How Libra has sent a Peace Message to the World

The Libra-Gemini Nano Age Decan (February – July 2019)

To put the Libra-Gemini nano age decan into context, it is necessary to drill down to it starting from the Age of Aquarius.  For anyone reading my work on macro-astrology, you will be aware that the issue of ages and their sub-periods are not similar to horoscopic or mundane astrology because of their retrograde motion.  If you have not experienced macro-astrology before, or do not understand how ages and their sub-periods work, you would be well advised to read Age of Aquarius for Dummies.

The Age of Aquarius is the exact same time-frame as the Pisces age overflow, and to facilitate the necessity of taking both signs into account, this time-frame can also be called the Pisces-Aquarius age (1433 AD – 3574 AD).  This also applies to all the sub-periods of the ages.  The dual nomenclature also differentiates the between the ‘overflow’ from the previous period (the entrenched influence) represented by the first sign of the pair, and the emergent sign, the second sign of the pair.

In simplistic terms, we are in the Age of Aquarius but Aquarius is the emergent influence, and therefore needs more time to fully develop before it reaches its full potential, but the Pisces influence is entrenched, as it has reach its peak power at the end of the Pisces age in 1433 AD, and is now overflowing onto the Age of Aquarius like a tsunami, and it is not so much the case that everyone better get out of its way, but rather it is the force to be reckoned with!

Using this dual nomenclature technique, the world is currently being influenced by the following periods in descending order of size and therefore long-term influence:

Pisces-Aquarius age (1433 – 3574)

Pisces-Libra age-decan (1433 – 2148)

Scorpio-Libra sub-age (1970 – 2148)

Scorpio-Gemini sub-age decan (1970 – 2129)

Cancer-Gemini micro-age (December 2014 – November 2029)

Cancer-Aquarius micro-age decan (December 2014 – December 2019)

Pisces-Aquarius nano-age (September 2018 – December 2019)

Libra-Gemini nano-age decan (February – July 2019)

Each of the above periods is making its influence directly felt in the world, but it is the entrenched Libra part of the last item on the list, the Libra-Gemini nano-age decan (February – July 2019), that is the relevant period for this article as it can precipitate much bigger and stronger periods into direct action due to resonance.

The first noticeable aspect of this very small and approximate 5 month Libra-Gemini period is that it resonates with the massive and highly influential Pisces-Libra age-decan (1433 – 2148) and Scorpio-Libra sub-age (1970 – 2148), but in both cases, Libra is the emergent sign, and therefore in its growth phase.  This means that our tiny Libra-Gemini nano-age decan (February – July 2019) is providing strong clues about where the world is heading as the world is heading towards a time highly influenced by Libra.  The world is not heading towards a Libra monopoly, but certainly in the immediate centuries ahead of us, Libra will be highly influential, and increasing in strength until 2148, at which time, it will go into its more powerful overflow mode for many centuries.

The presence of this very small but not ineffectual Libra-Gemini nano-age decan has already manifested – and this manifested in New Zealand when an Australian, supposedly driven by hate, burst into two mosques in Christchurch on 15th March 2019 killing 50 people, and injuring a further 50 people.  To simplify this as a hate crime is to misunderstand such people.  They are really driven or overcome by the inner reptile side of their brain that responds to basic territorial stress, and this reptile part of the brain exists in all of us – but some people cannot seem to keep it under control, like a vampire with a blood lust.  This is where the hard right and neo-fascist politicians garner their support, but it cannot be simply digressed down to black and white, as in reality, everything is a shade of grey. Such people truly think they are doing the right thing, and sympathetic supporters also feel that they are on the side of what is right and proper.

