Major Breakthrough – First Nano-Age Decan Discovered?

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This blog is a collection of my research notes into the astrological ages, specifically orientated towards the finest calibration of the exact point within the Aquarian age that the world currently finds itself in.  It is therefore a technical blog, and unless you are an experienced astrologer, or you want to put yourself through the learning curve to understand the information in this blog, this blog is unlikely to appeal to you.  My other blog, Demystifying the Aquarian Age, is a journalistic blog suitable for both astrologers and the interested general public.  The purpose of this blog is to chronicle my research into the ages in real time – it is a form of discipline forcing me to document the latest in my research.

For those new to this topic, the astrological ages behave like a multi-layered onion:

  • each astrological age (approx. 2,150 years) has 12 sub-ages of approx. 179 years each
  • each sub-age has 12 micro-ages of approx. 15 years each
  • each micro-age has 12 nano-ages of approx. 15 months each
  • all the above periods can also be divided into 3 equal sections called ‘decans’
  • therefore, each nano-age has three decans of approx.. 5 months each.
  • Since 1443 AD the world has been in the Aquarian age (1433-3574)
  • Since 1970 the world has been in the Libra sub-age (1970-2148)
  • Since 2000 the world has been in the Cancer micro-age (2000-15)
  • In 2012 the world transitioned from the Scorpio quasi micro-age decan to the Cancer quasi micro-age decan

The following table displays the nano-ages in force from 2005 to the end of the Cancer micro-age in 2015:

From To Nano-Age
2005 2006 Aquarius
2006 2007 Capricorn
2007 2008 Sagittarius
2008 2010 Scorpio
2010 2011 Libra
2011 2012 Virgo
2012 2013 Leo
2013 2015 Cancer

Based on the above table, in 2013 we should shift from the Leo nano-age to the Cancer nano-age – but when?  Technically, if we can perceive the three nano-age decans within the Leo nano-age, we can tighten the time-frame for the whole Leo nano-age.  The three Leo nano-age decans in chronological order are Aries, Sagittarius and Leo.  These should be perceived as three pulses five months apart.  It is very possible that I have located the Aries pulse within this Leo nano-age.  These pulses need to be examined in context of the prevailing conditions.  Firstly, the  key context for the first half of the Leo nano-age comes from Virgo, as the previous Virgo nano-age (2011-12) behaves like a wave and from its strong-point at its end (probably around July 2012) it will ‘wash’ over the Leo nano-age – especially the first half. The following table graphically portray how the pulses of the Aries and Sagittarius quasi nano-age decans are constructed.  For example, the Aries quasi nano-age decan is constructed from the last half of the Aries nano-age decan and the first half of the Aries quasi nano-age decan overflow.  All of the following examples of the proposed Aries pulse appear in a Virgo environment.  This suggests that we are currently in the first half of the Leo nano-age at least.


Gunman kills 26 in US school massacre – December 15 2012

This school massacre in Connecticut was the largest school massacre in the USA since April 16 2007 when the Virginia Tech massacre claimed 33 lives.[1]  The Virginia Tech massacre also occurred in a fire-sign nano-age – the Sagittarius nano-age (2007 – 2008) and raises the possibility that an earlier Aries nano-age decan may have been involved.  Any use of firearms usually connects to Aries.  Furthermore, the subsequent push by the Obama administration to outlaw the most powerful automatic weapons (regardless of the outcome) also continues this focus upon (Aries) firearms – especially when considered that the current Cancer micro-age (2000-15) stimulates Aries’ 4th house (the 4th house indicates the lowest status associated with the Aries subject – in this case guns).  A government assault on the private ownership of military style weapons from the gun lobby perspective is an assault upon their status.  Furthermore, Virgo is opposite Pisces, the number one zodiacal sign associated with the USA. In any Virgo period dissension and opposition to inherited core principles (such as right to bear arms) of the USA should be expected. Furthermore, the Cancer micro-age (2000-15) is opposite Capricorn, the third most important sign in the USA signature.  This school massacre has all the elements of Aries associated with it.  Scorpio is also involved in this instance due to Scorpio’s association with death.

