The Scorpio Nano-Age Decan & Economic Influences in 2014

The current five year Cancer quasi micro-age decan (2013 to 2017 inclusive) is basically favorable for the economy because Cancer is opposite Capricorn with the obvious negative associations of Capricorn being absent in Cancer.  However, within this overall favorable five year period, there will be ups and downs, and 2014 will probably be associated with a down.

The Cancer quasi micro-age decan (2013 to 2017 inclusive) is based on the Cancer micro-age decan (2010-15), of the Cancer micro-age (2000-15), but due to the wave-like nature of the ages and their sub-periods, the peak time associated with the Cancer micro-age decan (2010-15) is the Cancer quasi micro-age decan (2013-2017).  To fully appreciate ages and their sub-periods, it is absolutely necessary to comprehend the dual nature of the structure.  For example, the world is in the Age of Aquarius (1433-3574 AD) but remains in the Pisces quasi age (352 – 2503 AD) and so we remain in a world with Pisces the dominant paradigm but with Aquarius the dominant emerging influence until 2503 AD.

The Cancer quasi micro-age decan (2013-2017) is influenced by smaller periods within it.  Each micro-age (of approximately 15 years) has twelve nano-ages of approximately 15 months each, with each nano-age comprising three nano-age decans of approximately five months each.  These nano-age decans can still pull a punch with noticeable historical correlations.

In 2014, we are fast approaching a five months Scorpio quasi nano-age decan. However the punch associated with this is much greater compared to the average quasi nano-age decan due to resonance.  All these quasi periods sit above the core structure of the ages and their sub-periods including their respective decans.  The world is currently in the Cancer micro-age decan (2010-2015) but it is also influenced by the Scorpio micro-age decan (2005-10) which then overflows (in a bell curve fashion) into the Cancer micro-age decan (2010-15).  The relevance here is that the five months Scorpio quasi nano-age decan due in 2014 is at the right hand end of the bell curve of the Scorpio micro-age decan and overflow (2005-10-15).  This is the sting in the tail of Scorpio!

Taking into account that the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) closely tracked the Scorpio quasi micro-age decan (2007-12), I expect that the 2014 Scorpio tail sting will temporarily bring back the reality of the GFC but at a lessor scale and limited to about five months.  When is this little Scorpio period due in 2014?

This opens up another relatively unknown area of the astrological ages that few, if any astrologers will be aware of.  Many astrologers know that the precession of the equinoxes moves the Vernal Point (VP) retrograde in the sidereal zodiac one degree in 72 years, but few will have probably taken the trouble to examine the mathematics associated with precession.  The most relevant point to understand is that though precession is around the rate of one degree every 72 years, it is not linear.  Every year, there are two to three periods of approximately one to three months each whereby instead of the VP regressing, it actually moves in the other direction (i.e. forwards in the sidereal zodiac).  Precession works like three steps back followed by two steps forward and so on with an ‘average’ movement of one step back, but in a jerky eccentric fashion.  This is not much of a problem when dealing with ages of some 2,150 year each, but when dealing with five month nano-age decans, it creates chaos in trying to determine their cusps.  To demonstrate this on a macro-scale, I stated in my book on the astrological ages that the Age of Aquarius arrived in 1433 AD, or 1432 with the possibility of it arriving in 1431.  However, since learning the eccentric movement of precession, it appears that the world first entered the Age of Aquarius in 1432, and then returned to the Age of Pisces later in 1432 for a few months and only returning permanently to the Age of Aquarius in 1433.  The question that any astrologer should query here – does the world ‘work’ differently in those periods when precession is in its eccentric forward motion as opposed to its long term retrograde motion?

Due to the confusion associated with the eccentric nature of precession, I have adopted a linear ephemeris that averages all periods and discounts the three steps backwards and two steps forward reality.  In practise, it works well enough.  Based on this approach, the Scorpio nano-age decan and overflow due in 2014 should appear around March and last until December 2014 with the more potent Scorpio quasi nano-age decan running from May until September 2014.  But if it is a month or two out of phase, this is now understandable.  Historically, the five year Cancer quasi micro-age decans appear to be positive overall but display tidal swings.  In the previous Cancer quasi micro-age decan (1957-62) there was a 20% drop in the Dow Jones early in the period, followed by a 75% increase and ending with another 27% drop but with an overall rise for the five years of about 30%.  The Cancer quasi micro-age decan (1902-1907) also displayed a massive tidal swing but with the DJ also significantly higher at the end of its five year period.  The approaching Scorpio quasi micro-age decan (c.April – August 2014) is perfectly situated for one of these low tides.


Pisces micro-age decan (c.2000-5) – Pisces quasi micro-age (2002–6)

Scorpio micro-age decan (c.2005-10) – Scorpio quasi micro-age (2007-12)

Cancer micro-age decan (c.2010–15) – Cancer quasi micro-age decan (2013-17)

Further information:

The Scorpio-Cancer Micro-Age Decan (2010-15)

SCORPIO in Retrospect


About Terry MacKinnell

Terry MacKinnell has been studying astrology since 1971 and has been focussed upon the precessional ages such as the Age of Aquarius since 1987. He is also a Vedic-Western fusion astrologer.
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2 Responses to The Scorpio Nano-Age Decan & Economic Influences in 2014

  1. The Scorpio quasi-nano age decan (May to September 2015 inclusive) has already made its mark. Scorpio rules abductions and terrorists and we have just witnessed in mid April (as Scorpio was approaching its point of strength) approximately 276 female students were kidnapped from the Government Secondary School in Boko Haram,, an Islamic Jihadist terrorist organisation. However with Scorpio strengthening as of May, instead of quietly dying in the news, the outrage against this crime has significantly increased.

    In April 2014 I was on stage with Jonathan Cainer (an international syndicated astrologer) in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia and I publicly predicted that Scorpio would bring a sting-in-the-tail reminder of the GFC years. In Australia, this has already occurred over the last few weeks as the new conservative government prepares its first budget. To soften up the electorate, they commissioned a review that recommended a whole array of austerity measures such as increasing the retirement age, limiting the old age pension to people with less wealth, increasing the fuel excise, placing a temporary levy (tax) on the highest earning taxpayers etc – all for the purpose of reducing debt. Both debt and taxes, plus vulnerability are archetypes belonging to Scorpio, so for the Australian public at least, some of the vulnerability associated with the GFC has returned (in a muted form) and consequently the standing of the conservative government has dropped in the eyes of the voting public.

    Scorpio also puts Taurus banks on the wrong side of the tracks, and a major TV station in Australia just exposed the unconscionable practices of one major Australian bank during the GFC. The small Scorpio quasi-nano-age decan in 2014 is situated near the end of the Scorpio micro-age decan and overflow (2005-10-15) so expect to see more exposures related to banks, or even new scandalous activities (see “15 Recent Bank Scandals That Show Just How Powerless You Really Are” at ).

    The following areas are all closely associated with Scorpio and we should see a lot more about these in the coming months:

    • Revolution, terrorists and general instability
    • tyrants with their cruelty
    • death, assassinations and murder
    • waste products from any process, which naturally includes sewage and pollution
    • atomic energy and bombs
    • almost everything associated with sex
    • taxes and debt (including credit cards)
    • underground criminal organisations
    • spy networks

    For example, it was just recently announced that Japan has commenced restarting its nuclear reactors following the shutdown due to the Fukushima incident. I am not sure about bvthe sentiment of the general public overseas, but people in australia are feeling vulnerable!

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