Major Breakthrough – First Nano-Age Decan Discovered? Part 2

In Part 1 (Major Breakthrough – First Nano-Age Decan Discovered? I examined the Aries quasi nano-age decan (October 2012 – February 2013).  In this post, I am exploring the previous Aries quasi-nano age decan (March to August 2008) to see if I can get confirmation of increased violence and greater manifestations of Aries’ archetypes etc in these small Aries periods.  This is a technical blog, and unless you are an experienced astrologer, or you want to put yourself through the learning curve to understand the information in this blog, this blog is unlikely to appeal to you.  My other blog, Demystifying the Aquarian Age, is a journalistic blog suitable for both astrologers and the interested general public.

This particular Aries quasi-nano age decan (March to August 2008) is the middle decan of the Sagittarius nano-age (July 2007 to October 2008).  There is no suggestion that these little nano-age decans are the major game in play.  Most of 2008 sits within the Capricorn nano-age overflow – which is the same time-frame as the Sagittarius nano-age (July 2007 to October 2008) but with Capricorn mostly having seniority over Sagittarius.  This Capricorn-Sagittarius nano-age 15 month period saw the Dow Jones quickly peak in the second half of 2007 then commence the plummet to the market bottom about 6 months after this period.

This was the glummest part of the Global Financial Crisis creating the worst financial crises since the Great Depression. Glum is a Capricorn archetype. The GFC (2008-12) is tightly aligned to the Scorpio quasi micro-age decan (2007-12) – derived from the middle decan of the Cancer micro-age (2000-15).  Scorpio is a key sign promoting reality and the Scorpio quasi micro-age decan (2007-12) certainly brought reality to the world following the five years of the Pisces quasi micro-age decan (2002-7) aligned with a number of unreal economic bubbles.  Pisces was also heavily indicated in the lead up to the Great Depression as Pisces always brings economic bubbles generally based on smoke and mirrors (commonly known as ‘the American way’). In the case of the Great Depression, the other reality-laden sign, Virgo, brought down the house of cards with the arrival of the Virgo quasi micro-age decan (1927 – 1932).

There were heightened military activities during this Aries quasi nano-age decan (March to August 2008) and increased ferocity demonstrated in long term conflicts.  For example in March, Israel unleashed its most intense air strike against the Gaza strip since 2005 killing at least 52 Palestinians.  The same month saw the Andean diplomatic crisis when Venezuela and Ecuador moved troops to the Colombian border, following a Colombian raid against FARC guerrillas inside Ecuador’s national territory.  In Tibet, demonstrations by separatists (original indigenous inhabitants) turned violent as rioters targeted Chinese-owned buildings resulting in heavy-handed retaliation by the Chinese army.  A gun factory explosion in Albania, killed more than 30 people.  An exploding star halfway across the visible universe became the farthest known object ever visible to the naked eye.  In both March and April there were riots and unrest in the Third World against rising food and fuel prices

 In April 2008, the Taliban attempted to assassinate Afghan President Hamid Karzai in a military parade in Kabul.  In May, fighting recommenced in Lebanon and a series of bomb blasts killed at least 63 people and injured 216 in Jaipur, India.  The same month saw an oil pipeline explosion in Nigeria killing 100 people.  And in homage to Mars, ruler of Aries, NASA’s Phoenix spacecraft became the first to land on the northern polar region of Mars.  Aries extreme violence is again seen when in Japan a 25-year-old man stabbed seven to death and wounded ten.

In July, Columbia carried out a spectacular feat when its security forces rescued a female politician, who had been held captive for 6 ½ years, and 14 other hostages from guerrillas. Radovan Karadzic was finally arrested for allegations of war crime after eluding authorities for 12 years.  Two more cities in India were hit by significant bomb blasts killing 47 and injuring over 180 people. Istanbul suffered a bomb blast on July 27 killing 17 and wounding over 154 people.

In August 2008, the East Turkestan Islamic Movement, which had threatened to attack the Beijing Olympics, killed 16 and injured another 16 officers at a police station in Xinjiang, China.  The same month saw numerous attacks by the Taliban in Afghanistan, an attack on the Algerian military academy, twin suicide bombings outside the Pakistan Ordnance Factories and since June, off the coast of Somalia, pirates made seven attacks, hijacking German, Iranian, and Japanese cargo ships.

The most significant war belonging to this Aries period was the South Ossetia war when South Ossetia and Abkhazia following the precedence set by Kosovo, declared independence from Georgia.  When Georgia sent in troops to South Ossetia, Russia invaded Georgia.[1] There is no expectation that a nano-age decan produces a large war.  A nano-age decan should produce a short-lived multi-month conflict that is relatively quickly extinguished or intensification of existing conflicts.

In the extended Iraq war, which commenced in 2003, the Battle of Basra began on March 25, 2008, when the Iraqi Army launched Operation Charge of the Knights to drive the Mahdi Army militia out of the southern Iraqi city of Basra. The operation was the first major operation to be undertaken by the Iraqi Army since the invasion of 2003.  They faced heavy resistance from Mahdi Army militia and needed assistance from Allied forces (US & UK) resulting in a stand-off after more than 1,000 casualties over six days of heavy fighting.  Following a ceasefire on March 31, the Iraqi forces continued to carry out slower, more deliberate clearing operations and by April 24, Iraqi forces claimed to be in full control of the city centre.  The battle triggered a nationwide political debate on the role of militias in the future Iraq and the success of the Iraqi forces shifted support away from militias to one standing Iraqi army.  The Battle of Basra is very appropriate for this stage of the extended Iraqi war.[2]

It is difficult to remember exact periods, even a few years ago to 2008 because we are always subjected to details of new bomb attacks, revolutionaries and war criminals, but mid 2008 does stand out due to the number and intensity of the conflicts.  There will always be tension in Tibet, bu7t mid 2008 saw a violent outbreak compared to before and after.  Not every day do some South American countries prepare for conflict on their borders?  The Somali pirates have been noticeable ever since the arrival of the Cancer micro-age (2000-15) arrived and by 2005 concerted international concern commenced being expressed about the problem.[3] The relevance to the Cancer micro-age (2000-15) is that boats and ships are ruled by Cancer. Pirates combine the (Aries) combativeness of warriors and (Cancer) boats.  The Somali pirate problems was certainly strong during this Aries period.  Similarly with the East Turkestan Islamic Movement.  Few would have heard or known about this group or the problems in East Turkestan against their Chinese overlords until this Aries period.  Mid 2008 was that period where almost weekly news about some massive bomb or explosion in India, Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan and so on dulled the world’s sensitivity to violence.

In summary, mid 2008 does confirm that violence is exaggerated in an Aries period. The addition of the most distant exploding star ever seen from Earth and NASA landing a spacecraft on Mars is just cream on the cake.  Mid 2008 is in the Scorpio micro-age decan and quasi micro-age and Scorpio is one of two key signs associated with outer space.  The addition of the Capricorn nano-age overflow over this Aries period

Continued at: Major Breakthrough – First Nano-Age Decan Discovered? Part 3


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