Everyone alive displays a mixture of their rational and reptile brain, and the situation of dealing with those more fixated upon their reptilian instincts requires far more sensitivity and consciousness by the more rational side of humanity than we currently witness in the media and online commentaries.  More on this topic can be found at Gemini’s Role in our Modern World (or Battle of the Brains)

This association of the Christchurch mosque attacks to ‘peaceful’ Libra may seem confusing but Libra rules opposition, and with this attack, we are seeing the manifestation of a small fringe group in many western societies that feel incumbent to strongly oppose the policies of the majority of people.  The reptile side of the brain does not respond to fairness or democracy, it is more attuned to attack when it feels threatened.  But the striking association to this attack was not the attack, but the response, led by New Zealand’s youthful Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

Jacinda Adhern, prime minster of New Zealand 2018

The answer lies in our humanity,” Ardern said. “We each hold the power – in our words, in our actions, in our daily acts of kindness. Let that be the legacy of the 15th of March.[1]

This is the positive side of Libra in action, but the archetypal connection did not stop there.  Quickly following this tragedy, Jacinda Ardern vowed to rein in New Zealand gun laws to prevent military-styled semi-automatic weapons being available to the general public, and guns are unequivocally ruled by Aries.  With Aries in opposition to Libra, guns have now found that they are in the gunsights of the anti-gun lobby, widely supported in most western countries, and which can only grow in influence over the following centuries as Libra increases in strength and influence.

In another article If Jacinda Ardern was in No 10, imagine how different Brexit would be, leads us to another manifestation of another Libra archetype: indecision.  The British parliament cannot decide how to invoke Brexit.  This monumental Brexit disaster is supposedly to be instituted under the sign Libra, for an Aries nation which is often represented as a British bulldog ruled by Aries.

…. the phrase ‘British Bulldog spirit’, meaning unrelenting courage, had evolved during the 19th century, plucky Bulldogs soon became a regular fixture in World War I propaganda posters. But perhaps the most symbolism came when Winston Churchill became Prime Minister.[2]

Aries is strongly represented in the astrological signature for the UK (see The UK Astrological Signature ), and so it is rather unfortunate that the UK, having shot itself in the foot with the Brexit referendum, cannot seem to have the pluck to amputate the foot to ‘cure’ itself by actually leaving the UK.  Territoriality was the major force behind Brexit, and this again indicates the human reptile brain remain highly influential in world affairs, and especially in the UK in 2016.

So while Brexit is basically underscored by racism or at least territorialism, and Prime Minister May has sided with the arch conservatives in her own party over the general benefits to the wider UK, Ardhern in New Zealand did the opposite, bringing the nation together.

And lastly there is the personality of the leader. Ardern, even in the darkest of days, has managed to introduce a sense of optimism about the future despite the horror of the attacks. May seems to be able to render everything depressing. For her, there are no sunny uplands but just another spoonful of castor oil. We are not doing Brexit because it improves the country but just because we must.[3]

What both Jacinda Ardhern and Brexit have done is paint a mini picture of the future.  It does seem that the fruition of the Libra age-decan post 2148 will probably ultimately be viewed as a mini-golden age, but governments and society will be highly indecisive, and possibly miss opportunities.  There is no zodiacal sign that has only positive archetypes associated with it, and even though Libra is ruled by Venus, traditionally considered a major benefic, it will still have a downside, and one downside is sugar, ruled by Libra, and bringing a major obesity and diabetes epidemic to the world.  It is very possible that the indecisiveness of the governing bodies in the world to deal with the looming threat of climate change is also linked to Libra?

Another possible example of indecisiveness in this Libra period is the breakdown of the talks between North Korea and the USA in Hanoi in late February 2019, but no (Aries) rockets were subsequently fired by North Korea, and even President Trump appeared undeterred and basically positive of its ultimate outcome.  Also, the fall of the final territory of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), located in Al-Baghuz Fawqani, Syria, was liberated in late March 2019 theoretically bring more peaceful circumstances to the region.

