likely be into space, possibly including attempts at colonization. The “bearers of water” (i.e. humans) could be the impetus for a continuation of human existence in a different planet. I’ve read of a recent account that stated an increasing likelihood that Mars had water at some point in its past. I’ve also read that humans can expect increasingly lengthening lifespans, aided by health and science ; coupled with the lessons learnt from impractical global demographic expansion and aligning to the gradual wane of Scorpio in favor of Libra in our immediate subage timeline, the current emphasis on sex will decline in favor of IMO both unprecedented justice, communication and intellectual specialization and development. It’s all preparation for the moment when it becomes untenable to inhabit the Earth in the same way we have to the present. Any survivors left here could end up becoming a United Provinces of the World simply out of necessity, while those who have thrown their lot in with science could see themselves going places out of this world. The age of Aquarius-Capricorn here on Earth might be an unfavorable time for the ones left here, but that same time frame could be very different for the ones who managed to go into space (in fact, would the ecliptic and the zodiac not be meaningless to people who no longer reside on Earth?).

    • tisear1984 says:

      This was the link I meant to post, sorry about forgetting it :

      • I vacillate between the field of action in the coming centuries being Pisces oceans or Aquarian global cooling. The overflow effect is a funny thing – it seems more attached to culture than to natural events – but i have to do more research on this to confirm my suspicians. The Aquarius sub-age decan peak at 2089 methinks may precipitate global cooling due to a slow down of the Gulf Stream due to global warming that melts too much ice. In the past it was the warming of the world after the last ice age that created significant interruptions to the Atlantic Conveyor Belt (Gulf Stream). Under the Leo age and overflow the oceans basically rose 90 meters – the Aquarian age is of opposite polarity suggesting global cooling. Aquarius is also an Air sign indicating that that is the element that will increasingly become the filed of action – more and fiercer wind storms, tornadoes, plus of course rampaging lung disease from the polluted air. This is already becoming noticeable in the current Gemini sub-age decan (1970-2029), but should pick up speed in the following 60 years.

    • tisear1984 says:

      In relation to the above analogy of humans as “water bearers” (i.e. Aquarius) to a planet like Mars, it’s also striking to note just how much our own bodies are comprised of water.

      • We are mainly water (70 or 80% I think). Aquarius is the sign of intelligence and therefore can be a representative sign for humans – providing humans are intelligent, which based on the last 5,000 years of history, is questionable.

    • Yes, you have created a very interesting story. Occasionally I think I also should write a ‘fictional’ novel on the next 150 years based on the ages and sub-periods providing the underlying theme as you have done. It would lend some credibility to science fiction? However i would try and make the story as close to what i think will happen .. perhaps with a number of alternative stories.

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