Did August 1969 Change the World?

1969 occurred in the 20 year period assigned to “Age of Aquarius”, which in American urban mythology, spanned the two decades of the 1960s and 70s.  However, within these two decades, much fanfare is made about 1969.  Taking this one step further, in the July 2019 edition of NewStatesmanAmerica is the article: “1969: One month to change the world” where the author, David Hepworth, promotes the conjecture that August 1969 was the key month in 1969 with far reaching effects.

1969 is strongly associated with a key point within the Age of Aquarius.   Ages can be divided into 12 sub-ages, and in 1970, the Scorpio sub-age (1791 – 1970), not only came to its end, it also came to its strongest and most prominent point of power.  1970 saw the end of the Scorpio sub-age, and beginning of the Scorpio sub-age overflow (coinciding with the Libra sub-age), which is even more powerful in the manifestation of Scorpio archetypes, at least to the midway point of the Libra sub-age in 2059.  This is due to the Overflow Effect. [see The Age of Aquarius for Dummies for details on the Overflow Effect]

One major point of substantiation that Scorpio was peaking around 1970 is that since 1970, humans have never before so trash and degraded the world environment treating the whole world, including the oceans and atmosphere, as a garbage dump.  Scorpio is the sign of garbage.  Scorpio is also the sign of atoms and therefor nuclear bombs and energy.  The proliferation of both nuclear weapons and energy are further testaments to Scorpio at its peak.  Despite 1970 being situated at the exact peak of Scorpio, 1969 commonly stands out as a year of drama and change.  Also, with the cusp of the sub-ages in 1970, the expected switch from Scorpio to Libra was May 1970. So from sometime in May 1969 onward, it was in the last 12 months of the potent Scorpio sub-age.

According to Wikipedia, 1969 was:

“associated with the first manned landing on the Moon (Apollo 11), the creation of the internet, and the commencement of the LGBT Rights Movement.”[1] 

All three of the items are strongly associated with Scorpio.  Outer space is associated with Scorpio. LGBT is associated with sex, and thus Scorpio.  The internet’s association to Scorpio is a little more problematic for many astrologers, but this is an excellent example of how zodiacal archetypes constantly update themselves to evolving situations – after all, when zodiacal archetypes were first developed thousands of years ago, there was no internet.  However, the relationship between the internet and Scorpio arises due to the nature of the medium.  In the Taurus age (especially its overflow), Taurus manifested as pyramids, massive stone temples and henges – all very solid examples of fixed-earth Taurus.  Scorpio has the opposite quality to Taurus, it lacks solidity.  This describes the internet, a virtual cultural wraith or ghost that only appears as dots on a screen.  The internet is a reality – but a virtual reality.  This is its connection to Scorpio.

Not only was 1969 in the Scorpio sub-age (1791 – 1970), but in deeper wheels-within-wheels, the final micro-age at the end of the Scorpio sub-age was the Scorpio micro-age (1955 – 1970).  Table 1 displays the start dates for the 12 micro-ages within the Scorpio sub-age (1791 – 1970):

1791 Libra
1806 Virgo
1821 Leo
1836 Cancer
1851 Gemini
1866 Taurus
1881 Aries
1895 Pisces
1910 Aquarius
1925 Capricorn
1940 Sagittarius
1955 Scorpio

Table 1 – micro-ages of the Scorpio sub-age (1791 – 1970)

Drilling down further, Table 2 displays that February 1969 to May 1970 was the Scorpio nano-age, and so this Scorpio nano-age had punch way above a normal nano-age as it sits in the Scorpio shadows of the Scorpio micro-age and Scorpio sub-age (not to mention the Scorpio sub-age decan (1910 -1970).  A Scorpio event of this strength can only occur once every age (around every 2,000 years).  The last time was around 8BC.

