Major Breakthrough – First Nano-Age Decan Discovered? Part 3


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The Aries quasi nano-age & decan

(February 2003 – May 2004)

In Part 1 (Major Breakthrough – First Nano-Age Decan Discovered? I examined the Aries quasi nano-age decan (October 2012 – February 2013).  In Part 2 I examined the Aries quasi nano-age decan (March to August 2008).  This post will focus upon the previous Aries period, but in this case, the Aries quasi nano-age decan (August 2003 – January 2004) sits within the Aries quasi nano-age (February 2003 – May 2004) and so I will be examining the larger of the two periods.  This should significantly strengthen and widen the field of action as a quasi nano-age is three times larger than a quasi nano-age decan.  It is very possible that a logarithmic relationship exists between periods ruled by the same sign but at a different level.  I surmise that the 15 months Aries quasi nano-age (February 2003 – May 2004) is around nine-times more influential than the 5 months Aries quasi nano-age decan (August 2003 – January 2004) because it is not just the time frame that has increased three-fold, but also the intensity (3 x 3 = 9).  Certainly the evidence that follows supports this hypothesis.

Note: This is a technical blog, and unless you are an experienced astrologer, or you want to put yourself through the learning curve to understand the information in this blog, this blog is unlikely to appeal to you.  My other blog, Demystifying the Aquarian Age, is a journalistic blog suitable for both astrologers and the interested general public.


The environment of the Aries quasi nano-age (February 2003 – May 2004) is that it sits at the beginning of the Pisces quasi micro-age decan (July 2002 – July 2007).  The first clear indication of the fusion of Aries with Pisces is the Iraq war, which commenced in March 2003 and developed into the greatest war in recent times, commenced with the lie that Saddam Hussein of Iraq was concealing weapons of mass destruction.  I have seen elsewhere a statement that “all wars are based on lies” and this war definitely supports that hypothesis.   The main influence of the Pisces quasi micro-age decan (July 2002 – July 2007) is the economic bubble it produced leading the world into the GFC associated with the following Scorpio quasi micro-age decan (July 2007 – July 2012) when reality returned with a bang.


The most significant military event associated with the Aries quasi nano-age (February 2003 – May 2004) is the Allied invasion of Iraq on 19 March 2003.  The invasion of Iraq commencing in March 2003 was the largest recent armed conflict between standing national armies causing at least 1,000 battle deaths (this assessment is dated December 2011).  This Aries quasi nano-age (February 2003 – May 2004) definitely lives up to its status as the last strongest point of Aries in recent times. [1]  More than 10 million people in over 600 cities worldwide protested against the imminent Iraq war – the largest known anti-war demonstrations seen in the world.  During the whole of the current Aries periods, numerous deaths and discord was recorded in Iraq and I will not detail these events in this post.

Other notable wars and conflict include the War in Darfur, Sudan which began in February 2004 – it is believed up to several hundred thousand died from either direct combat or starvation and disease inflicted by the conflict with an inconclusive treaty signed in 2010.[2]  In May, the Indonesian military commenced operations in Aceh province in North Sumatra. The 2003–2004 Indonesian offensive in Aceh against separatists lasted nearly one year. It was one of the Indonesian military’s largest campaigns since the 1975 invasion of East Timor. It severely disabled the separatists’ rebel movement, and along with the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami it brought the 30-year conflict in Aceh to an end.[3] 

In July 2003 the reformed Afghanistan army engaged in its first major military deployment.  Australia, along with New Zealand and some Polynesian nations, sent a number of uniformed personal to the Solomon Islands to pacify the volatile situation.[4] In August 2004, NATO took over command of the peacekeeping force in Afghanistan, marking its first major operation outside Europe in its 54-year-history.

Nuclear Bombs

In December 2003 Libya admitted that it was developing a nuclear bomb, but then announced it was dismantling its weapons of mass destruction program and consequently relations with most world powers commenced to thaw.  In early 2005 North Korea announced that it possesses nuclear weapons as a protection against the hostility it felt from the United States.


This was that period when bombings around the world were almost nightly news on the TV – including many suicide bombings.  Some of the more famous one’s include: a double suicide bombing at a Moscow rock concert that killed 15 people in July 2003; the February 2004 SuperFerry 14 bombing in the Philippines by the Abu Sayyaf guerrilla group remains the deadliest terrorist attack at sea in world history; while in March 2004 terrorists executed simultaneous bombs in four rush-hour trains in Madrid, killing 191 people; in May 2004 Chechnya president Akhmad Kadyrov was killed by a landmine during a World War II memorial parade in Grozny; in September 2004 a bomb blast outside the Australian embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia, killed 11 and injured up to 100 people and in October 2004 suicide bombers detonate two bombs at a Red Sea resort in Egypt, killing 34 people, mainly Israeli tourists and Egyptian workers.

