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The First Cyber War?

Based on previous Aries nano-ages since 1800, specifically for the rest of 2017, but also carrying over until September 2018, we can expect one or more regional wars (similar to the last two Gulf Wars), but no world war.  Further intensification and even expansion of the current cyber war with mainly piratical Russia pulling the levers, one or more major assassinations (President Kennedy, Malcolm X), some major accidents (Challenger disaster), major fires (Grenfell) including forest fires, increased violence and brute show of force (terrorists, Tiananmen Square), some major engineering or constructions projects announced or completed.
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Warmer than Normal Weather for February 2017?

Every time a Leo period arrives in the world, it is most common to see noticeable increase in the climatic effects of heat and droughts. The current Leo nano-age and overflow may be a small 10 month period, but it wants to express its affinity towards its ruler – the Sun! Continue reading

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Camel Flu (MERS)

The spread of the Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) is slowly gaining traction, especially in South Korea since the end of May 2015.  Thailand has also just announced its first case.  This is a classic example of the sub-periods of … Continue reading

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9/11 Astrological Anniversary

The 9/11 attack was the first major astrological anniversary of Pearl Harbor. Continue reading

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The Cold Dark Hand of Capricorn

The terrorist attack is associated with an archetypal war between Capricorn and Aquarius which is strong all the way through to about October 2015. In this archetypal war, western culture is primarily relating to the Aquarius’ democracy and free speech archetype and extremist Islamic terrorists are primarily relating to the Capricorn archetype of respect as while the West sees free speech as a right and a societal bedrock, this is not a strong reality in most of the world, and in the absence of democracy, respect is the glue that holds or controls society. Continue reading

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The Cancer Nano-Age Decan & Overflow (July to December 2014 to May 2016)

In late October 2014 the world is transitioning from the Scorpio quasi nano-age decan (May to October 2014) to the Cancer quasi nano-age decan (October 2014 to February 2015).  This transition is one of those rare events where both quasi … Continue reading

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Ukraine & the Pisces Nano-Age Decan & Overflow

Based on my ‘average’ ephemeris, the Pisces nano-age decan and overflow (the full bell curve) is in force commencing October 2013, peaking in February 2014 and ending its overflow period in July 2014. The Pisces quasi nano-age (i.e. the upper … Continue reading

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