Warmer than Normal Weather for February 2017?

The Washington Post reported on February 2 unusual warmth expected for nearly all of North America in the next few weeks.[1]

Courtesy of the Washington Post "Capital Weather Gang"

Courtesy of the Washington Post “Capital Weather Gang”

Australia is experiencing its hottest February month since records commenced. [2]  The highest temperature recorded in Australia on Saturday 11 February 2017 was Ivanhoe in New South Wales at 47.6C (121.46 degrees Fahrenheit)— still shy of the statewide record of 49.7C  set in 1939 — while Penrith, Forbes and Williamtown all peaked above 45C (113F), breaking local records.  Interestingly, this is pointing to the first evidence of astrological collusion between the Moon and sub-periods of the astrological ages.

At any time, the world is in an age, age-decan, sub-age, sub-age decan, micro-age, micro-age decan, nano-age and nano-age decan.[3]  Currently the world is in an Aries nano-age (Mar 216 – Jun 2017) but each nano-age has three nano-age decans.  The key nano-age decan is currently the Leo nano-age decan and overflow (Aug 16 – Jan 17 – Jun 17) but the most powerful two months of this 10 month period is from January to March 2017 (equivalent to the 3rd quarter on the monthly lunation cycle from full moon to the 3rd quarter).

The Leo nano-age and nano-age overflow with the Leo quasi nano-age decan (at the top)

The Leo nano-age and nano-age overflow with the Leo quasi nano-age decan (at the top)

Historically, Leo periods in macro-astrology are associated with heat and drought.  It was during the Leo age and overflow (11,880 BC – 9603 BC – 7350 BC) that most of the 90 meter (300 feet) rise in the sea level occurred in ancient times following the end of the last glacial period.  The following is a slightly modified extract from my book, “The Dawning”[4]:

“The Sun ‘rules’ the sign Leo. The Sun includes heat and warmth…. Geologists have evidence that deglaciation resulted in the sea level rising over 90 meters (300 feet) in three steps. The first step began approximately 12,000 BC, almost exactly coinciding with the beginning of the Leo age. By the end of the Leo age (9600 BC), the oceans had already risen about 50 meters. The second step in the deglaciation process began at the start of the Leo age overflow and, by its end, the sea level had risen another 30 meters. When the Leo age overflow finished in 7350 BC, the average water level of the oceans was only about ten meters below today’s level. Therefore approximately 80% of the effects of deglaciation from rising temperatures coincided with the fiery Leo age overflow.”

Every time a Leo period arrives in the world, it is most common to see noticeable increase in the climatic effects of heat and droughts.  The current Leo nano-age and overflow may be a small 10 month period, but it wants to express its affinity towards its ruler – the Sun!

What is also of interest is that this hot or warmer February coincided with a Leo full moon (which was also an appulse lunar eclipse).  Any full moon is influential plus or minus one week of the exact full moon.  It is during this time that Australia has experienced its heatstroke, and warmer weather was also experienced in the USA and possibly the UK – and all this appears to be the result of the astrological collusion between the Leo nano-age and overflow with the Leo full moon.


[1]  Angela Fritz, “Unusual warmth projected for nearly all of North America in the next few weeks”, The Washington Post, 2 February 2017

[2] Christopher Knaus, “Australian weather: extreme heat sends bushfires raging across south-east – live”, The Guadian, Saturday 11 February 2017 17.58 AEDT

[3] The Age of Aquarius for Dummies

[4] “The Dawning”  http://macro-astrology.com/purchase/

About Terry MacKinnell

Terry MacKinnell has been studying astrology since 1971 and has been focussed upon the precessional ages such as the Age of Aquarius since 1987. He is also a Vedic-Western fusion astrologer. www.macro-astrology.com
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