There were many more bombings in Chechnya, one in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, a number in Iraq (including against the Abu Ghraib Prison in April 2004), Russia as a result of its stance towards Chechnya, Prague (Czech) and Pakistan. In November 2004 in Côte d’Ivoire, National Army bombings killed 9 people, including French UN soldiers and in retaliation the French UN forces destroyed the National Army’s air force.


In February 2003 an arsonist destroyed a train in South Korea, killing more than 190 people. A pogrom-like organized violence occurred over 2 days in Kosovo in early 2004 and 19 people were killed, 8000 Serbian homes burned, schools and businesses vandalized, and over 300 Orthodox monasteries and churches burned and destroyed.  In May 2004 an American civilian contractor in Iraq, Nick Berg, was shown being decapitated by a group allegedly linked to al-Qaida on a web-distributed video. 

 The end of the Aries quasi nano-age (February 2003 – May 2004) does not clinically end in May 2004 as the Aries influence remains strong until the end of the Aries nano-age overflow (October 2003 – January 2005) but sitting under the stronger Pisces quasi nano-age from June 2004.  Some examples of the extended Aries influence include the Beslan School Hostage Crisis in September 2004 when Chechen terrorists took between 1,000 and 1,500 mostly children hostages but were overwhelmed by Russian forces after a couple of days with at least 335 people killed and at least 700 people injured. In December 2004 terrorists attacked the U.S. Consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, killing several people and Albanian terrorists held a bus with its passengers hostage in Athens, Greece and demanded 1 million Euro in ransom money. Even the killing of four Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers in March 2005 can be included – they were gunned down in Alberta, Canada making this the deadliest day in Canadian law enforcement in over 120 years

Major Fires, Accidents & Natural Disasters

On February 1 2003 the Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrated during re-entry over Texas, killing all 7 astronauts on board.  Pisces is also included as this may have been a preventable accident as safety concerns were expressed but squashed by the (Pisces) NASA bureaucracy.  In May 2003 a major severe weather outbreak spawned more tornadoes than any week in U.S. history – 393 tornadoes were reported in 19 states.  In July 2003 Sudan Airways Flight 39, with 117 people on board, crashed in Sudan with the only survivor a 2-year-old child.  In July 2003 eleven support towers on the Kinzua Bridge in Pennsylvania collapsed after being hit by an F-1 tornado, destroying the historic bridge. In August 2003 a rocket explosion killed 21 workers at the Brazilian rocket complex due to the premature ignition of a solid rocket booster.  In April 2004 two trains carrying explosives and fuel collided in Ryongchon, North Korea, killing 161 people, injuring 1,300 and destroying thousands of homes.

In the immediate post Aries quasi nano-age but remaining under the influence of Aries in August 2004 a supermarket fire in Asunción, Paraguay, killed about 400 people and left over 100 missing.  In December 2004 one of the worst natural disasters in recorded history hit Southeast Asia, when the strongest earthquake in 40 years, measuring 9.3 on the Richter scale, affected the entire Indian Ocean region, which generated an enormous tsunami that crashed into the coastal areas of a number of nations including Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, the Maldives, Malaysia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, and Indonesia. The official death toll is at least 186,983 people. In December 2004 a fire in a Buenos Aires night club killed 194 people during a rock concert.

In January 2005 a stampede at the Mandher Devi temple during a religious pilgrimage in India killed at least 250 people and 59 people were killed and 200 injured after a fire broke out in a mosque in Tehran, Iran.  In February 2005 more than 500 people were killed and over 1,000 injured, after entire villages were flattened in an earthquake (6.4 on the Richter scale) in southern Iran.  In the same month a hajj stampede in Mina, Saudi Arabia, killed 251 pilgrims.


In February 2003 an American businessman was admitted to the Vietnam France Hospital in Hanoi, Vietnam, and became the first identified case of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). Both the businessman and doctor later died of the disease.  In March 2003 the World Health Organization (WHO) issued a global alert on SARS. SARS is a viral respiratory disease in humans. Between November 2002 and July 2003, an outbreak of SARS in Hong Kong nearly became a pandemic, and within weeks, SARS spread from Hong Kong to infect individuals in 37 countries. There were 8,273 cases and 775 deaths worldwide from SARS (with 9.6% fatality) according to the WHO. During the outbreak, the fatality of SARS was less than 1% for people aged 24 or younger, 6% for those 25 to 44, 15% for those 45 to 64, and more than 50% for those over 65.[5] This is possibly more relevant than meets in the eye, as only three years earlier, the world entered the Gemini quasi sub-age decan (2000-2059) of the Libra sub-age (1970-2148).  The world is currently climbing Mount Gemini and the year 2000 was a highly significant second stage of this climb.  The third stage will arrive in 2015 with the arrival of the Gemini micro-age decan (2015-29) and will attain its peak in 2029. SARS is probably the warning shot from Gemini that beware, diseases affecting the lungs are in a serious growth stage. And we should see many examples at least up to the year 2059 but with potential to be strong up to 2089 (at least).