Japan China East China Sea Dispute

In December 2012 the Japanese government scrambled fighter jets over the East China Sea after reports of a Chinese marine surveillance plane in disputed airspace near the contested islands.  The main cause of the dispute however is China’s claim to extend its natural 200 nautical miles “natural prolongation” of China’s land territory into the East China Sea where large reserves of oil have been found.  Both China and Japan have historical connections to the disputed islands in the area.[2]  It has been claimed by some commentators that the recent rise in tensions associated with this dispute has been orchestrated by the rise of Xi Jinping, the new General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, to draw the Chinese military under his control.  This dispute is far larger than just the current Aries nano-age decan but its approach towards a military clash in this instance invokes Aries – and suggests that no military action will be taken in the future as Aries is now leaving the scene.  Virgo is opposite Pisces, the sign of the oceans, so again we see Virgo creating the negative environment associated with oceans, while Aries has promoted the military response.

Lance Armstrong Confesses to Using Performance Enhancing Drugs

Until January 2013 Armstrong had continually denied using (Pisces) drugs in his professional cycling career.  He won the Tour de France a record seven consecutive times between 1999 and 2005 but in 2012 it all came undone when he was banned from cycling for life for doping offenses by the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA).[3]  The main thrust of this issue relates to the Virgo nano-age (2011-12) as Virgo is opposite Pisces – the drug sign.  Under Virgo, drugs and associated matters are in detriment. Certainly his outing as a user of performance enhancing drugs was a significant setback for the reputation of sport around the world.  His partial admission on the Oprah Winfrey show in January 2013 was his first confession and brought to international headlines that he had regularly used banned performance-enhancing drugs throughout much of his cycling career, most recently in 2005.[4]  This final piece of the jigsaw puzzle in February 2013 again places (Aries) sport back into the spotlight.  It must be remembered, that the world is still in the Scorpio sub-age overflow (1970-2148) and Scorpio micro-age decan overflow (2010-15) so at every turn, Scorpio wants to undermine whatever sub-period comes into play.

2013 Europol Match-fixing Investigation

An investigation by Europol (the European Union’s law enforcement agency) into widespread match-fixing in professional football was announced on 4 February 2013. The investigation was centered on the influence of organized crime syndicates based in Asia with many people arrested in connection to the scandal.  Crime syndicates based in Singapore paid almost $US2,700,000 in bribes to fix matches, with accomplices in Europe placing bets via the internet with bookmakers in Asia.  The scam reportedly produced profits of over $US10,000,000.  The majority of matches involving match-fixing were reportedly played as part of German, Swiss and Turkish football leagues but other regions such as Asia, Africa and Latin and South America were also identified as having been affected.  It is believed that at least one match held in the UK was also tainted.   Virgo’s opposition to Pisces corruption is again witnessed in this instance, with Aries providing the sporting medium.  Scorpio is also involved in this instance as Scorpio is a sign for underground criminal networks such as the Mafia, Triad etc.

Russian Meteorite

The spectacular meteorite shown hurtling across the morning sky on February 15, 2013 with some pieces hitting Lake Chebarkul in the Russian Urals is a graphic example of Aries in action.  Any projectile is associated with Aries, especially if it involves an explosion.  Furthermore, Scorpio is strongly associated with space and the current Aries nano-age decan sits in the Scorpio micro-age decan overflow (2010-15).[5]  Scorpio is also involved in this instance as Scorpio is a sign for anything from outer space (along with Aquarius)

Pistorius Charged with the Murder of his Girlfriend

On 14 February 2013, Oscar Pistorius was charged with the murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, who was fatally shot at his home in the early hours of that morning in suspicious circumstances.  This is a major international murder case involving what some believe to be at best, the reckless use of a hand gun, and at worse, the sensational murder of Pistorius’ girlfriend.[6]  One gun expert in South Africa stated that a cardinal rule with guns is to never shoot at something you cannot see.  Pistorius claimed he could not see the ‘interloper’ who turned out to be his girlfriend.  Scorpio is also involved in this instance.

