Let the Good Times Roll

In a previous blog Nano-Ages and the Domino European Economic CollapseI stated that I would be looking for evidence for the appearance of the Leo nano-age due in 2012 (technically the Virgo-Leo nano-age).  Evidence strongly suggests that the Leo nano-age has arrived.  The main suspects are the London Olympic Games and the return of economic optimism – but the August 2012 power crisis in India coupled with droughts and aridity in many places around the world also implicate Leo.  The power crisis in India is an Aquarian archetype and with Leo opposite Aquarius, electricity is in ‘detriment’ in a Leo period.

Nano-age                        Date
Capricorn-Sagittarius      2007-8
Sagittarius-Scorpio          2008-10
Scorpio-Libra                     2010-11
Libra-Virgo                        2011-12
Virgo-Leo                            2012-13
Leo-Cancer                         2013-15

The Olympic Games’ main archetypal association as a sporting event is with Aries – the sign of sport, but anything Olympic is directly associated with Leo as representative of the Olympic gods of Ancient Greece.  Furthermore, the United Kingdom has always had a strong association with Leo, which is why they are one of the few First World democratic nations in the world with a functioning royalty that remains part of their political process – a modern anachronism. There is no doubt the recent London Olympic Games significantly lifted the spirits of the British who have been hammered for five years under the strain of the GFC.  Furthermore it has presented a very positive image of the UK to the world (everything went relatively smoothly and more importantly, nothing nasty happened)!

On the economic front, the GFC is over but for the shouting and screaming – and this is mainly reserved for Europe.  There are two astrological reasons for this.  If the Leo nano-age has arrived, it marks the end of the Scorpio quasi micro-age decan (2007-12) that correlated to the GFC.  Scorpio always hurts the wallet but the new Cancer quasi micro-age decan (2012-17) does not have negative economic associations unlike Scorpio.  Not only is the major astrological indicator moving away from negative economic issues, the current Leo hotspot engenders business, entrepreneurial and economic activity.  2012 and 2013 are likely to be the swansong for the economic bubble of the last three decades that collapsed with the GFC.  For many people, it may feel like the ‘good times have come again’.  Economies will be buzzing again as they drag themselves out of the mire of the GFC, but this has a limited timeframe.  In the big picture (next 140 years), the world economy is on a collision course for a pruning of the bush, and most of the 21st century will be orientated towards economic contraction or stagnation in the First World.  China, India and other developing countries are ‘behind the ball’ and so they will experience a catch-up economic expansion with the First World nations before they too begin a contraction.  In the meantime, leaders like President Obama, who is staring down an election year, will feel reassured with a strengthening economy (and falling unemployment).

The first significant indication I experienced of the arrival of Leo was the electricity meltdown in India in August 2012 when around 680 million people in northern and southern India experienced two massive outages.  The main reason provided is that much of India is experiencing drought, due to insufficient monsoon rains forcing farmers to increase their use of electric pumps to provide underground water to their crops.  This has increased the demand for electricity by 20%.  Some areas of India are having daily power cuts of 1 ½ hours each day due to the strain on the electricity system.[1]  Leo periods are usually associated with a hot sun, dry conditions with droughts and desertification.  In 2012, the USA is experiencing its worst drought in 50 years and as a consequence, US Corn and soybean prices have soared to record highs, and world food prices increased 6.2% in July 2012 alone.  This was due to the droughts in the USA and India.[2]  [Incidentally, 50 years ago (i.e. 1962) was in a Leo micro-age decan overflow (1960-5).]

With the arrival of Leo, we can also expect rising temperatures as one aspect of the worldwide climate change due to pollution.  This is not to suggest that it is a foregone conclusion that temperatures will continue to rise in the 21st century due to climate change as the astrological indicators suggest the opposite by the end of the current century. Climate change is making the weather volatile, and it is likely to swing the opposite way later this century due to a massive Aquarius sub-age decan and overflow (2029-2074-2148).

Any country associated with Aquarius will either be in ‘detriment’ in a Leo period, or invoke their 7th house of opposition.  This is currently the case with two countries with strong Aquarian associations – Russia and Germany.  Both countries have experienced a recent drop in status but for very different reasons.  Russia’s drop is due to its perverse support of the Assad regime in Syria, going against most of the rest of the world (except mainly China).  Russia is due to come out badly from its political alliance with the Assad regime, but the Assad regime may have a better outcome than Libya and Egypt due to Leo.  Leo favors the established mainstream over Aquarian revolutionaries. It is not as simple as this as the Cancer quasi micro-age (2012-117) favors the common people over leaders, plus there is the overriding association of Islam with Cancer.  Therefore the outcome of the Syrian revolution is murky, as both sides in the conflict have underlying astrological support in 2012.