Mars is traditionally the ruler of Aries and in January 2004 two robotic vehicles, NASA Mars Exploration Rovers (MER), landed successfully on the opposite sides of Mars with both performing above expectation.  In August 2004 the planet Mars made its closest approach to Earth in over 50,000 years – technically known as being in perihelic opposition.

Construction & Engineering Feats

It may seem strange to include the launch of Facebook in February 2004 – but its connection to Aries is cemented by its name – the head is ruled by Aries. In July 2004 the ground-breaking ceremony for the construction of the Freedom Tower began at Ground Zero in New York City.  In September 2004 the construction of the Burj Khalifa skyscraper began in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, becoming the tallest man-made structure in the world, at 829.8 m (2,722 ft) once completed in 2009.  In November 2004 NASA’s hypersonic Scramjet broke a record by reaching a velocity of about 7,000 mph in an unmanned experimental flight. It obtained a speed of Mach 9.6, almost 10 times the speed of sound.

In the immediate post Aries quasi nano-age but remaining under the influence of Aries, in December 2004 the world’s tallest bridge, the Millau Bridge over the River Tarn in the Massif Central Mountains, France, was opened by President Jacques Chirac. In the same month astrophysicists from the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics in Garching near Munich measured the strongest burst to date from a magnetar (a type of neutron star with an extremely powerful magnetic field) when the Earth was hit by a huge wave front of gamma and X-rays. It was the strongest flux of high-energetic gamma radiation measured so far (magnetism, an attribute of iron, is ruled by Aries).  In December 2004 saw the official opening of Taipei 101 skyscraper in Taiwan, standing at a height of 1,670 feet (509 metres). The building ranked officially as the world’s tallest from 2004 until the opening of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai in 2010.


Various other miscellaneous events with strong archetypal connection to Aries also occurred in this period February 2003 to May 2004.  In July 2003 about 500,000 Hong Kong people marched to protest against Hong Kong Basic Law Article 23, which controversially redefined treason.  Treason is the negative side of patriotism – a classic Aries archetype. Aries is also strongly associated with explorations and explorers, and in October 2004 a team of explorers reached the bottom of the world’s deepest cave, located in Krubera in the Gagra district of Abkhazia, Georgia. The depth reached was 2,080 meters (6,824 feet) – setting a world record.

Mars and Aries have always been strongly associated with Europe, and in March 2004 the largest expansion of NATO (a military association) to that date occurred, allowing Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia into the organization. In May 2005 a similar exercise affected the European Union when the largest expansion took place, extending the Union by 10 member-states: Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Malta and Cyprus.  Both the expansion of NATO and the EU also occurred near the start of the Pisces quasi micro-age decan (July 2002 – July 2007), the other key zodiacal sign associated with Europe.  By October 2004 in the extended stage of Aries’ influence, the European Constitution was established.  The Athens Summer Olympics occurred in August 2004 and conveniently or coincidentally mimic the whole Ancient Rome – the empire of the Aries-Pisces age whereas the Athenian Summer Olympics of 2005 returned the Olympic Games to the location of the first modern Olympics in the Pisces quasi micro-age decan (July 2002 – July 2007) and the Aries nano-age and overflow (extending Aries influence to January 2005).  The games were hailed as “unforgettable, dream games” by the IOC president, and left Athens with a significantly improved infrastructure, including a new airport, ring road, and subway system.


As expected, the relationship between events associated with Aries archetypes and the Aries quasi nano-age (February 2003 – May 2004) and extended to the end of the Aries nano-age overflow concluding in January 2005 shows a much greater number and intensity of Aries events.  Firstly the commencement of the Iraq war (or invasion) was the most significant military conflict post 2000.  North Korea announced it was including nuclear bombs in its armaments.  Bombings and violence significantly increased around the world and simultaneous explosions of four bombs in rush-hour trains in Madrid, killing 191 people in early 2004, is probably at the pinnacle in this period. The Beslan School Hostage Crisis in September 2004 is also another key example of violence in this Aries period.  The most spectacular accident in this period was the disintegration of the Space Shuttle Columbia during re-entry. 

The worst natural disasters in recorded history hit Southeast Asia in 2004 killing o0ver 180,000 people.  SARS appeared in 2003 killing 775 people and scaring many more who became infected.  The planet Mars came under the spotlight and Facebook commenced.  The largest buildings and the world’s tallest bridge were either commenced or were completed in this period.  NATO and the European Union are strongly associated with Aries and both organizations experienced massive growth and finally the Aries ruled Olympic Games returned to its homeland.

The strength of Aries archetypes are strong and profound in this Aries quasi nano-age (February 2003 – May 2004), significantly stronger than found in an Aries quasi nano-age decan.  The next Aries period of similar strength to this will be the Aries nano-age and overflow (March 2016 – July 2018 with its potent quasi period around October 2016 to January 2018.  Expect plenty of fireworks!

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End notes:

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