Australian Olympic Swimming Team

In what may be a storm-in-a-teacup, in February 2013 male members of the Australian 4 x 100m freestyle swimming team were literarily placed on a public show trial in front of the media apologizing for their use of the prescription drug Stilnox and their behavior in the lead up to the London Olympic Games.  It is believed that mixing Stilnox with Coca Cola can produce a high or mental disorientation and it has been termed a ‘hypnotic drug’.  Certainly after taking Stilnox, the male members reportedly became involved in “inappropriate behavior” towards two female members of the Australian Olympic Team involving entering their rooms late at night.  There are also allegations of drunkenness and bullying leveled against the swimmers.[7] However, it is very possible that if the Australian Olympic Swimming Team had performed as well at the London Olympics compared to previous Olympic Games, little or nothing may have been heard of this incident.  Again this involves (Pisces) drugs in opposition to the Virgo nano-age in an Aries setting involving sport.

Australian Football Doping Scandal

An Australian doping inquiry in February 2013 created turmoil when it reported that (Pisces) illegal drugs are rife in the country’s football codes with the findings representing the ‘blackest day in Australian sport’.  The use of performance-enhancing drugs, sometimes facilitated by (Scorpio) organized crime, was discovered by the country’s Crime Commission (ACC) after a landmark, year-long investigation.  In a major blow to sport’s integrity in Australia, the ACC found that the use of banned drugs had been “orchestrated and condoned” by coaches, sports scientists and support staff across multiple sporting codes. The main drugs in question are peptides and other hormones which are very difficult to detect through testing.  In addition, one potential case of match-fixing was identified.[8]

As an indication of the growing international awareness of illegal drugs infiltrating sport, six athletes, including the gold and silver medalists in the women’s hammer, have failed retrospective drug tests of samples taken at the 2005 World Championships in Helsinki.[9]


There is no suggestion that the events associated with the Aries quasi nano age decan have major long-term significance as these events are localized short term occurrences.  The real mover and shaker are the five years quasi micro-age decans with the baton recently passed from the Scorpio quasi micro-age decan (2007-12) to the Cancer quasi micro- age decan (2012-2017). Allegorically the quasi micro-age decans are like acts in a play and the little quasi nano-age decans are individual scenes.

Nearly all the above newsworthy items relate to both Aries and Virgo with Scorpio often appearing.  The Virgo component is due to the Virgo nano-age and overflow (2011-12-13).  In the above examples, Virgo manifests as the 7th house to Pisces, and the 7th house indicates detriment and opposition.  Therefore nearly all the above examples portray the Aries nano-age decan in an anti-Pisces environment.  This anti-Pisces environment includes: the disputed sea and island between China and Japan; Lance Armstrong’s performance-enhancing dope-fuelled sporting career; the European match-fixing scandal; the turmoil over drug use in the Australian Olympic swimming team and the Australian football doping scandal.  My observations of overseas newspapers indicate many more sport and performance-enhancing drug issues in the above timeframe.  The only two items without an obvious Virgo-Pisces connection are the Connecticut school massacre and Pistorius’ allegedly murdering his girlfriend.

The Aries’ association with all the above items is very strong such as the rising temperature of the dispute between China and Japan, all use of guns, and anything associated with sport (Lance Armstrong, Pistorius, Olympic sporting teams and football ).  To this we can add the hissy-fit by North Korea over the UN reactions to its atomic bomb test in early 2013.  In January 2013, North Korea announced its intentions to target the United States with its missile and nuclear programs and in March 2013, the North Korean government withdrew from all non-aggression pacts with South Korea.  In addition, the Russian meteorite hurtling through the atmosphere and exploding strongly suggest that Aries is stronger than normal in the period under question.

The newsworthy items associated with Aries began in December 2012 and the last item affects March 2013.  The question at this point of time – have we more major Aries news stories to come or has Aries petered out?  If this is the end, then the period December 2012 until March 2013 is four months.  If there are no further Aries developments in April, this suggests that the peak of Aries is the period December 2012 to March 2013. We are probably witnessing the core of the Aries quasi nano-age decan – with the whole Aries nano-age decan and overflow covering the first 10 months of the 15 months Leo nano-age.  This suggest that the Aries nano-age decan began no later than August/September  2012. However, December 2012 may indicate the beginning of the Aries nano-age decan overflow suggesting that the Aries nano-age decan commenced five months earlier in July 2012.

