Sagittarius Nano-Ages & Nano-Age Decans Part 2

The purpose of examining this Sagittarius nano-age and overflow (October 2008 – January 2010) is to confirm earlier research into Sagittarius micro-ages and micro-age decans.  This should provide some clarification on the current Sagittarius nano-age decan and overflow in 2013.  The key dates for the Sagittarius nano-age & overflow (July 2007 – January 2010) include:

  • Sagittarius nano-age: July 2007 – October 2008
  • Sagittarius nano-age overflow:  October 2008 – January 2010
  • Sagittarius quasi nano-age – March 2008 – May 2009

In part one, the focus was upon flight.  In this post, the balance of items generally associated with Sagittarian periods is examined.  These include: economic booms, religion and philosophers, railways (long distanced) and foreign lands.

Economic Booms

The most noticeable aspect of this Sagittarius nano-age is the peak of an economic boom or bubble.  The Dow Jones index peaked around October 2008 (as the following graph demonstrates) coinciding with the peak of the Sagittarius nano-age and overflow in October 2008.  The lowest point for the Dow Jones in the period 2000 to 2013 was late in the first quarter of 2009 (in the following Scorpio nano-age) but remaining in the Sagittarius nano-age overflow (October 2008 – January 2010).  Sagittarius is the sign of largesse.   On September 29 2008, the DOW lost 777 points, the biggest one-day point decline ever (see graph[1]).  So even in the contracting Scorpio environment, Sagittarius was still able to archetypally demonstrate its existence with the largest downward move ever experienced to that date.  However the key association to Sagittarius is the market peak around October 2008 in parallel to the peak of the current Sagittarius nano-age.

Before the economic calamity of the GFC struck the world, some examples of Sagittarius are evident.  In December 2007, the US presidential candidate, Ron Paul, set a record by fundraising over $6 million in one day, an event now known as a money-bomb.  The money-bomb may however be more related to the Pisces micro-age decan overflow (2005-10).

                                                             October 2008 Peak

 Dow Jones GFC


In 2007 the second stage of the high speed rail link from London to the Channel Tunnel was opened to passengers.  Section 1 (a 74-km or 46 miles section) of the Channel Tunnel Rail Link was appropriately opened in September 2003 just past the end of the Sagittarius nano-age decan (Aug 2002 to July 2003).  Section 2 of the project opened in November 2007 and is a 39.4 km (24.5 mi) stretch of track from Ebbsfleet station in Kent to London with a maximum speed of 230 km per hour (143 mph).  In December 2009 in China, the Wuhan–Guangzhou Section (968-km or 601 miles) high-speed rail line was opened connecting Wuhan and Guangzhou. It was the world’s fastest train service until speeds were limited in 2011.  In January 2010, the last month of the Sagittarius nano-age and overflow under investigation, the Guangzhou North–Guangzhou South section was opened.  These sections form part of the final Beijing–Guangzhou–Shenzhen–Hong Kong High-Speed Railway.[2]


The following religious events of significance occurred:

  • October 2007 – The Vatican beatified 498 Spanish victims of religious persecution from before and during the Spanish Civil War.[13]
  • November 2007 – Rambhadracharya, a Hindu religious leader, released the first Braille version of the Bhagavad Gita.
  • January 2008 – Iran’s judiciary sentenced to prison 54 Bahá’í Faith followers for “anti-regime propaganda”.
  • August 2008 – A stampede at a Hindu temple in Himachal Pradesh, India, killed 162 people and injured another 400.
  • September 2008 – Churches are attacked in Mangalore and southern Karnataka, India, leading to Christian protests and strong police suppression.
  • September 2008 – A Jodhpur temple stampede in western India killed over 224 people, and injured 400.

Without an accurate list of beatifications and religious calamities, it is difficult to contextualise the above religious events to periods before and after.  The Braille version of the Bhagavad Gita stands out however. 


  • November 2007 – The Writers Guild of America goes on a strike that lasts until February 2008.  Gemini writers in 7th house (opposition) mode venting their anger.
  • June 2008 – After three decades as the Chairman of Microsoft Corporation, Bill Gates stepped down from daily duties to concentrate on (Sagittarius) philanthropy.  Gates was the wealthiest person in the world overall from 1995 to 2009—excluding 2008, when he was ranked third.  As one of the richest man in the world, this also links Gates to Sagittarius.
  • April 2009 – UNESCO launched The World Digital Library.  Libraries are generally linked to Gemini, but some source(s) link libraries to Jupiter – ruler of Sagittarius.   Gemini is more orientated towards fiction.
  • The deadliest bush fires in Australian history in the Australian state of Victoria left 173 people dead and more than 2000 homes destroyed.  Sagittarius is very strong in Australia’s astrological signature.
  • The Death of the King of Pop Michael Jackson in June 2009 brings worldwide outpourings of grief, he is the most successful entertainer of all time. His career began in 1964 as the lead singer and youngest member of The Jackson 5. His 1982 album Thriller remains the best-selling album of all time.  Sagittarius rules all things ‘big’.


The clearest indicator of Sagittarius in this period is the economic peak experienced by the Dow Jones Index around October 2008 at the midway point and peak of the Sagittarius nano-age and overflow (Jul 2007 – Oct 2008 – Jan 2010).  This verges on being awesome.  It is also significant that two sections of the Beijing–Guangzhou–Shenzhen–Hong Kong High-Speed Railway commenced operations in this Sagittarius period.  Bill Gates fulfils the role previously held by philosophers in this Sagittarius period.  This Sagittarius period sits under the shadow of the Scorpio quasi micro-age (2007-12) and so Scorpio will want to bring death and contraction to this Sagittarius period, and the death of Michael Jackson fulfills this.

This suggests that economic conditions should thrive under Sagittarius, especially in its own period (not necessarily in its overflow period).  Some issues related to railways, philanthropy and larger-than-life characters may also appear in these small Sagittarius periods.


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About Terry MacKinnell

Terry MacKinnell has been studying astrology since 1971 and has been focussed upon the precessional ages such as the Age of Aquarius since 1987. He is also a Vedic-Western fusion astrologer.
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