From Mth/Year To Mth/Year Nano-Age Nano-Age Overflow
7 1955 10 1956 Libra Sagittarius
10 1956 12 1957 Virgo Libra
12 1957 3 1959 Leo Virgo
3 1959 6 1960 Cancer Leo
6 1960 9 1961 Gemini Cancer
9 1961 12 1962 Taurus Gemini
12 1962 3 1964 Aries Taurus
3 1964 6 1965 Pisces Aries
6 1965 9 1966 Aquarius Pisces
9 1966 11 1967 Capricorn Aquarius
11 1967 2 1969 Sagittarius Capricorn
2 1969 5 1970 Scorpio Sagittarius

Table 2 – nano-ages of the Scorpio micro-age

Scoprio was not the only notable zodiacal sign in 1969 as Sagittarius was experiencing a ‘homeopathic’ peak at the same time.  The Scorpio nano-age (February 1969 to May 1970) is also the same timeframe as the Sagittarius nano-age overflow, and this Sagittarius nano-age overflow was resonating with the Sagittarius micro-age overflow (1955 – 1970) which again was resonating with the massive Sagittarius sub-age overflow (1791 – 1970) that formed following the Sagittarius sub-age (1612 – 1791).  Therefore, Sagittarius was also at a highpoint, but not of the same magnitude as Scorpio.  The last time that Sagittarius was at the same magnitude as Scorpio was in 1969-70 was in the period 1790-91.  However, Sagittarius does make a modest appearance in 1969 and 1970 and it also possibly expands and broadcasts widely whatever is happening associated to the Scorpio pinnacle.

The following are some notable events (excluding August 1969) in the Scorpio nano-age (February 1969 to May 1970), which is the same time period as the Sagittarius nano-age age overflow, and can be also labelled the Sagittarius-Scorpio nano-age:

  • February 1969 – The Boeing 747 “jumbo jet” is flown for the first time (Sagittarius)
  • March 1969
    • the first Concorde test flight is conducted (Sagittarius)
    • Arrest warrants are issued by a Florida court for Jim Morrison on charges of indecent exposure during a Doors concert (Scorpio)
    • The novel The Godfather by Mario Puzo is first distributed to booksellers by the publisher (Scorpio underworld)
    • Operation Breakfast, the covert bombing of Cambodia by U.S. planes, begins (secretive Scorpio)
    • John Lennon and Yoko Ono are married, and proceed to their honeymoon “Bed-In” for peace in Amsterdam. (Scorpio)
  • April 1969
    • The Harvard University Administration Building is seized by close to 300 students, mostly members of the Students for a Democratic Society. (Sagittarius & Scorpio)
    • North Korea shoots down an aircraft over the Sea of Japan, killing all 31 on board (Scorpio)
  • May 1969
    • An American teenager dies in St. Louis, Missouri, of a baffling medical condition. In 1984 it will be identified as the earliest confirmed case of HIV/AIDS in North America. (Scorpio)
    • Midnight Cowboy, an X-rated, Oscar-winning John Schlesinger film, is released. (Scorpio)
  • June 1969 – The Stonewall riots in New York City mark the start of the modern gay rights movement in the U.S (Scorpio)
  • July 1969
    • Brian Jones, musician and founder of The Rolling Stones, drowns in his swimming pool at his home. (Scorpio death)
    • Edward M. Kennedy drives off a bridge on his way home from a party on Chappaquiddick Island, Massachusetts. Mary Jo Kopechne dies in the submerged car. (Scorpio death)
    • Apollo 11’s lunar module Eagle lands on the Moon’s surface. An estimated 500 million people worldwide, the largest television audience for a live broadcast at this time. (Scorpio space & eagles)
  • September 2019 – Lieutenant William Calley is charged with six counts of premeditated murder for the 1968 My Lai Massacre deaths of 109 Vietnamese civilians in My Lai, Vietnam. (Scorpio death)
  • October 1969
    • Hundreds of thousands of people take part in Moratorium to End the War in Vietnam demonstrations across the USA (Scorpio revolution)
    • Fourteen black athletes are kicked off the University of Wyoming football team for wearing black armbands into their coach’s office. (Scorpio revolution)
    • The first message is sent over ARPANET, the forerunner of the internet. (Scorpio internet)
  • November 1969
    • Cold War: A Soviet submarine collides with the American submarine in the Barents Sea. (Scorpio underwater)
    • Vietnam War: In Washington, D.C., 250,000–500,000 protesters stage a peaceful demonstration against the war, including a symbolic “March Against Death”. (Scorpio revolution & death)
    • Cold War: Negotiators from the Soviet Union and the USA meet to begin the SALT I negotiations aimed at limiting the number of strategic weapons on both sides . (Scorpio nuclear)
  • December 1969 – The Boeing 747 jumbo jet makes its first passenger flight from Seattle to New York City. (Sagittarius flight)
  • February 1970 – Black Sabbath’s eponymous debut album is released; often regarded as the first true heavy metal album. (Scorpio rock and roll)
  • March 1970 – A bomb being constructed by members of the Weathermen and meant to be planted at a military dance in New Jersey, explodes, killing three members of the organization. . (Scorpio death and underground organizations)
  • April 1970
    • An oxygen tank in the Apollo 13 spacecraft explodes, forcing the crew to abort the mission and return in four days. (Scorpio space and life threatening situations)
    • China’s first satellite is launched into orbit. (Scorpio space)
  • May 1970 – President Richard Nixon orders U.S. forces to cross into neutral Cambodia, threatening to widen the Vietnam War, sparking protests across the United States and leading to the Kent State shootings. (Scorpio death & revolution)