Arrival of the Sagittarius Quasi Nano-age Decan  

If the Aries nano-age decan arrived in July 2012, the whole 15 months Leo nano-age should be the period July 2012 until October 2013.  How can this be confirmed and fine-tuned?  The easiest way is to look for the next quasi nano age after Aries – the Sagittarius quasi nano-age decan which should peak no later than April to July 2013 (at the latest), but may appear as early as March 2013.  Do we have any evidence of Sagittarius appearing as major news items?  My previous research into Sagittarius indicates that the archetypal relationships to Sagittarius usually involve: mainstream religion, philosophers, foreign lands (including international jet transport), economic booms and railways.  To this can be added horses and foreign trade at a minimum.

It is very possible that the election of Pope Francis on 13 March 2013 is the first notable event with strong archetypal relationship to Sagittarius. All mainstream religions have, as their first port of call, a relationship to Sagittarius.  The fact that the change of popes occurred in the Virgo nano-age overflow (2012-13) supports the suggestion that the previous pope Benedict XVI was having problems as Pisces is one of the primary signs associated with Christianity (though Scorpio is the major sign).  Some newspaper reports suggest that the previous pope resigned due to unresolved scandals in the church.[10]

What other possible events could be associated with the new Sagittarius period particularly noticeable from March to around July 2013? Some predictions involve more religious controversies (including hiding sexual abuse), a possible major airplane and/or railway crash or sensational issue, an international trade issue and continuation of the mini-economic boom post-GFC.   However any newsworthy item associated with mainstream religion, philosophers, foreign lands (including international jet transport), economic booms, railways, horses and foreign trade will provide a Sagittarius context.  Does this possibly include the horse-meat scandal in Europe?

The European horse meat scandal whereby mainly beef was substituted with varying proportions of horse meat (and pig) came to light on 15 January 2013.[11]  This may seem too early but it need not be the case.  Though I focus upon the quasi-nano-age decans and suggest that the Sagittarius quasi nano-age decan commenced as early as March 2013, the actual Sagittarius nano-age decan could have commenced as early as November 2012.  While most manifestation of Sagittarius should commence appearing from around March 2013, some Sagittarius events may occur some months earlier.

There is already tantalizing evidence of an ascending Sagittarius influence, and the coming few months should clarify this issue.  If this is confirmed, it strengthens the hypothesis of the existence of nano-age decans and their correct location in time.  This may ultimately provide the clarity to confirm the arrival of the Aquarian age arrived in 1433 and may suggest the month of its arrival.

Continue with: Major Breakthrough – First Nano-Age Decan Discovered? Part 2 


About Terry MacKinnell

Terry MacKinnell has been studying astrology since 1971 and has been focussed upon the precessional ages such as the Age of Aquarius since 1987. He is also a Vedic-Western fusion astrologer.
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2 Responses to Major Breakthrough – First Nano-Age Decan Discovered?

  1. Saggitarius says:

    Hello Terry!
    A nice explanation is coming out of your research. I could add something regarding the new Pope.
    I think his election is a mixture of Aries-Saggitarius influences. The conclave gatheres the 12 march, a Tuesday. In italian tuesday is martedì or day of planet Mars and another Aries influence is the month March, when the new Pope was elected. Could it be that there is an Aries quasi-nano age decan overflow, mixing with Saggitarius archetypes, enduring all the month of march?

  2. CNN reported on March 29 2013 that the biggest cyber attack in history has just occurred involving a prolonged denial-of-service assault targeting the Spamhaus Project. The word ‘attack’ indicates that Aries is involved. The European Spamhaus Project, a spam-fighting group, has gone after CyberBunker, a data-storage company that offers to host any content “except child porn and anything related to terrorism.” In what appears to be a retaliation, Spamhaus has been severely targeted in what some believe to be the largest cyber attack known to date. Spamhaus blocks about 80% of spam email on the internet and it recently added Cyberbunker to its list. However critics of Spamhaus say that Spamhaus oversteps its bounds and has essentially destroyed innocent websites in its spam-fighting efforts and closes down sites without a court order, and is therefore a cancerous censorship organisation. Regardless of the real situation, the worlds largest cyber attack is an act of aggression and though past the Aries quasi nano-age decan, it is still in the Aries nano-age decan overflow. Interestingly, Spamhaus experienced its first denial-of-service attack in 2003 in the Aries nano-age and overflow 2002-5 – again linking Aries with cyber attacks.

    Reference: “Massive cyberattack hits Internet users” By Doug Gross, CNN
    March 29, 2013 — Updated 0110 GMT

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