Germany is the favorite benefactor to kick and criticize in Europe.  All my Greek expatriate friends speak in hushed tones about the despicability of Germany.  According to word on the Greek street (anecdotal), Germany forced Greece to take massive loans to modernize their country when they joined the European Economic Union, and now German nationals are buying up cheap Greek real estate in Greece’s moment of pain.  According to the Greeks, Germany forced them to take massive loans and now these loans are toxic for Greece.  There is much resentment in Europe against Germany, but a large portion of this is probably sour grapes – as when times are tough, either a social subgroup (Jews in Germany in the 1930s, gypsies, homosexuals, refugees, drug users etc) or another country is made the scapegoat (few political party will retain power if they admit to their country’s past stupidity and incompetence).  Interestingly, Greece has a strong Leo association (those same Olympic gods again), and therefore Greece may rebound better in 2012 and 13 than expected.

The arrival of any new sign will bring new winners and new losers to the table. In general, people will gravitate towards the beacon of light at the center of society (no misfits or revolutionaries please). A temporary desire for consistency is preferred over change (this may assist Assad).  Some leaders will be shining lights or bring their societies prestige and glory.  Economic conditions (independent of agriculture) should temporarily let the good times roll again.  High temperatures and drought will afflict the world, and it must be remembered that the first half of the current Leo nano-age and overflow (2012-15) overlaps the Virgo nano-age and overflow (2011-13) – and Virgo always places positive or negative agricultural conditions up the totem pole.

The fate of Julian Assange is not favored under the new anti-Aquarius influence of the current Leo nano-age due to the revolutionary anti-establishment nature of his provocations to the (Leo) powerful.  However the larger Cancer quasi micro-age decan favors the common people over authority. Assange should drag out his situation to get past the current Leo period. Basically the new Leo nano-age should bring in an economic springtime.  Everything will appear to have signs of stability and consistency, something missing from the world for the last five years.  However it is not all roses and perfume, the Scorpio micro-age decan overflow (2000-15) still has a few upheavals to produce and so it may save the revolution in Syria and it may also assist Assange.  This small Leo nano-age and overflow (2012-15) is the endpoint of the whole Leo micro-age and overflow (1985 – 2015) – and very possibly marks the end of the last great economic boom for the West – perhaps for many centuries to come.

[1] Biman Mukherji Saurabh Chaturvedi, New Delhi, The Wall Street Journal, August 2012

[2] Bloomberg News, Thailand Sees U.S. Drought Lifting Rice as Stockpiles Grow by Supunnabul Suwannakij and Daniel Ten Kate on August 17, 2012, http://www.businessweek.com/news/2012-08-16/thailand-sees-u-dot-s-dot-drought-lifting-rice-prices-as-stocks-grow


About Terry MacKinnell

Terry MacKinnell has been studying astrology since 1971 and has been focussed upon the precessional ages such as the Age of Aquarius since 1987. He is also a Vedic-Western fusion astrologer. www.macro-astrology.com
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3 Responses to Let the Good Times Roll

  1. Michal says:

    Great article! As for the London Olympic Games association with Leo, the winner of 100m and 200m sprints was Usain St. Leo Bolt who also was born with Sun in Leo.

  2. noname says:

    “Any country associated with Aquarius will either be in ‘detriment’ in a Leo period, or invoke their 7th house of opposition.”

    What if all countries have theoretical “houses”? If a country has Aquarius in 10H over its capital city does that mean that there will be high unemployment?

    • Firstly, you would have to confirm that the country was predominantly a Taurus country to have Aquarius in the 10th house (natal government charts do not automatically qualify as evidence in macro-astrology unless confirmed). There is no established or strong assocoation between the 10th house and employment. However the 10th house government would be in opposition to the ‘common’ people and would either acknowledge the power of the common people or apply policies against the common people but ultimately the power resided with the common people in this situation (leo ruling 4th house in Leo period). The Aquarius 10th house government is in detriment during a leo period.

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