August 1969

According to David Hepworth, in this one month, the world supposedly dramatically changed with a succession of cultural shocks – highlighted by the moon landing, the murder of Sharon Tate and others by Manson and his followers, the Woodstock festival and the Beatles’ walk across the Abbey Road zebra crossing. ( See the full details by David Hepworth).  Many additional noteworthy events, at least in retrospect, also occurred in this month – including the first letters received from the Zodiac Killer in San Francisco – the Zodiac Killer has never been identified.  In Vedic astrology, the (Scorpio) 8th house is the house of astrology.

  • British Army troops began what would become an almost 38-year presence in Northern Ireland as more than 300 soldiers arrived at Derry to end three days of rioting called the “Battle of the Bogside”. “Operation Banner” would extend until 2007 with 2007 located in the next high-point for Scorpio after 1970 – the Scorpio micro-age decan (April 2005 – January 2010). Ireland is closely associated with Scorpio’s opposite sign – Taurus, and the Battle of Bogside was in reality an attempted revolution by the Catholic minority against the majority pro-British Protestants .
  • The first publicized revolt of American soldiers in the Vietnam War took place when “A” Company of the 196th Brigade of the Americal Division refused to obey the orders of the lieutenant who was commanding them – the lieutenant was reassigned the next day. ( Classic example of Scorpio revolution).
  • The withdrawal of 25,000 American troops from the Vietnam War, ordered by U.S. President Nixon in the first cutback of the U.S. commitment to Southeast Asia, was completed – marking the beginning of the end of the whole travesty of European invaders of Viet Nam.
  • The “poverty line” now in use by the United States government was first announced. Although the amount would be adjusted for inflation to reflect changes in the Consumer Price Index, the definition of the poverty level would remain unchanged for the next fifty years. (Scorpio rules poverty!)
  • The first hijacking, outside of the Western Hemisphere, took place when a TWA flight from Rome to Tel Aviv was commandeered by terrorist Leila Khaled and an accomplice who was a member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. They boarded the flight at Rome’s Fiumicino airport with carry-on luggage that included pistols and hand grenades, forced her way into the airplane’s cabin, and dropped the pin of one of the grenades at the pilot’s feet, and ordered him to fly the Boeing 707 to Damascus. After the plane landed, the 95 passengers and the 12 crew were allowed to evacuate. Khaled and Issawi then threw the grenades into the cockpit and destroyed the front section of the jet, which would later be repaired and returned to use by TWA.  (Terrorists are classic examples of a Scorpio archetype.)
  • The very first Interface Message Processor (IMP), a set of electronic switches designed to communicate from one computer to others on a network, was delivered to as the first part of the ARPANET computer network, predecessor to the Internet. This alone would highlight August 1969 as the most influential month of our times due to the massive and ongoing change in the world subsequent to this tiny development.  (Scorpio takes rulership over the internet as a medium, but emails and communication aspects of the internet remain with Gemini.)

The final issue, does August 1969 have any special astrological configuration making it stand out from the other months in the same Scorpio nano-age?  I could find nothing, and it is probably just a subjective analysis by David Hepworth.  However, it has been stated that the Woodstock festival of music ‘defined a generation’.  From the astrological perspective, Woodstock did not define a generation, it defined the next significant epoch of socio-political revolution in western society that will last centuries.  It will be even more evident in the second half of the 21st century.


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[1] 1969, Wikipedia,  Retrieved 01:54, August 10, 2019, from https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=1969&oldid=910079547

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Terry MacKinnell has been studying astrology since 1971 and has been focussed upon the precessional ages such as the Age of Aquarius since 1987. He is also a Vedic-Western fusion astrologer. www.macro-astrology.com
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