I almost missed this connection that also occurred at the high-point of this Libra period –  the grounding of Boeings 737 MAX aircrafts in March 2019 after two crashes, Indonesia in October 2018 and Ethiopia March 2019.  This raises an interesting issue re astrological archetypes.  Traditionally, aircrafts are associated with Sagittarius and Aquarius, and my research of macro-astrology confirms this connection in a general sense, but macro-astrology also has a very different perspective on aircrafts.

From the perspective of macro-astrology, a rock for throwing, spear, arrow, gun, rocket, car and airplane are all projectiles – and projectiles are ruled by Aries.  In a Libra period, Aries is in detriment, and furthermore, this Libra nano-age decan exists within an Aquarius nano-age that places a focus upon aircrafts.  This exists in the Gemini micro-age (opposed to Sagittarius strongly associated with planes) and within the even larger Gemini sub-age decan. Most of the current astrological focus upon aircraft is either neutral or negative.

In this situation, we can see that there is stress and focus, but mainly stress, placed upon aircrafts.  This momentum of stress is going to significantly increase in the years, decades and centuries ahead, so much so, that I predict that another form of air travel, probably based on lighter-than-air dirigibles or some kind of hybrid, because of the heavy environmental cost of current air travel.  Most likely domestic air flights will virtually disappear altogether and be replaced by fast trains.  This massive change is incredibly strong from 2029 onward aligned with the Gemini sub-age decan overflow (2029 – 2088), an Air sign.

All these events at the high-point of the current small Libra influence are, nevertheless, major events in the world, and nearly everyone would be aware of them.  Little nano-age decans, that have an influence for less than a year, within an age that lasts over 2,000 years, still can make themselves heard above all the noise!

Even the balance between the New Zealand response to its mosque attacks and the indecisive of the UK parliament towards Brexit is indicative of the inherent balance that applies to Libra.  However, it is early days yet, so we may find a few more notable examples of Libra in play up to July 2019, but it does not end there!  The current Gemini micro-age (December 2014 – November 2029) has three micro-age decans, and one of them is the Libra micro-age decan and overflow (December 2019 – November 2024 – November 2029) with the second half (November 2024 – November 2029) where Libra will peak.  2019 therefore is a preview of the second half of next decade.

Aries is also strongly represented in the psyche of the USA, but despite this, it is highly probable that the first steps towards limiting military-styled weapons for civilians will make an appearance in the USA later next decade .  However, such is the antagonism within the USA towards Libra archetypes, the American Civil War coincided with the last close replica of the soon-to-arrive Libra micro-age decan overflow. In both cases, a Cancer micro-age overflow exists, and Capricorn is also strongly represented in the astrological signature for the USA. Unfortunately, we must expect that some Americans will fire their military-styles guns rather than hand them in!

There is a good astrological case that the USA was always intended to become the major representative of Libra in the world when viewed 1,000 years from now – but that American-Libra reality must wait until at least the middle of next century and beyond.  Perhaps Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is another foretaste for the future of the USA?  The astrology does support this conjecture. [See Females, Women and Feminists in the Age of Aquarius ]

The world is ever so slowly inching towards a Libra world, and despite negative association to the shady side of Libra, it is basically a pleasant sign.  All those dystopian, post-apocalyptical and technological-corporate-fascist science fiction movies have got it wrong – Libra does not like doom and gloom or hardship.  We may get a foretaste of a less gloomy world in only a few years’ time in the Libra micro-age decan overflow (November 2024 – November 2029)?  The world should see early signs of this shift to Libra starting December 2019!


Jacinda Adhern 2018 By Governor-General of New Zealand – This file has an extracted image: File:Patsy Reddy and Jacinda Ardern.jpg., CC BY-SA 4.0,

[1]The Observer view on Jacinda Ardern setting a global standard in leadership

[2] What is the significance of the British Bulldog?

[3] If Jacinda Ardern was in No 10, imagine how different Brexit would be

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Terry MacKinnell has been studying astrology since 1971 and has been focussed upon the precessional ages such as the Age of Aquarius since 1987. He is also a Vedic-Western fusion astrologer.
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